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when you have breast cancer does the lump hurt when you touch it?
i have this lump on my breast it hurts when i touch it and i didnt find it weird until i noticed the other one didnt have it...is it breast cancer?

JESUS .....

Mary Boo

well most women think they may have breast cancer due to them seeing a lump on there breast but it may not be .women who have a lump on their breast but can't feel it at all then they a most certainly considered as one of those who have breast cancer but lucky are those who a able to feel the lump on their breast and perhaps know that it is there therefore they don't have to endure the pains that the infected others have to go through.

A quick glance at your Q&A shows that you're 14. As such, your chances of having breast cancer are as close to zero as makes just about no difference. If you had it, your case would make headline news and would be written up in medical journals worldwide.

Breast cancer is almost unheard of in under 25s (let alone young teens); fewer than 0.1% of those diagnosed with it are under 30 and only 5% are under 40. Most (80%) are over 50. I was classed as a 'younger woman' when I was diagnosed with breast cancer; I was 50.

Most breast lumps, especially in young women, and even in women over 50, aren't cancer.

Pain is rarely a sign of breast cancer; most people diagnosed with it have felt no pain.

Your breasts are still growing and developing and what you describe is almost certainly normal hormonal activity and development.

Yalk to your mother about this; if you don't feel comfortable doing that, talk to to your school nurse. She will be used to girls having worries like this and will be able to reassure you

mr petey
It's more likely that the lump is something else - perhaps a cyst or glandular tissue that appears more noticeable when you have your period. However, this does not totally exclude breast cancer, so you should see your doctor and arrange to have some tests done (mammogram, ultrasound) to make sure. Don't delay!

Shashika K
Please go to meet doctor and accept his advisers

The lump should feel like a pea and should be hard, even when you press hard. If you are concerned go to the doctors to get it checked, you can never be too safe.

Chaz's Lady
Usually the lumps associated with breast cancer are painless..

Vanessa Marie
Not necassarily, sometimes, there can be lumps that hurt. But best thing is to check with a doctor, because if it is, it can be cured more easy at the beginning. Sorry love.

best of luck =) xoxo God Bless.

Breast cancer is rarely painful or even tender in the early stages.
Breast cancer is uncommon under 40, rare under 30 and almost unheard of under 20 - your Q&A's suggest you are well under 30.
80% of breast lumps are NOT cancer.
If your period is due in the next week, or you currently have your period, wait for week after your period finishes. If the lump is still there, get it checked.
The majority of breast lumps, especially in younger women are either hormonal or cysts, but if it doesn't go down it is worth getting it checked to be sure.

Memere RN/BA
14 is very young to have breast cancer but like I always say, nothing is impossible. I hate it when most people say pain is not an indication of breast cancer. This was the only reason I did a self check, I had a very sharp pain in my breast and when I checked, I found the lump. I later found out that 2 of my sisters and 2 of my nieces also had the same thing happen to them. Let me give you some advice about breast lumps. At your age, it could be just fibro cystic disease which is NOT cancer. It's just annoying tissue that gets hard and hurts when hit or touched. Also, there are fatty tumors which is just as the name indicates. It's only fat. A cyst is a fluid fill sac that is usually not cancerous. When you are developing which you still are at 14,( we all had this) you have a hormonal lump, That's my medical description, no one else says that. but it's part of development. This lump when touched, banged into even slightly can hurt a lot. I think that's what you have. Whenever you are uncomfortable with your body and you feel something is wrong, see a Dr. Even if it's nothing, it will put your mind at ease. So ask your mother to see a Dr because you feel scared
or worried about it. Pain is the body's way of telling you something is wrong or could be wrong.
Finally, breast cancer usually happens to post menopausal women. Those no longer in child bearing years. I know you're alright but I just wanted you to know and understand the different types of things that can go on in our breast. I hope you feel a little better about it. Still, just for peace of mind, you should see the Dr because if you don't, even after all you've been told, you will still have that nagging feeling in your mind and wonder if it's cancer. So go see her OK. Feel better. God bless.

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