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 What is the average cost of having a tooth pulled?
I may have to have a tooth pulled and maybe a filling. Does anyone know how much this usually costs? I do not have dental insurance. Also, do most offices offer payments or financing? If offered ...

 How can you have a cavity under a filling?
I thought all the decay was removed before the filling was done. Once it is covered with the filling and no longer exposed, how can it become decayed again?...

 I can't seem to stop eating washingpowder?
I have been addicted to washingpowder for over 5yrs
this is what i do everyday.I dipp my hands in gain or tide in sniff it then i make little balls in place it in my mouth until it dissolves.A...

 when does a 8 year old start losing not the first6 front teeth but the rest of them usually at what age?

 How can I get free samples of over the counter stuff for dry gums(ex. Biotene products)/?

 can u whiten bonded teeth? and if so how?

 does anybody have any home remedies for whiter teeth?
i know there are the crest whitestrips and all those products but does anybody know any home remedies or something i can do with home products to whiten my teeth?...

 I have 4 veneers on my front teeth and need them replacing but cant afford it, can i pay nhs dentist to do it?
I got 4 veneers need replacing and havent got the £4000 to do it. Just wondering if nhs dentists do it cheaper. Has anyone had veneers done on the nhs and how much a thooth was it....

 Can emanal come back if gone?...How do dentists do this procedure?
I've been drinking a crystal light type drink alot and now it seems that my teeth have no enamal on them (I've stopped drinking it---only water now)...also made lines in my teeth...and in ...

 Went to dentist and he told me i had Torus Mandibularis...and my teeth feel weird i have to keep grinding them
is it all in my head because i keep thinking about the tori in my mouth i have only known i had them for about 2 days know and it keep feeling like i have to grind my teeth on that side...lol i dunno ...

 what should i use if my brother who is 4 wont where night guard for his teeth cuz every nite he grinds them?

 not a good job cleaning my teeth?
i do brush, floss and use listerine but the problem is all my teeth are having some cracks and abit of stain (im doing the best i can to prevent all of these) im so bad of brushing teeth


 How to get stains off of retainer?
I've had this retainer for quite a few years and it has white marks on it that I can't get off with normal toothpaste and toothbrush. Please leave some helpful hints/solutions on how to get ...

 How do you cure gingivitis?
I have a small case of gingivitis, and I wanted to know what it took to get rid of or treat it. Thanks so much! (;...

 Need a DENTIST that does root canals & crowns inexpensively. Can travel to rural areas in NSW or Sydney suburb

 How would flossing help gums?
I really don't get it how people say that flossing helps gums. When you floss, the thread doesn't even touch the gums, only between the teeth. So, how would it help your gums?


 badly rotten tooth, more details inside?
My husband has had a rotten tooth since he joined the army (in 2002) he went to the army dentist but they just filled it, well now its starting to get alot worse, it has rotted so much the filing has ...

 White Teeth?
Best Tooth paste and any other tips?...

 Sometimes my jaw muscles slam shut and make me bite my tongue. Why?
It usually happens when I'm asleep....

 I have a white spot on tongue? What is it?
I have a white spot on tongue. Painless, not raised, no lump, not hairy. It just matches the rest of my tongue, but colored white. Im 23, non smoker, rarely drink. My dentist found it and i have a ...

Can braces damage your teeth ?

If you don't need them, they probably would, your teeth would get too compressed, and..well, just imagine what happens next. braces are made to correct the arrangement of your teeth, so they do move teeth. it's the same concept with cancer chemotherapy. it destroys cancer cells, including normal cells, that when you use them when you don't have cancer, they'd destroy normal cells and you'd get cancer! get it?

I suppose they can if they snap off of your trousers and hit you (I nearly said "belt you"!) in the mouth.

