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 Why does my back hurt so much?
Ever since my period a couple of days ago, my back hurts so badly right by my waist. It has never hurt like this before. What do you think may be causing it? Yes, I do have my period, but the ...

 what is a dentist's greatest strength?

 Will smoking marijuana before going to the dentist help with pain or make me freak out when I hear the drill?

 when ever i brush my teeth my gum bleeds is there any medicine?
i have used every mouth wash i can think of but is not working....

 will the emergency dentist be free?
i need to go and see an emergency dentist, will it be free if i have a tax exemption certificate?
Additional Details
then why the hell do they give us these tax exemtion certificates ...

 how often should i replace my toothbrush?

 General Dental Question?
I have two cavities worn down to the gums.
The left side hasen't hurt in a while.
The right side has started hurting after i tried eating and got food stabbed in there.
That has ...

 How long before I can play Sports after Wisdom Tooth Removal??
Anyone know how long after Wisdom Tooth Extraction it is until I can play sports?...

 I recently put braces on my top teeth but not yet on the bottom..I was wondering if that could cause a lisp?
I never had a lisp before but now that I have my top braces on.. I do!...Is it because I dont have my bottom ones on??

(I get my bottom ones on monday...will that fix the problem?)<...

 Can an infected tooth cause you to be very ill? Body aches, fever and general flu symptoms?

 Any advice with geting wisdom teeth pulled?
I only have the option and that's to be put to sleep. But I hate it and they arnt hurting yet. What else could be my options?...

 My jaw really hurts when I open my mouth?
i'm 13 and whenever i open my mouth on the left side it really hurts. it doesnt make any noise or anything it just hurts. like a few weeks ago when i woke up from bed it's been hurting ever ...

 dentist could not make my mouth numb?
i went to a dentist last week and she injected my muth 7 times and my ace ent numb but not my gum
she could not gie me any more anesthetic she said i have had the meximum amount.

why ...

 Does a tooth extraction hurt?
I have braces right now. I have to get 4 teeth extracted next week! I'm really scared and don't know what to expect. Does it hurt WHILE they're pulling your teeth out. I know it hurts A...

 when the dentist tells you that it will take16-18months for you brace to come off are they usaully right?

 Where can i buy all natural toothpaste (without having to make it) that doesn't have fluoride in it?

 brace's Help !!?
i am getting braces soon and want to know how much they hert and everything about them. i am really nervous about getting them please tell me about them????????...

 I've swallowed hard plastic can i die? please help!!!!?

 If you get your wisdom teeth removed do they ever grow back?
i ask this question because i think that im growing my wisdon teeths and i think when they're done growin i think they have to be removed and im 11 and i dont really really REALLY dont want then ...

 Are our teeth meant to be white?
To whiten your teeth seems like a trend. I heard they're actually supposed to have a yellow light tint to it....

Just Tina Again
Can I use regular household bleach to whiten my teeth...?

Chelsea Kelly
I wouldn't that is a chemical. It could kill you.

u having a giraffe no way hosy

Actually it will corrode your teeth and you may die or get violently ill.

Not unless you want to die.

No! No! For the love of goodness, no! Do not put bleach in or on your body, EVER! It's a dangerous poison and will cause you to be violently ill, if not dead.

Bozz Mozz
Remember to recycle and get double its use. Spit in in the toilet when you're through.

Yes, I gargle with it, and then I anal bleach with it. Or do I do that first? I forget.

Only the gel kind. Try not to swaller.

are you RETARDED
have you ever read the label on bleach? it says
WARNING: do not ingest.
there's a reason why it says that.

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