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Can a persom really die from an absessed /bad tooth?

I believe they could if it poisons their whole body system. I know a person who had one and he got so thin and by the time he went to the doctor, he had signs of infection in his blood. He had to be hospitalized and put on lots of antibiotics. It took him a long time to get well and it was from a couple of abcessed teeth.

miss T
wow good question! I have that problem... and think i better actually do something about it! Thanks!

Madame M
Like everyone else said, yes. If it goes untreated and is a very bad case. I was just reading in "That Old Ace in a Hole" about cowboys who died of bad teeth.

This site referenced says it was a common cause of death. Here's a quote:

Left alone, abscesses can become quite serious. In the days before antibiotics and modern surgery, dental abscess was a common cause of death. Upon occasion, especially in the case of an untreated abscess of an upper front tooth, the patient can get a brain abscess which can kill him. This brain infection is called cavernous sinus thrombosis. Click the image to the left to see my page explaining the mechanics of cavernous sinus thrombosis and its relationship to the "dangerous triangle".

youhoo it's me
you can die from lots of things but an absessed toot is very infected and unless treated the infection can spread to other areas of the body and affect organs

Yes the poison can get in to the blood stream and it can be lethal. Go to an emergency room or a dentist to get antibiotics and then have the tooth removed. this is painful. I hope this person gets treatment.

well not like a leading cause of death, no.However, a rotten tooth can very well be taken as a sign of invasive bacterial survival. You mouth has a lot of nerve endings as well as blood vessels. Degradation of surrounding tissues by these bacteria will enable then to get into the blood stream. In the blood stream they are able to infect internal organs, such as the heart, thus leading to Cornary diseases as they could continue to degrade the organ tissues. One such bacteria is P. gingivalis
Nothing to be scared of though. Just continue to visit your dentist and practice proper oral care.

yes. the pus/bacteria will eat away at the nerves and tissues. and then cause the infection to poison the body of the sufferer.

Yes if infection gets in the blood stream and sepsis sets in, absolutely!

Yes. Studies of Indian remains both before and after the introduction of corn from South America. Before corn was traded in the northern hemisphere very few remains showed any problem other than old age or from accidents. After the intoduction of corn the Indian remains showed signs of absesses of the teeth as the cause of death. Also,a sinus infection can also enter the bloodstream and cause death

yes because the infection climbs up to the brain and kills it.

Francois J V
Yes - Each tooth has its own blood supply. The bacteria in the absess will slowly be taken up by the blood and the whole body will be poisoned in time.

A person working for the same company where I am employed, died within 7 days from this. I must say that he was one of those "self help" type and fiddled with his absessed tooth without going to the docter/dentist. The absess ruptured and all the goo entered his blood stream. He was unfortunate that the rupture was internal and not out into his mouth. Two days after his "fiddling" he started to feel bad and his wife took him to the docter. He was immediately put into intensive care but it was too late.

Pain in your teeth is one of the worst pains you can get - with reason - it can kill you

Jeanette M
yes because it piosinus when it breaks the abscess....you can swollow it. also it can lead into a bone infection of the jaw if you dont get this checked out asp and get on some antiboitcs.

Yes you can. The infection can get in your blood stream and go to your heart. There have been many cases with this result.

any infection, if left untreated, could possibly spread and cause death.

Yes if it gets infected! get on antibiotics before you go to the dentist!

Yes. It has happened. The infection from the tooth goes into the system and it is poison.

Charlotte T
Yes in fact one can, because if left untreated, the infection can get into the bloodstream and also there is a chance that it can cause an infection in the heart (Endocarditis) or (Myocarditis). This is harder to treat and can lead to death if not taken care of. If you have an abcess, or know someone who does, seek medical attention at once, as it can be life threatning! This is especially serious if the person has a problem with the valves of the heart. They should take a corse of antibiotics BEFORE having any dental work done due to the danger of infection going to the heart.

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