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 i am feeling tired all the time and i have no energy. can that be a sign of leukemia?

 Why aren't African and middle eastern countries at the top of the list for skin cancer?
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Gayle C
what normal cells in the body are affected by cancer chemotherapy?

idk :S

Necromantic Dream
Yep, pretty much your entire body is affected.

Cells that reproduce a lot, like hair follicles.

OOPs, guess it would be skin and it makes your hair fall out. My skin, however is fine. But my hair is falling out.

OH wait, I WAS right! Quote from the website below me: Hair loss happens because the chemotherapy affects all cells in the body, not just the cancer cells. The lining of the mouth, stomach, and the hair follicles are especially sensitive because those cells multiply rapidly just like the cancer cells.

One more thing. I had a brain tumor and I am on a chemo pill that passes through the blood-brain barrier. The only side effect I have is some hair loss. It doesn't have to be stuck in the hole left in your brain. That was probably gliadal wafers placed in the hole. Never heard of a capsule.

White, red, platelets blood cells.

all of them...

Only fast growing ones.

You see, cancer is simply fast growing mutilated cells.
Any FAST growing cell is destroyed by Chemotherapy; hence why you lose your body hair/ and sometimes your fingernails temporarily stop growing.

Auntie S
All all of the cells are affected to some extent. I say this since the chemo generally doesn't break the brain barrier. For brain cancer they need to insert the chemo exactly where it's needed.

After having breast cancer, my girlfriend developed brain cancer. They took a time release capsule and inserted it in the middle of the brain tumor.

All of them. That the thing with chemotherapy. You are given enough chemicals to try and kill the cancer cells without killing the other healthy cells. That's why you feel so sick on chemo.

The good news is that it does work and often totally eradicates the cancer cells or at the least gives you many more years of life.

KY Physician
a repeat: cells that normally have a high rate of division... skin, mucous membranes, digestive tract, bone marrow.

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