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 Questions about braces...?
Uhm I'm planning to get braces about a week from now and although I know that they'll straighten my teeth, I still have some questions about them.

Question 1

Do they ...

 My bottom gums hurt after I eat an apple?
My bottom gums hurt like hell after I tried eating an apple. I think they even bled a little bit. I've always been told I have puffy gums, and I try brushing them, but all these years (Im 20 now)...

 what all do they do to your teeth when they take off your braces?
do they shave your teeth down to make them even or what?...

 Should i ask my dentist out?
I fancy my denstist she is hot should i ask her out at my appointment next week? =)...

 To all of you who have had a built-in retainer after braces- How long did you keep yours in? Did it fall out?
I am 23 and had my braces removed almost 8 years ago. The orthdontist gave me a removable retainer for the top and put in a built-in retainer on the back of my front 6 bottom teeth. All my friends ...

 Cavities. help. how to prevent it?
I already have so much cavities. I'm 16 and I have 4. It's so annoying because I think I got more. I have those 4 ugly black filling, and 4 sealant, which by the way went away( after 4 ...

 HELP! I'm worried...?
Okay, well one of my bottom eye teeth are pushing up against my baby molar, and making it bleed. It hurts really bad, and i want the molar out, so i don't have to worry about it. Any suggestions?...

 I want to be a dent.hygienist, but im bad in chem&bio so i dont know what to do.Should i go for it? help plzzz

Additional Details
do u guys know if i would have to remember everything from college and use it at work?or how would it look like?...

 i'm getting my braces off soon.. and?
well may 20th braces coming off :]
i don't think my teeth and straight enough though? people on tv's teeth look better and straighter..
like people at my school their teeth look ...

 Is it bad to swallow gum?
i heard it was bad to swallow gum cause it 'takes 7 years to digest' or somthing? i dont know. but i also heard it doesnt matter. is it bad???

ps- i kinda do it alot now but i ...

 I have some qs on brushing my teeth... i really need people to answer this!! ?
well. i have some qs.

whenever i brush i teeth, i usually just brush my teeth and dont floss everyday. is that bbad? should i be flossing? well i sometimes do, but rarely cuz usually i ...

 When using 'CREST WHITESTRIPS', should one brush their teeth BEFORE or AFTER applying the strips?
My wife says that you should not brush your teeth until after using them, she says that she read on her last one, to NOT brush teeth before applying the strips. I believe that you need to brush ...

 dog teeth?
why do dogs teeth turn yellow even if they have had there teeth cleaned recently?...

 How do you get rid of a severe toothache?
I have a severe toothache and there are no dentists open till Mon. and i need a way to solve this horrible pain. I have already taken Tylenol and it has not helped neither does Oragel. Any answers ...

 teeth whitening?
what is the best thing out there to BUY to whiten teeth?...

 name all the different type of toothpaste u know?

 how do i brush my teeth every day and remmember and make it white?

does anyone have any experience with Invisalign? do they work? anyone know the price? i am in ny. thanks. : )...

 Do you rinse you mouth using a glass or straght from the tap/faucet?
i rinse straight from the tap...
Additional Details
some people are prissy about it and would only ever use a glass.......

 my filling cracked...what is my dentist going to do?
my filling on my bottom moler cracked and i know this because he said it lol and i can also see it and i have just a little pain throught out the day and night from it. so he said he needs to refill ...

♪Mookita quiere a su hermana♥ ♪
Can I brush my teeth with baking soda?Is it safe?
Can I brush my teeth only with baking soda w/o mixing it with peroxide?I'm asking because I know baking soda is abrasive.So is it safe or not?Do I have 2 put the baking soda on my toothpaste?

This is a very good question....I have heard people do it a lot, but I can't say if it's safe or not...I am interested to find out or not though.

you can use just baking soda, its ok but dont do it if you have sensitive teeth because its kinda rough.

Beautiful Disaster
Yes, it's safe. There's actually an Arm & Hammer toothpaste out. It's got baking soda right in it... not very tastey but awesome for the teeth and gums!

No, it's too abrasive. Even with the peroxide I'd not recommend doing it. You'll wear away your enamel and create tiny little grooves for bacteria to hide and stains to cling safe from your toothbrush. Go in for a good cleaning then it's all about maintenance. Especially with the right technique for brushing - angle the toothbrush towards your gumline 45 degrees (angle up for the top teeth and down for the bottom teeth) then use very short vibrating brush strokes ending with a sweeping motion away from the gums then moving to the next section of teeth. Literally brush only 2 teeth at a time. It takes some getting used to, but the pay off is healthier gums and a brighter smile.

(The Arm & Hammer toothpaste has very very fine particles in it and is relatively safe)

Yes you can use only baking soda. I just went to the dentist a month ago and I was inquiring about whitening my teeth. I was told to brush using baking soda and rinse with the health pro care. I've been doing it every since and I see results. If you like, you can put toothpaste on your brush first, then baking soda.

sandra t
there is toothpaste available that already has baking soda in it this would be best. because the gritty baking soda will harm your enamel on your teeth. check your department store or drug store you should find the toothpaste.

Lucy Blue
Yes. It doesn't taste as good as toothpaste but it's safe and natural and just as effective. You can use diluted peroxide for mouthwash. Toothpaste and mouthwash can have harmful additives. Hope you are flossing, too.

lyd c
do not brush w/pure baking soda. if it's mixed in w/normal toothpaste, you should be fine (think arm and hammer tooth paste)

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