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 What are good home remedies to use for toothaches?

 help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee :(?
i am 14 and on the 21st of december i have to have two teeth out i am **** scared of the dentist and want to no does it hurt havin teeth out and how do they do it?? please help me
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 Do you guys brush your teeth in the shower????? :O?
i slept over at a friends and they did that! and washed their face in the shower too :p
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Lauren A
Bad tooth, dentist doesn't want to pull it?
I've been to the emergency dentist today cos I had a bad toothache on the top and he pulled it out cos it was really rotten. My teeth are in pretty bad shape in general, I need loads of work done, fillings and stuff, but I can't afford it. I've got one other really bad tooth on the bottom that gives me toothache every now and again, I asked the dentist if he would pull it out too but he wants to do a root canal on it. I told him I couldn't afford it and he said if he pulled it out I'd have to get a fake tooth and that would be more expensive.

How come he pulled out the one today and I don't need a fake tooth but I would if he pulled out the other one? And would I really need a fake tooth or is he just trying to make more money? I really can't afford a root canal just now but the tooth hurts a lot.

Lulu Ferrari
try and get insurance and go to another dentist!!

I had root canal treatment and after all the pain the tooth broke in half - so they want to pull it out too. But I've just kept it -

so the root canal treatment was a waste of time and money and it hurt like hell!!!!!

?Abundant Sunshine?
A root canal only prolongs the time when it will have to be pulled. Its not worth it, trust me. If he won't pull it, go somewhere else.

Victoria R
Call NHS Direct on 0845-4647 and they can tell tell you where you nearest NHS dentist is. A root canal treatment on the NHS is the same price as having it out (£42.40) and it is always best to save them if you can, and in response to the other answers, they do hurt if you have been numbed beforehand, they are no different to a filling.

John B
shut it and pay up

what you need to do is send a letter to your mp.
we need to get the f*ckers at the house of Parliament to put dentistry back on the nhs.

I had root canal on one tooth, cost a fortune and it still plays up now.
Another tooth needed root canal so I pulled it out myself. No pain at all now. Cheers Mr Dentist u money grabbing c*nt.

my brain hurts
If it is in the front, I would find a way to pay for the root canal. Borrow money from someone, put it on a credit card, or some dentists even offer payment plans. If it is toward the back, somewhere where you wouldn't notice the gap, then just go to another dentist. Tell them pull it or I will take my business elsewhere.

andy n
i had a bad tooth like yourself and went to my local hospitals dentist part.they sorted me out with antibiotics.then took my bad tooth out a few weeks later.if thats any help to you.

Klay Doe♪
Brush your teeth!

some teeth can be saved by removing the root only
antibiotics do some times reverse infection
i think he wants to save your tooth
maybe in 5-6 years he has to take it out
trust the man

Nick Z
Get a second opinion from another dentist. If two dentists say the same thing, then they are probably right.

AsianPersuasion :)
The one he pulled may be in the back, I am guessing. He probably wants you to get a root canal for the other one because it shows and he firgures you won't want a gap there. Go to another dentist. Somebody will pull it for you.

Probaly He Want To Give You More Pain. A root canal hurts!

If there is a dental college near you, they usually let the students do (supervised) work for cheap on indigent patients.

tracey m
well if you really would prefer to have it pulled out stand your ground and tell the dentist thats what you want it is after all your tooth and your money.

Crystal L
The dentist is probably trying to save some teeth you still have. A root canal is expensive but its a little cheaper than getting a false tooth. The tooth the dentist pulled was probably too far gone to try to save. If the dentist can save the bottom tooth your better off in the long run. Good Luck with the situation hope you find the insurance or money to pay for your dental treatments. Where was the tooth located at that he pulled today in front or back ;right or left side of the mouth

I noticed that most dentists don't like to pull teeth if they don't really need to. If they are really, really in bad shape, then they will, but if they can do a root canal, then they'd rather do that. I have teeth that need work too, and I too can not afford it, so I'm where you are.
Where is the tooth? If it's in the front, then he'll probably want to put a fake tooth there. If the first one was in the back, they don't worry, no one can see it.

Make another appointment for tooth hurty.

i dont really know but i assume location, like if it was your front tooth that was pulled, a fake tooth would just be to look good, however a back tooth that you need to chew would definetly need a fake tooth. Usually these teeth last 10 years and are around $500-$1,000 i believe

mick j
you will need a fake tooth if you can see the gap when you smile or if you wont be able to eat proparly when he pulls it. dentists are monitored quite heavily so I dont think he is telling you any lies.

without a good look at which tooth you had pulled vs the one you want pulled as well but he wants to save- i can only guess.

my guess is that the one he pulled was a molar on the very back of one of your arches and the one he wants to save must be in between teeth and probably will show in your smile line.

the truth is that a rootcanal and crown is cheaper than a 3 unit bridge which would be needed to replace a tooth extracted with teeth adjacent to it. if you don't care about a gap in your smile then you should tell him so. it is his job to present to you the ideal treatment.

also. you do not mention your age. often , in younger folks who are struggling- they might choose the cheapest initial route only to have insurance and better finances in their future- where at that point- you are looking at all the bad decisions you made due to lack of funds.

if it were my mouth- i would start trying to fix and save what i could. you may can only do one filling or two a month at first- put out the little fires while they are still small and come back to the BIG stuff later unless something blows up into a painful situation.

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