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 why do my teeth hurt so bad?
sometimes my back teeth hurt so much that I cry, it happens a lot when I eat sugary stuff but not all the time. I don't have a cavity because I was just at the dentist. They put some gel stuff ...

 I have a question about dry socket.?
I got my wisdom teeth out last wednesday and the pain was not bad for the first 2 days. Then on the third it got very severe to the point of crying my eyes out. I could go to my oral surgent because ...

 urgent question!!!pls do answer!!!!!!!!?
around 8 days ago,i had my left lower molar tooth filled in due to cavity.for testing if my tooth requires a root canal treatment or a filling is sufficient,the doctor used temporary filling.a few ...

 Help, I just got braces!!!!?
So, yeah, yesterday I got braces on my upper teeth (I got tehm on my lower teeth about a year ago) and they really hurt! They're giving me such a bad headache! I've tried Advil, Tylenot, ...

 Help Yellow teeth!?
I have been trieing to get whiter teeth. i have used whitening stripes and they dont work. Is there any toothpaste i can use to make my teeth whiter? how many times do i have to brush my teeth to see ...

 What medicine should I take for a toothache? PLEASE HELP!?
I'm having a toothach rite now and I can't stand it. I took a Tylenol earlier, it was stop for almost 2 hours and now i feel it again. Do you know any kind of medicine that I should take ...

 Should I Get Clear Or Metal Braces?
I'm not sure which is best......

 What is a good inexpensive tooth whitening product that works?

 Pain after braces? When will it start?
I had my brackets on for a month (had to get 4 teeth pulled) and got my wires put in this morning. It's been 10 hours and I feel pressure but not a whole lot of pain. Just wondering when the ...

 Has private dentistry been set up to extract money ?
And what did B_lair have against NHS dentistry?
Additional Details
Hi paulpoulboy , the prices show it is a racket on the same level as cosmetic surgery. You put it nicely but I resent ...

 What are the benefits of flossing daily?
What are the benefits of flossing daily? Does flossing daily make your teeth appear whiter? Also, when is the best time of the day to floss, and how often should you do it? Thank you in advance :-)...

 If you have braces and you get them off how long do you have to keep on your retainer ?
Ok i have braces and im going to get them off soon and i was wanting to know about how long you have to keep on the retainer ?...

 How old were you when you got braces and....?
im turning 16 in 3 months. I might g et braces soon. Is 16 too late?And when will i get them out?...

 Weird Taste in mouth? What is it?
I have a weird problem..I have a really weird taste in my mouth! It almost tastes good, oddly enough. It just started happening a few days ago. I'm not sure WHAT it is....any ideas?...

 cheap braces???!!!?
does anyone know what the cheapest TYPE of braces are? the name and what does the prices range from??? ...

 How do I get swelling to go down?
I had my wisdoms cut out on Thursday, and I still look like a chipmunk. I have been taking the antibiotics he prescribed for me. Is there a home remedy or an over-the-counter my mom could get so it ...

 One of my wisdom teeth extraction holes is larger and scarier than the other 3. I can see my jawbone! Help?
Yesterday morning I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted while under general anesthesia (knocked out with arm IV).

Almost immediately after I woke up and left, I noticed one of the ...

 any ORTHODONIST online right now?? i really need your help ?
ok so in december of 9th grade i got braces, because i have gaps on like 6 of my front top teeth,, i had it for like 2 years cuz they took them off last year (11th grade) january of 2008...


 HELP!! Geting cavity filled in a day, IM SCARED!!?
Im going to get my cavity filled tommorow, and im so nervis, and scared!

I got one cavity filled about 2 months ago, and i hated it becuase i refused the novakain shot. And the drilling ...

 braces change your face?
Hi there! been wearing braces for a a year and a half. My face seems longer and cheeks sunken in. My teeth were not that bad. No extractions or anything just braces. Did anyone here wearing ...

Can a tooth ache/bad tooth cause head & eye aches?
I am having a tooth pulled today because its been giving me problems when I eat and when im about ot go to sleep, I also started having head aches and my eye on the right side (the side the toothe is on) Was sort of hurting

I thought it was from wearing my contact lenses but i stopped wearing them to let my eye heal and its still a little sore. Could this be from the pain in my mouth?
Additional Details
Wow..Some really good answers thanks..And Raptor that is truely interesting to know...maybe thats why I was having constant heart flutters last month before the eye thing started..

Jellybean had her little bean
I beleive it's all connected. I have gotten headaches when I have a tooth ache. I've even gotten ear aches when I get a tooth ache that's why I say it's all connected.

Yes. A toothache can effect the nerves in your head causing ocular migraines.

Yes, absolutely.

it most likely is as the tooth is probably infected

Tactical Medic
yes can

Absolutely- the bad tooth can be causing the pain and aches in your head and eyes. If you do'nt find remedy after this procedure, you probably should consult your doctor or see a specialist.

I'm sure it can...I have had tooth aches that practically paralyzed my whole face. Once I had a tooth ache on my right bottom molar that affected my right arm....scary. Best Wishes!

yea because my mom got an infection in her tooth and she had really bad toothaches and headaches @ the same time + her eyes and ears also hurt, so that could be it. ♥ i hope this answers your question and i hope you feel better! =)

mick s
Yes dont worry its the nerve endings in your mouth what are signaling to you that your tooth is in need of attention,
Dont worry as i get it,

yes it definately can...

Yes, it could be infected tooth.

YES, my dentist told me. I was having sinus problems which made my top teeth ache..weird but its possible....

wish I were

James T
Tooth aches are usually related to some form of tooth/root or gum infection, and an infection anywhere in the head cause a world of problems, eye pain and head aches are actually minor compared to some people's issues.

I had a tooth ache that literally knocked me unconcious with pain. The absessed tooth had to be extracted, but the infection still hung around for a couple more months.

See a dentist, and an eye nose throat specialist, and give each of them the other's business card so they may compare notes and better decide a treatment

I'm glad you're getting the tooth pulled today. A bad tooth can cause a lot more than headaches or eye pain. Research has shown that it can lead to heart attack and stroke as well as headache/eye pain. I had a systemic infection as a result of seven infected teeth and the best decision I could have made was to get them out.

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