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 No Dental insurance need help!!!?
I live In Milwaukee Wisconsin my dental does not kick in until Aug 2008 I have so much pain what can I do? I need this taken care of A.S.A.P I have no idea where to start looking they do have a ...

 Is this bad for your teeth? ?
I have heard of people sharpening some of their teeth. Is it bad for your teeth? And what do people sharpen their teeth with? T...

 Does gurgling warm salt water help get rid of mouth ulcers?
I have 2 annoying mouth ulcers...need to get them rid of quick!!...

 are root canals painful?
I am having root canal done in a few weeks with a crown over the weakened tooth. It is the second tooth from the top that will be worked on. What should I expect? I was aways told that my tooth ...

 is 26 to old to get braces?

 What braces colors or the best for a boy.?
I am getting braces on september 4 in like 2 days and i dont no what color to get i am 12 almost 13 in 7th grade please help me!! i will give a best answer.
Additional Details
i dont ...

 When you get braces, does the white ones turn yellow?

 is it possible to only lose half a tooth?
today i lost a rotten tooth but i only lost half of it is that ...

 New teeth for boyfriend but how?
what can be done for my boyfriend he has no upper teeth and about 4 lower teeth which have rooted away to the gum. He can't stand dentures as they go over the roof of the mouth however he is ...

 Help! I broke my teeth! I was eating a carrot at lunch and when I bit it my front teeth broke off.?
I haven't been to a dentist in like 5 years(last time was when I was 9), but I always thought I took pretty good care of my teeth. I knew I had a few cavities but I didn't think they were ...

 what is the best thing to use for nail biting?
I have a 10 year old brother who has a habit of biting his nails to the quick what do you ...

 What color braces should i GetT?
I am getting braces like next week and i dont no wat color 2 get. I have a fair skin tone color basicly light and im a brunnete. what color would look good on me for braces?...

 What happened when you had your wisdom teeth removed?
I'm absolutely terrified. Everyone has their stories of pain, bleeding, swelling, infection, all horrible stuff. Was is really horrible for you? Should I have all 4 extracted at once? So far, I&#...

 Questions for guys.?
how often do you worry about brushing your teeth when you are going out with a girl? to be honest, i kissed my boyfriend for the first time last night, and he needs to brush, i could have died. so my ...

 Why cant arnt kids alowd to chew gumin claas??
plz explain and express and tell me your opinon andif u think kids should be able to chew gumz!!!!...

 How to cure swelling in the gums?

I think it is but I'm not quite sure just how bad...does anyone know?...

 how many people want to be dentists or work in dentistry?
how many people now or when they were young wanted to be dentists or work in dentistry and why?...

 teeth whitening home remedy backfired, help please?!?
i read about using hydrogen peroxide & baking soda together to whiten my teeth so i decided to try it. i started brushing my teeth with it and felt an extreme stinging sensation. so i gargled it ...

 Wisdom teeth removal and partying?
So i had all four of my wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago and I feel fine just a little sore. I want to go out and drink with my friends tonight do you think I'll be okay? I'm afraid I'...

Are there any toothpastes with no taste?
I'm very sensitive when it comes to toothpastes. All of them taste horrible to me, some to the point where I feel as if I might vomit if I actually continue to use them. Therefore, I'm wondering, are there toothpastes that have little to no taste? If not, what toothpastes are best in your opinion? I cannot stand any minty tasting toothpastes, just so you know.

get the kid toothpaste that tastes like bubblegum or fruit, I cant stan mint either, it has a bad sfter taste

Get some kinda natural organic crap toothpaste that doesnt have a taste

zada and zeke
try trying an organic stor they might have it

Yes pretend toothpaste or you can buy fruity toothpaste too

Princess Lollicup
i guess you can try the plain type with baking soda?

Try colgate tartor controll, but still, theres no guarentee...........

Idk, but i think all toothpaste have a taste

mrs. taylor lautner
there is organic toothpaste that has no taste

kell : )
idk, go eatr icecream

Actually there is one put out by Dr. Katz, a dentist who specializes in special dental products. The toothpaste is almost tasteless and there is no sweet flavor. It is more of a natural paste. Google Dr. Katz and you can check hi website for info about the products

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