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 How to get rid of red swollen gums?
I have been to the dentist 2 times this week for a check up and 4 fillings, anyways my gums are swollen hurt and are very red, how can i fix this myself?
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 Whats a good way to whiten my teeth?
I have noticeably yellow teeth (i smoke every now and then and drink coffee) and was wondering if anyone knew some tips i could use to whiten my teeth, so that people can notice it though ever since ...

 If you had a tooth with a dead nerve would it be sensative to pain?
Last week I had a molar filled and had to get an extra dose of novacaine. Today I got the tooth checked for a crown and the doc said the nerve is dead. I forgot to ask the doctor how can the nerve be ...

 Have a really bad toothache. Any good home rememdies to get rid of it?
Hey. As I type this down I really have a bad toothache! Can anyone please give me home remedies to get rid of the annoying toothache!! I don't have a dentist appointment till next week wednesday....

 I'm scared of the dentist?
I've got an appointment to see the dentist this Saturday and I'm totally freaking out. I haven't gone for years and don't know what to expect. Help?! Any advice? I need at least a ...

 i get my wisdom teeth removed on friday, when can i return to work?
hey, i get my wisdom teeth removed on friday. i was just curious when i could return to work? i have heard that 3 days after the teeth are pulled, u can return to normal activities. what do u think?...

 I'm scared of getting braces!!!?
I'm 11 and i'm getting braces soon and I'm scared like crazy!!! Going to the dentist was never fun for me anyways. So does it hurt? Be completley honest!!!!!...

 Why does my mouth hurt?
Ok, the last few weeks, i've had pain in the lower right side of my mouth. Just yesterday, i finally was able to see what the cause is. I think it has something to do with the fact that in the ...

 Pain in tooth not long after filling and root canal treatment?
I changed my dentist in January and the first thing she did was replace 2 fillings. During 1 of the fillings there was a lot of pain in the tooth but it did end after the treatment. Up until today I&#...

 Removing a piece of the muscle fiber (thingie) that is connected to my tounge?
Ok, so let me start: I went to the dentist about a week and a half ago, but besides the normal cleaning, the dentist asked me to open my mouth as wide as I could and touch the roof of my mouth with ...

 i don't have any insurance?
i live in chicago il and i have a medical cardbut i need my teeth fix so bad but i want to get them replace cause i'm to young to walk around with no teeth is there any help out ...

 Bleeding Between my teeth? What causes it?
Today I just noticed blood coming between my front teeth when I flossed.
I brush my teeth 2 times a day and maybe floss. I don't smoke or drink.
So whats causing this?...

 natural ways to whiten teeth?
i've tried baking soda and peroxide mixture but it really burns my gums and tastes really bad, does anyone know any other way to whiten your teeth....low cost is best, and simple things i may ...

 How to makethe tooth more whiter?
hey my friend's problem is that she was in the US till last year and wasthere from past six years. now her tooth are becoming yellow...can anyone suggest some remedies to make that little whiter....

 Had two baby teeth taken out but new ones didn't grow?
Two years ago my dentist pulled out my second premolars (from my upper teeth) because they were moving. They were baby teeth.
I asked him if new ones will grow there and he said in an irritated ...

 What are the risks with wisdom teeth removal?
Having being referred to have my wisdom teeth removed I was informed that the teeth were lying very close to the nerve and therefore permanent numbness could occur on my bottom lip.This startled me ...

 How can I stop biting my nails?

 If you wet your toothbrush before brushing your teeth, is it more effective?
I know people who just smear toothpaste on dry toothbrushes then brush their teeth afterward. Is there any advantage to wetting your brush before you put it in your mouth (i mean aside from the fact ...

 How can I naturally get rid of tongue tie?

Additional Details
I don't have a speech disorder, it's just kind of annoying when I stick my tongue out. Is the tongue strong enough to break the fraenum by itself?...

 How do people w/ braces floss??
all i know is that its hard.......

Jennifer H
Can you get braces on only your bottom teeth?
My son's teeth look good on the top, so says our dentist, but he has crowding on the bottom that braces would help. So can i get him braces for the bottoms only? How much cheaper would that be?

yea you can get it it on the bottom dummy

Yes it is possible. But it does depend on lots of different factors. Book a consultation for your son with a consultant orthodontist to discuss his options.

rhianna w

Loraine M
It depends. if his bite is not correct say that the top teeth bite over the bottom ones then he will need on the top as well. ask your dentist what kind of bite does he have - class 1 2 or 3.

silver d
yes it is possible, unless your dentist want to earn more money ;-)

You can get braces on bottom teeth only.

A full set of braces is about $3,000, so the bottom should only cost $1500.

Yes you can get braces only on the bottom. It would probably be half a full set. But that depends if he doesn't need anything else. And if you want clear braces or regular. Best thing to do is ask an orthodontist what is best for your child. Best wishes.

Merilee L
You can get braces anywhere or on one or two teeth if you want but I don't know about price. My guess is that it's a flat fee if you do the entire mouth but it may go price by teeth if you don't do the whole mouth and it may also have to deal with the location of the teeth in the mouth.


Depending on the orthodontist, possibly. I would doubt that any "good" orthodontist would do that though, especially for a child. He's still growing, so to only correct the lower arch would mean that the upper arch would probably eventually need work too. Plus, there may be jaw discrepancies that you are unaware of that would need upper and lower braces. It may save you some money, but I would suggest doing upper and lower all at one shot. If he's older than 17 you could probably just do the lowers, but if he's younger than that, then he still has a few years to grow and his teeth will continue to change. Especially if he doesn't have all of his permanent teeth yet. I would suggest visiting a few orthodontists for a consultation, they are usually very cheap or even free. See what they say. They're the experts. You would be doing him a huge favor though, by straightening his teeth. Good luck!

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