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~mother of 2 beautiful girls~
Can i ask my dentist not to do X-Ray to fix my tooth?
I have a nasty cavity. I am pregnant though. I am four weeks. I know X-Ray is bad, could I ask my dentist to fix it without the X-RAY?

Eric M
Yes you can.
They can't perform an X-Ray anyways because it is dangerous.

Just be sure to tell them and they'll perform another process

Here is a thought... ask your dentist.

No harm in asking.

Ana A
yes i've done it...

You have the right to ask him or her not to X-Ray you. You should have already told your dentist you are pregnant before you got in the chair. You should be up front with all your doctors about everything.
They also have the right to refuse to do the procedure. or they may suggest you pull the tooth if it is so bad, but the x-ray is a valuable guide to where to drill exactly.
Your baby can be shielded from the x-rays by use of a lead sheet which should be offered at each x-ray if only to protect your ovaries.
Boy or Girl? Congratulations!

chad s
they fit you with a protective coat type thing so your body doesnt get the rays,,,plus they need the x rays,,it tells them exactly where the problem is and how to go about fixing it

You can ask but I'm betting he will not comply. He needs to know how far the decay goes and if there are other issues going on with that tooth. A x-ray at your stage is not dangerous yet and they will protect your stomach when doing the x-ray.

Dont Hate Me Coz U Cant Add Me
of course. Ur dentist would normaly ask u if not u SHOULD tell her.

I think you should be upfront and say to the doctor: "I'm pregnant, and I really do not feel comfortable with having x-rays done on my mouth at this time."

if he doesn't respect that, look for a new dentist!

lead apron will protect your baby. the dentist can perform on your tooth better while having a radiograph.
consider this : the months 4,5,6 of pregnancy are the best time for having dental operations.

If you are pregnant......do not get any of it done unless you plan on having no freezing so he can fix it. Think about your baby

If they feel they need the x-ray, they should/can only do the one or two needed. They will shield you but you are at the most sensitive time for radiation to the fetus.

Radiation scatters in lines (like a fold-out fan). So if they are aiming at your mouth, through your cheek, the scatter radiation should be absorbed by the shield and will not harm your baby. Better yet, ask for a second shield to be put on and then you are fine. Radiation can't travel down via your insides and the shield will be to your neck.

Kudos for you for checking!

You can, but the job will not be high quality, should the dentist agree to this.
Dental xrays are not harmful to your baby as they come nowhere near. The xray tech will put a shield over you and take pictures only of your mouth.

Explain that to your dentist, although I believe that tooth x-rays are very low dosage, like a hundredth of the radiation of say a chest x-ray.

You'll have to ask to know for shure!

Tell him about your pregnancy. They have a heavy covering containing lead that they put over your body so the x-rays can't hurt you or the baby.

Dentist H since 2001
i'm a PREGNANT dentist. (third pregnancy) i'm around x-rays all day. All week. All year.

We do not take ROUTINE x-rays in a pregnant patient. But a patient that has a problem (such as a deep cavity or toothache), it is often necessary to take ONE x-ray to make an accurate diagnosis.

"With dental x-rays there is hardly any exposure to any part of the body except the teeth." --American Pregnancy Association


"What are the chances that my baby will have an adverse effect if I had x-rays during pregnancy?
According to the American College of Radiology, no single diagnostic x-ray has a radiation dose significant enough to cause adverse effects in a developing embryo or fetus. Some common diagnostic procedures include dental, chest, CT scan (head/chest), and abdominal view. "

lead apron.

Shredded Cottage Cheese
of course, but he will drape you with a lead apron and you wont get any exposure to the fetus.

the xray is beneficial because it will tell him how deep the decay is and how much to drill out. If you already have identified the tooth as having a simple cavity, it can be done without the xray altogether. xray is usually a diagnostic tool, not a corrective one.,

No they need it to fix the tooth, they will put a apron over your stomach to protect the baby!

I dont think they will be able to fix your tooth without the xray. But you could definately ask. If they know how sever the cavity is by just taking a look at it, they may not need to do an xray.

You can ask but it's very difficult to do without one. They use the x-rays to see how deep & where the cavity goes. Ask your OB doctor if having the dental x-ray is all right with them. Getting good oral care is esential when you're pregnant so i'm glad you aren't waiting.

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