Kool J. B.
No, braces are made for the opposite reason, to stop the damage on your teeth. if u misuse braces, they ARE going to damage to your teeth. (actually, not the braces themselves, but it's a very delicate issue when you got them on). Let's say you ate 5 Twix's today and you haven't brushed your teeth: even though u feel comfy after eating that good stuff (and hey, that IS a good stuff!!! lol), plaque can form, and do you know what that can cause? tooth decay, decalcification (when calcium gets low or even gets off from your teeth, and your teeth need calcium to be strong and survive: if not you're gonna have teeth of a 95yr old, so fragile they can fall of in a minute!). My dentist told me my teeth could even change colour (nah, not green like Hulk, but they can get an unpleasant red/yellowish/orange colour if plaque frequently occurs on your teeth. I know mouth sores can be caused by braces, but that only if an infiammation arises due to your braces (so make sure they put it well, it's a rather uncomfortable situation to have mouth sores, believe me!). The last thing you could ever get is an allergic reaction, but that's only if you are allergic to the latex they use for the braces gum, so inform yourself before. I hope that didn't scare you though!!! lol

No, but while you have them on you have to be very carefully about fizzy drinks and sweets and brushing them, as you are a bit more susceptible to getting cavities.

No braces are a device used in orthodontics to correct alignment of teeth and their position with regard to bite. Braces are often used to correct malocclusions such as underbites, overbites, cross bites and open bites, or crooked teeth and various other flaws of teeth and jaws, whether cosmetic or structural. Orthodontic braces are often used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances to widen the palate or jaws, create spaces between teeth, or otherwise shape the teeth and jaws. Most orthodontic patients are children or teenagers, however, recently, more adults have been seeking orthodontic treatment.

Here are some problems with braces
Plaque forms easily when food is retained in and around braces. It is important to maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing thoroughly when wearing braces to prevent tooth decay, decalcification, or unpleasant color changes to the teeth.

There is a small chance of allergic reaction to the latex rubber in elastics or to the metal used in braces. Latex-free elastics and alternative metals can be used instead. It is important for those who believe that they are allergic to their braces to notify the orthodontist immediately.

Mouth sores may be triggered by irritation from components of the braces. Many products can increase comfort, including oral rinses, dental wax or dental silicone, and products to help heal sores.

Braces can also be damaged if proper care is not taken. It is important to wear a mouthguard to prevent breakage and/or mouth injury when playing sports. Chewing gum and certain sticky or hard foods, such as raw carrots, large hard pretzels, and toffee should be avoided because they can damage braces. Frequent damage to braces can prolong treatment.

In the course of treatment orthodontic brackets may pop off due to the forces involved, or due to cement weakening over time. The orthodontist should be contacted immediately for advice if this occurs. In most cases the bracket is replaced.

When teeth move, the end of the arch wire may become displaced, causing it to poke the back of the patient's cheek. Dental wax can be applied to cushion the protruding wire. The orthodontist must be called immediately to have it clipped, or a painful mouth ulcer may form. If the wire is causing severe pain, it may be necessary to carefully bend the edge of the wire in with a spoon or other piece of equipment (i.e. tweezers) until the wire can be clipped by an orthodontist.

Patients with periodontal disease usually must obtain periodontal treatment before getting braces. A deep cleaning is performed, and further treatment may be required before beginning orthodontic treatment. Bone loss due to periodontal disease may lead to tooth loss during treatment.

In some cases, teeth may be loose for a prolonged period of time. One may be able to wiggle one's teeth for a year or two after treatment or longer.

The dental displacement obtained with the orthodontic appliance determines in most cases some degree of root resorption. Only in a few cases is this side effect large enough to be considered real clinical damage to the tooth. In rare cases, the teeth may fall out or have to be extracted due to root resorption.

Pain is common after adjustment and may cause difficulty eating for a time, often several days. During this period, eating soft foods can help avoid additional pressure on teeth.

The metallic look may not be desirable to some people, although transparent varieties are available. However, transparent braces usually do not work as well as metallic ones. Transparent braces can also become undesirably stained or discolored by eating or drinking foods with dye in them.

No they can't damage your teeth.I had braces for 3 years and my teeth are just fine!

jed slade
no,braces are there to make sure the shape is corrected,and your teeth develop normally.


I had braces from the age of 14 to about 17, they were very annoying and the elastic bands on them were a nightmare, but in the end was well worth it, im glad i was forced to have them in, good luck

old know all
No, they are designed to improve your teeth. Poking them about with a pencil can damage your teeth.


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