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 If both your parents have had cancer in their 50's what are the chances of you getting it?
if you are 32?...

 What options when surgery and chemo have done all they can?
A precious friend of mine has been in the fight against ovarian cancer since 2000. She's had multiple abdominal surgeries and tons of chemo/radiation. After her last recent surgery, the ...

 What happens if you don't treat cancer?
My friend thinks he has cancer but refuses to go to a doctor. I told him he has to go but he wont listen to me. He has had a lump for a year and it's slowly growing. What changes can he ...

 I have a project to do about cancer?
And i was wondering which type of cancer do you think i should do my research paper on?...

 Is there any sure way to get cancer?
Every site i look up are sarcastic.
Do we know how exactly people get cancer yet and how to get it?...

 Can anybody tell me which foods can prevent cancer?

 symptoms of cervical cancer?
can little bubbles coming out of your skin be a symptom of cervical cancer i have been gettin those and i was on this site recently and it said that what i have can be a sign of cervical cancer?...

 Odds of defeating Cancer?
My mom recently found lumps in her breasts.. and is going to have a mammogram in a few days to find out whether they're cancerous or not. If cancerous, she has decided to fight it the natural ...

 Skin cancer. I think I have it.?
I have an appointmean at the doctors but it is not for another three hours and I am so worried. I have had a mole on my back all my life, but now its change shape and grown, and I have one on my leg ...

 What is squamous cell carcinoma?
Is this a lung cancer or a skin cancer? A friend of mine says he has third stage, but he has often lied to me to get attention. I looked it up and found skin cancer. He says he has lung cancer but ...

 When you're sick, how many hairs do you have?

 After i told my "bf" that i have cancer he walked out of my life. What do i do?
We have been together on and off for many years, and were good friends for the last 11 years. I waited a month to tell him, because i was afarid that he wouldn't stick by my side. Now im left ...

 enlarged lymph node, lft side my neck. Dr took ct scan, its 1.4 cm says can't needle biopsy, I read you can.?
What I wanted to know is why you can't do a needle biopsy instead of jumping right to surgery(Which he doesn't think is necessary) Blood work cam back fine but I have also read lymphoma ...

 Have you ever been ANAEMIC?
If so, how long did it take for you to feel better once you started treatment for it? I can't wait to feel more energetic! I just found out I was deficient in iron, folic acid and B12 and ...

 Have you ever heard of a doctor going through chemo. for cancer?
Just wondering, with SO MANY people lately being diagnosed with cancer and going through chemo....
BUT, I have not heard of any doctors going through with chemo.
Does anyone else find this ...

 Is there anything we can do for my uncle?
He is in hospice care right now. He is in stage four cancer. He only has medi-cal insurance (California) but the hospice will not drain his lungs. He can't breathe well and he will die within ...

 how much percentage of brain is we using?

 Does McCain still have skin cancer?

 Dad dying of lung cancer, how do i deal?
I'm 15 and i just found out my Dad has lung cancer.
It's pretty serious from what I've been told but I'm not sure how much.
I keep trying to be positive and my dad says ...

 Now that it is accepted that car fumes are the main cause for lung disease and cancer should we make all?
cities, towns and villages car free? I don't want smelly cars near my home and children, Do you?
Additional Details
This will of course soon happen but will it be soon enough?...

why do so many young children get cancer?
i'm just curious, b/c every time i turn on the t.v., i see a commercial where there are tons of young children w/ cancer that are in the hospital. how and why does this happen?

they could live in a high risk enviroment (powerlines for example is a high risk)

Cole S
because i give it to them.

I'm a nice guy

Do you know that we all have dormant cancer cells in our bodies? That is why doctors push for kids to eat their vegetables. Vegetables contain a vitamin that prevents this dormant cell from becoming active.

Also its the constant exposure to radiation. Simple house hold appliances can cause cancer. Like Micro-waves, Cellphones, cell towers, tanning booths (ok this isn't really in the house).

Cauliflower and broccoli are good sources of cancer killers or prevention!! Also good for the colons!!

Bob Bobble
because of all the pollution and chemicals in our food

everyone is born with it. It just turns more serious for some people at a young age maybe because of genetics, food, smoke, hard to tell

My opinion is not that there's a lot of children that get cancer. There's many Adults and Seniors that have cancer. T.V just show more of the children because they are the ones that need most of the help and people are more compassionate towards children then senior or adults.

Childhood cancer is fairly uncommon there are about 140 cases in every 1 million people under 20 years of age. I think it may seem like a lot, because it is so tragic. I hate doing child cases I almost always cry. Fortunately, most children with cancer do survive.

We are not born with cancer cells, unless you happen to be born with cancer and we do not have dormant cancer cells in our body. We do not know what causes cancer, but we do know it has been around since we have and therefore cannot be blamed on modern inventions. We also do not know how to prevent cancer. There are many vegetarians who get cancer everyday.

Cancer is rare in young children. Children are photogenic so we see more in ads about cancer. They sometimes use actors.

Some of the questions we read here don't seem to be truthful either.

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