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 Bad Breath........?
I am not sure how to cure.... I am experiencing bad breath. But, its coming from the back of my thoat. I brush twice daily, floss, gargle, whiten, my mouth is clean no doubt about it. But, I think my ...

 my 3 year old has cavities?
I feel like the worst mother in the world!! I brush his teeth everyday but he's got cavities and he's got some missing enamel on his teeth.. he goes to the dentist october 22 but i'm ...

 what color are the gums from your mouth supposed to be??

 What is the cutest color for braces?
cuz i'm getting them in a couple of days.

THNX :)...

 How long does it take for all 4 wisdom teeth to be cut out and do you wake up after or later?

 Wisdom teeth extraction?
I'm 15 1/2 and got my braces off in December. My orthodontist is recommending that I have all four of my wisdom teeth pulled before they emerge, and fairly soon.

So I have a few ...

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 Braces andd colours ?
Hi im getting braces soon but i just need colours :D
I was looking at these colours
Light blue and light pink
Pink and orange
Pink and green
Purple and yellow
What do ...

 Wisdom teeth... Should I get... ?
All four out at once or no?

I have one bottom wisdom tooth that is causing (very) unpleasant pain, and the other bottom wisdom tooth has broken through my gums. I've gotten ...

 What suggestions do you have for a tooth that has been removed..to make the gum heal quicker?
it has been four days
Additional Details
lol..I just did the rinse and repeat thing..sounds like your talking about your hair again..lol..hey man..have you caught all my questions.....

 im getting barces???
ok so im getting braces in 2 weeks and i would like to know how they put them on and does it hurt???
and im only getting the top ones ...

 what's wrong with me?
is it common/normal that some people don't even have wisdom teeth?...

 What is stronger, dihydracodiene or co-codamol, I've got bad toothache?

 Do you know a cure for corn between your teeth?
when you are a couple hours away from your dental ...

 ahhhh my braces are killing me?
they hurt soooo badly ahhh
its giving me a headache
what do i do????...

 british peoples teeth?
i dont understand this about americans apprantly thinking british people have bad teeth ive never heard this before do americans really think this and apparently hardly anyone has braces well nearly ...

 what hurts more?
Getting a cavity drilled.
Getting a tooth pulled.

 Is it good idea to brush after each meal?
Assuming you brush gently, is it good idea even if you don't have braces?...

 Sinus pain should I see dentist or doctor?
I had a root canal done yesterday on upper molar and ever since I am having serious sinus pain on the side I had the dental work. Should I call the dentist or would it be best to see a doctor? Has ...

Why Me?
Can an infected tooth cause you to be very ill? Body aches, fever and general flu symptoms?

No you won;t get body aches, general flu etc. But you might get fever.

Yes, go see a dentist. The sooner the better.

absolutely! you need to make an emergency appointment with your dentist. dont be scared. i say emergency appointment cuz u cant wait 2 months for this. he will tell u what to do. most likely he will start u off with medicine DRINK ALL OF IT!!! not all at once but if u dont drink a thrid and say "oh i feel better no need for more meds" then the infection will come back stronger and full force!

yes see a dentist

Yes, it can actually poison your blood and cause death.

It's possible, depends on how long you've had the abscessed tooth and how bad the infection is. The virus/bacteria could eventually travel to other areas of your body and cause a cold/flu. However, it's more likely that you have the flu as well as an abscessed tooth. Hope that helps. Feel better soon!

Old Habits Die Hard.
Yeah infection can spread around the body.
I'd go to the dentist/doctor if i were you..

Oral cavity lodges a number of bacteria and microbes. Staphyllococcus bacteria are most likely to be implicated in your present malady. Please take Capsule ampicillin and cloxacillin [500+500] with LB thrice a day for at least 5 days with anti-inflammatory-analgesic drugs like paracetamol and ibuprofen. Complications include SABE, Rheumatic fever, Myocarditis and cardiac valvular lesions.

Casey C
In short, yes.

I had an abscessed tooth a couple of months ago, and I developed a fever. I went to the dentist, and she prescribed antibiotics to get rid of the infection. You should see your dentist as soon as possible. Don't wait until you think the infection is gone. If you don't take antibiotics, it will come back.

Another important concern is bone loss. Infections in the teeth/gums cause the jawbone supporting the infected tooth to deteriorate, which can make your tooth permanently loose, and if you wait too long, your dentist will not be able to save it, and it will have to be pulled. That is what happened to me, and now I have to get dental implant surgery to replace the missing tooth.

So, bottom line, get to the dentist as soon as you can and get on some antibiotic medication to kill the infection. You don't want to feel sick, but more importantly, you don't want to lose your tooth.

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