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 Anyone know a proven method to get their teeth whiter?
Any suggestions on store bought products or natural home remedies. I like to stay away from the expensive dental procedures....

 Broken Tooth and nerves exposed?
Ok heres my problem.
I just broke my tooth about and hour ago and have noticed that the nerves are exposed it hurts all the time and stabbing pain when i drink.
Is there anything i can use ...

 Does this sound like a Dental or Sinus Problem?
I'm seven months pregnant. Six weeks ago I had severe pain in my upper left teeth, so I made an emergency dental appointment with a new dentist because I didn't have a dentist. He couldn&#...

 Advice please?
I havent went to the dentist in years..any ideas on what they might say? my appointment is on the 29th and I my parents wouldnt take me to the dentist and my cavity got bigger...what should i do?...

 why my 8 yrs old son bites his teeth's in sleep?
why do my 8 yrs old son bites his teeth's in sleep,is he having any health related problem r what. Plz help me to know the correct ...

 Braces Question?
When u get braces or anything first
do they have to so anyhting to u'r teeth like
do some shots...or ANYTHING??...

 Do crest whitening strips work?
Do they work without having major problems because i don't want to be in pain! T...

 I'm getting braces soon and I want to know how much they hurt?
I'm kind of scared.


 If I buy bacon-flavored dental floss, will my dentist think I'm not taking dental hygiene seriously?
Do you think I should buy the waffle or coffee flavor instead?

Thank you for your answers. I hope you have a minty fresh day.

Additional Details
C-- You, too, ...

 Do Dentists have a Right to physically hit a patient?
My 9 yr old son went to our general family Dentist for a tooth extraction appointment. During the appointment my son was receiving a palate injection and tensed up his legs due to the pain. He ...

 Can wisdom teeth cause sore throats?
I have had this sore throat on the bottom right side for about 2weeks now. its like a sharp pain but doesnt occur all the time. my wisdom tooth on that side is started to grow up just wondering can ...

 where do you go to see if i need braces dentist or orthodonist?

 I am getting braces tomorrow which color(s) do you recommend?
I am getting braces tomorrow and i was wondering which color you guys would recommend? I was thinking rainbow or baby blue. And i have one question. I am worried that they will have to cancel the ...

I live in Australia and was just wondering what the most expensive and the average price of braces are...are they worth the pain and apparently amazing amount of money?
Additional Details<...

 Strange whiteness problem with teeth?
Ever since I can remember (I'm 14), my teeth have been mainly a normal color ( only the littlest bit yellowish) with some small white splotches near the bottom of them. This only happens with my ...

 how old do you have to be for tongue piercings?
how old do you have to be to get your tounge pierced in the uk? coz im 15 but i look older so i mite be able to do it??...

 i have an adult tooth growing behind my baby tooth?
the baby tooth is slightly wobbly, i've tried pulling it but it wont come out. it's the second molar on the top left, it's quite painful, my next dental appointments are in march, one ...

 wisdom teeth removal - how much swelling?
i have 4 wisdom teeth needing to be taken out - two on the bottom are still inside gum a little but the top two are properly through. i have heard stories that you look like a hamster for a week and ...

 Ways to close a gap in teeth?
I have a gap between my front two teeth, i've heard a brace can close the gap, are there any other ways?...

 My wisdom tooth at the back really hurts. What should I do?
It is erupting and it really hurts, everytime I eat. And when I was brushing my teeth last night it actually bled a bit.

What should I do? Does it need to be taken out?
Additional D...

♥ - Robin
Could my filling have fallen out? My cavity hurts!?
I got fillings in early November, but recently whenever I go to eat something hot or cold, it shoots into my bottom right cavity down to like the gums, and it REALLY hurts! So much that I can't chew with that side of my mouth.

I am sure it's not sensitive teeth because I brush with sensodyne Pronamel..

Could my filling have fallen out? What can I do?

Yes, fillings do fall out sometimes, but how do you expect me to know if it happened to you? And do you want me to fix it over the Internet? You see, the Internet is NOT the answer to every problem.
What can you do? I have an idea - see your dentist. Have you ever though of something like this?

maybell v
yes sometimes fillings partially fall out or you may have a cavity under the filling

George W. Boot Ducker
I've had fillings fall out, can lead to infection and real bad stuff. Go back to the dentist and have them correct it soon.

Everyone else will probably say yes, but you'll need it only if was a big cavity, big enough to hit the nerve.

What kind of pain is it?
Sounds like you just need a filling. If you were sensitive to cold drinks then it might mean a deep cavity

it probably has fallin out when you ate something hard

get to a dentist and have him replace it

Kyle K
Call your dentist before it gets worse. Chances are some of the filling did come out and you will have to get it redone. Try using senitive tooth paste it don't cure the problem but it does give a little relief.

Brian S
well your gums could be sensitive to certain types of food now i want u to stop eating anything that is hard to your filling and keep brushing your teeth and if u do that ur gums will become less sensitive but igf that keeps happening visit ur dentist for further information i hope i helped :)

Call your dentist.

i feel prety o so prety i like titys sorry apligize but it is true

Husker Fan Man
If it really hurts I recommend using dentex temporary filling. Its easy you just slap it in there and the pain almost instantly stops and only cost about 5 dollars for a weeks worth of fillings.

Mia A
I had a filling fall part of the way out a couple months ago and it hurt like a *****.
Make sure you call your dentist and make an appointment for soon.
(They usually find a way to fit you in.)
They'll probably just have to adjust it, but I guess that might have to completely replace it.
It's pretty fast and easy, so don't hold off out of fear.

Good luck.

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