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 Why does my mom gum hurt her so much?
My mom have been complaining about her teeth hurting her. So she went to the dentist they pull out her teeth, and now it seems not to be the teeth but her gum. it goes and comes but when it comes it ...

 really bad smell from husband?
recently i have noticed that my husband has a really strong breath odor. i dont know if its noticable to everyone or just to me because im so close to him all the time but its like his mouth just ...

 Ok, I use to dip. I dipped for about a mouth, and now in my mouth on my bottom lip I have a dark bump? Cancer?
I used to dip atleast once a day, I really dont know what this could be. It doesnt hurt or anything, just very annoying when I chew, only because sometimes I bite down on it. Help P...

 Braces! help.... do they hurt?
im 13 and getting braces in a few weeks do they hurt and does panadol help at all?...

 question about my braces...?
so i had my braces in for a little over a month now and the reason i got braces in the first place was because i have an overbight and my teeth are not "symetrical" as the ortho guy stated.....

 Do you think my dentist will be mad?
Last month my dentist put 8 spacers in my mouth now i only have 3.My dentist appointment is next friday. Do you think my dentist would be mad?...

 Why don't famous people have braces?

Additional Details
lol yup

*miley cirus* COUGH!...

 Will Humans evolve without CANINE teeth?
We don't really require them anymore as we don't shred raw meat, but rather cook it. Everything else we cut and ...

 I have a slight space between my two front teeth, how can I get this fixed?

 10 easy points! what happened?
3rd time askin, no one wil answer!

my teeth on my top right side of my mouth go in a bunch! do i need a retainer/braces or am i just fine? my friend has the problem and needs a retainer ...

 How old were you when you got your wisdom teeth?
And what's the normal age?...

 Ahhh!BAD breathe!?
so my friend has bad breathe.....wat can i tell him to do to remove it?how u get it anyways?...

 Just had a cavity filled!?
I just had a cavity filled and i recieved novacane. The side he put the shot on is really hurting me. Is it the pain from the shot, or is something wrong with my filling. I cant even open my mouth!...

 Does baking soda work for whitening teeth and treating bad breath?
Does it really whiten you teeth, is it safe to use.? But I'm more curious on the bad breath idea. Does it really treat it? Has anyone tried it and if so how do you use it. Like what are the ...

 elastics for braces?
I got my elastics for my braces 2 days ago
and he told me to where them when i eat but it hurts so bad
when does the pain go away?
any tips to help the pain are also appreciated :)

 when can i eat after getting fillings?

 Can you get gingivitis if you makeout with someone that has it?

 were u satisified after ur braces were removed?
did u think ur teeth looked better, or were u disapointed by no result. i have bad teeth, so i am kinda afraid that after my braces are removed, my teeth won't look ...

 I have had a toothache for a few weeks.....?
and I know it is an old filling that has come loose. Last night, all of my teeth ached (not toothache) and my jaw and cheeks ached as well. Someone said it could be nueralgia? what is this, and has ...

 Info on braces?
I got my braces on last feburary. I get them off this late feburary. I got braces on top and bottom. I brush twice a day, I rarely floss, but I use mouthwash and brush good. Will there be any spots? W...

Can you be put to sleep when you get your teeth pulled?
i HATE pain and i mean HATE. i cant take it very well. and i have to get like 6 teeth pulled. and i was wondering if they can u kno like knock you out like they do when you get your wisdom teeth pulled out? if my mom asked them to put me to sleeep would they do it?

j dddddd
the oral surgeon can put an iv in your arm and numb those spots and you wont know whats going on or remember anything. plus he or she will prescribe you some goooood stuff so you will be comfortable over the next few days afterwards.
general anesthesia will totally knock you out but it costs a few hundred $$ and isnt necessary most of the time cuz its not that big a deal

No. Quit being such a pus$y. It doesn't even hurt that much.

Yes, you can be put to sleep during a dental procedure and normally if you have six teeth pulled they will give you something - either major pain killing medicines (novocaine, etc.) or a sedative (they do conscious sedation which makes you think you are asleep but they don't have to intubate you with a trach tube and oxygen). If your wisdom teeth are impacted (below the gum) they normally will put you to sleep (conscious sedation) and the last thing you will remember is feeling sleepy and then waking up in a different room with some cotton packing material in your mouth when it is over.

You can go to sleep if you see an ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEON. General dentists or periodontists do not have the ability under the law.
Go to this website and find an OMS in your area

yes. go to an oral surgeon

Yu can have general anaesthetic (but not all dentists do this and you generallh have to go to hospital) or have Intravenous sedation prior to numbing of the gums which means you are sort of asleep but aware of what is going on but couldn't care less, and then later forget all about what happened. If you are concerned about going to the dentist, go to www.dentalfearcentral.com It's a wonderful site where you get lots of support from people with dental phobia and can ask any question and get a response from a dentist as well as other people with the same worries as you.

adith r
yes thats the best way

I don't know about you but that is the only way they are going to get close to my mouth with a needle.
Yes just have to find a dentist that uses nitrious Oxide (laughing gas)
The procedure for that is he or she uses the gas to, as they say relax you, then they will give you a shot of novocain to completely deaden the area before pulling your teeth.

Good luck and get plenty of ice cream stocked up to eat afterwards.

Yes you can be but to sleep . But this is a very costly job . But even if you get to be but to sleep when you weak up you will still have so much pain in your month . So just keep you eyes closed and bring a mp3 player and you will not be a scared or feel anything !!! best of luck

I work in the operating room and lots of people have their wisdom teeth out under General Anaesthetic (put to sleep).
However, your dentist can probably numb the areas where your teeth are coming out of and you wont feel anything. You might get some happy gas (nitrous oxide) which makes you feel a bit sleepy and relaxed while they do it.

There is no way a dentist would pull teeth while you have feeling. They can deadened the whole area so you dont feel anything

yes you can.. you just have to request it..i had to have 3 pulled out when i was 17 for my braces and i hate pain too and my dentist just gave me a pill to take an hour before he extracted them and you honestly really dont remember anything..so yeah you can as long as you request it and talk to your dentist about it

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