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Juan Joel T
Can filling a tooth cause a tooth to shift?
My girlfriend had a tooth (2nd molar) filled the other and immediately felt something was wrong after she left the dentist. We looked into her mouth and saw that the tooth that had been filled was out of line and jutting out toward her cheek, which was becoming irritated by the abrasion. She was adamant that it had not been that way before. We went back to the dentist two days later, and another dentist in the office said the tooth could not have shifted. My girlfriend is sure it has. We'll have to get the x-rays, I suppose. Is this kind of shifting improbable?? Thanks!
Additional Details
My girlfriend spoke to a former dentist who is now a pharmacologist, and she said it is possible for the tooth to shift if it is drilled while pressure is being applied on one side. I don't know what to think.

anything is possible -if she is not comfortable with her dentist's explanation, have her get a 2nd opinion.

No. IMPOSSIBLE! Filling a tooth does not make the tooth to shift during filling procedure., nor immediately after leaving the dentist.
Maybe she did not pay attention at that tooth before filling.
Consider orthodontics and you'll understand that shifting a tooth takes a serious amount of time and properly applied force on the tooth.


In 15 years of practicing dentistry I have never seen a tooth shift because of placing a filling. Still there is a possibility that the following thing might have happened :

1. The tooth could not have shifted because pressure applied during the cavity preparation. However, if the filling was made a little too bulky, then whenever your girlfriend bites down, the tooth gets hit. That might over time cause some shifting.

2. The same thing gets even more pronounce if she has a history of grinding teeth in sleep and / or clenching her teeth. In that case the traumatic force will be quite significant.

If this is the case, it will warrant a night guard / occlusal guard.

3. The tooth might have been in that position to begin with. However, there is a possibility (as I explained) that the filling was a little bulky and she is noticing the difference now. Before this point, she never realized that the tooth was a little crooked.

The best option will be to check the pre-operative x-rays to determine if that has been the case.

Remember, the filling can stay a little bulky at the time of the placement because even if the bite is checked she was all numb. In such situation it is very hard to feel anything. Therefore, she might not have been able to bite down properly the bite (occlusal) adjustment.

She just needs to go in and get the adjustment done, and as I said ask the dentist to show the x-rays that were taken before the filling was placed. That will eliminate the misunderstanding. Remember, good communication is the key in solving any problem !

If you are still not satisfied, get a second opinion. You are entitled to that, though you should give her dentist a chance to explain exactly what he thinks happened in her case.

Hope this provided you with a reasonable explanation. Good luck !!

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