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just me
Can 6 year olds get their wisdom teeth?
My daughters mouth started bleeding today at cheerleading practice and the advisors said they think one of her wisdom teeth are coming in.There is a tooth coming in and her gums are swollen back there, but is it even possible that it's a wisdom tooth?
Additional Details
I just counted her teeth-she has 20 that are already there and 2(including the suprise today)that are coming in. is this not normal?I know I sound stupid but I would really like to know, I can't talk to a dentist until morning and who knows how long it will take to get her in

Srta. Argentina
The earliest I've seen third molars come in at is 13. I've never seen a 6 year old have three molars. Children between 1-12 usually only have 20 teeth.

There are 6year molars that are probably coming in. Howver, I guess stranger things have happened. I would take her to a dentist to make sure she's okay.

Stephanie S
its possible. some kids baby teeth are their permanent teeth. sometimes people develop two rows of teeth per top and bottom. if it looks like its pushing teeth bring the kid to a dentist. you may benifit from seeing an xray

No. Those would be her six year molars and just a little fyi...wisdom teeth dont come in till late teens early twenties...if at all.

Dont worry this is normal, they are the 1st molars coming! :)

i dont think so my cousin who is in her 20's is just now growing her wisdom teeth. i suggest you take her to the dentist. or try having her rinse with hot salt water she should rinse her mouth for about 30 seconds to a minute and then spit it out. that should help reduce the swelling.

I would most confidently say it is a 6 year molar coming in. It is also known as the first molar. She would get the 2nd molar roughly around the age of 12. Wisdom teeth or 3rd molars will erupt after that. Youngest I have personally seen is the age of 15.

No, these are your daughter's 6 yr (or 1st) molars erupting into the mouth. The 20 other teeth you counted are all deciduous (also called primary,baby or milk) teeth so what you are seeing is totally normal. This link gives you a chart to see - http://www.ada.org/public/topics/tooth_eruption.asp

You can have her rinse with warm salt water rinse and give her tylenol or advil (whatever you would normally give her) for discomfort. She may have traumatized the surrounding gum today when eating. When the tooth erupts sometimes a small flap of tissue (called an operculum) present and that is most likely what is causing the bleeding. Keep away from popcorn, nuts and seeds as they can easily get caught in that area. She should be fine in a matter of days and although you can take her to the dentist I really expect that the cost and time would yield you this same information.

Also, when the 6 year molars are all fully erupted you might consider putting dental sealants on the teeth to prevent cavities. They are easy to do, don't need anesthetic and are low cost. Even better is that she is a lot less likely to get cavities that need to be repeatedly refilled over her lifetime.

Hope that helps! (and don't worry!)

JAMRDH - a dental hygienist

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