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 abnormal liver?
i was diagnosed wiyh breast caner in 2004, so have regular checkups, after having a routine blood test my gp said my liver is abnormal??? but didn't really explain much about it, she's ...

 Can you still type properly after you've been smoking cannabis
I don't want to embarrass myself online and it will only be my 1st time getting high. I did that when I was drunk....

 What power does positive thinking have on serious illness's?

 Why doesn't my dad notice that I'm sick?
I'm a hypocondriac, and I know it, but I really think that I have a right to be this time. My half brother had Leukemia when he was little, maybe four, he's in remission. I have lots of ...

 Sister's Boyfriend Has Cancer?
This evening, my sister told my family that her live-in [he lives with us] boyfriend is dying from cancer [testicular, I believe]. He doesn't have a job [he basically refuses to get one], so he ...

 do you think I have a brain- tumour?
I have 2 small hard lumps either side of my head. No head-aches, no weird visions. Just lumps. They don't change i don't think. They bin there bout 4 yrs i think....

 Is chemotherapy worth a 5% decrease in risk?

 My daughter has breast cancer?
I DON'T understand her tests came back positive :( what do I do
Additional Details
she's only 15 !!!...

 skin cancer? if someone get's it how do they know they have it?
I've had breast cancer, had a masectomy, so if i got skin cancer what would happen? surely i can't have my skin removed....

 What is that secret cure for cancer? ?
So they say they found the cure for cancer...I personally heard that it's something to do with apricot seed, any ideas?...

 If someone, has breast cancer and has had 6 chemo sessions, what is the next step/stage?

 could this be breast cancer?
im nearly 30 and im a healthy woman with no medical problems but over the last few months my right breast aches nearly all the time and my nipple is only sore when im holding something close or ...

 When someone is on chemotherapy, how many blood donations are necessary for each month?
I was on chemo for three months when I was a kid, and I just wanted to know how many random strangers took time out of their days to save my life....

 Have you ever been called a "hero" simply for having cancer and surviving it?
And if so, were you appreciative of the remark, or did you sort of want to just roll your eyes?

I had somebody call me a hero today out of the blue. It was just so random. She was probably ...

 can you get lung cancer from smoking twice a week?

 What has tanning done to your skin? Does anyone have any experiences with cancer from tanning?
I have been an avid tanner for going on 5 years now. I recently stopped tanning b/c well one it's too expensive and two I am becoming scared of getting skin cancer. Has anyone here gotten skin ...

 Could it be breast cancer?
I have lumps in my breasts and when I was pregnant with both of my boys I got them in my arm pit area under both arms. The doctor said the ones in the breast was just fibrocystic tissue and the ones ...

 Really Scared Need Opinions?
First of all I'm a 21 year old male, and I don't drink or smoke.

Last July I got a new job and I was working in an old building possibly mold inside the walls. I was there about ...

 Could I ask my doctor to do a scan for cancer even though I have no symptoms?
A little bit of background info, I'm a twenty yr old woman living in Australia. My Mum passed on from breast cancer which spread through her body three years ago. Since then I've been ...

 Cancer hereditary question?
ok is this right cancer is only hereditary if its the same cancer?

Its just my fathers parents died, but not of cancer.

My father passed away 4 months ago of cancer in the ...

what kind of doctor should i see to get my thyroid checked?
i have a chronic cough and my sister had thyroid cancer.

just a normal doctor they are able to take blood tests from there and send them away.

Scarlet M
A good general family practitioner

Start with your primary care physician.

an endocrine doctor is the only doctor that can thoroughly check and diagnose thyroid,crohn's,diabetes,reye's...diseas… that are unseen.

You will need to see an Endrocrinologist. I would know...I have a hyperthyroid. Good luck!

You need to see and Endocrinologist-a doctor which specializes in the Endocrine system. The thyroid is a part of this system. Your primary care physician could be of some help but due to the fact that you have a family history of cancer an Endocrinologist would be your best bet... just to be on the safe side...Good luck...

Having Thyroid cancer (thyca), I first went to my regular doctor. I had a blood test taken and the thyroid hormone checked. Mine was 5.290, so that is on the high side. So she put me onto Synthyroid to lower my number down. I had already known that I had a nodule which was beign. She couldn't tell by feeling my neck to see if it had gotten any bigger, so I went down to get an ultrasound. There they found that I had developed more nodules in both lobes of the thyroid. I went back for the results and she scheduled me to have a biopsy. The results of that confirmed that there were cancer cells of papillary. Then I am sent to the ENT (ears, nose, throat) doctor/surgeon. He set up my surgery to remove my whole thyroid. That is sent to the pathologist to test to see about the cancer cells. I actually had two types of cancer. This last week I was sent to the ENDO, who schedules my radiation treatment, etc. I will be staying with him for quite a long time since he will have to monitor me, blood test, body scans, medication, etc. My ENT told me that a doctor would not have been able to feel the other nodules in my neck, so I am so greatful that she had me go down to ultrasound to check it. They were very small, less than an cm, and the doctor said that the radiologist who did the biopsy got the right spot. If he had missed, it would have come up beign, and then they wouldn't have done the surgery. So I was lucky. Now they will monitor me after the radiation to kill off any cancer cells that has gotten into my body.

I had no symptoms of coughing. I felt totally fine. The only reason why I was concerned about having my tested was that my son has the same thing as I do. So you want to get yours checked, My son's numbers on the blood test were normal, so don't go by that. Since your sister had it, do an ultrasound. Insist on it. My mom was tested and she has the nodules, but they are beign. My daughter is now going to have hers tested. I had papillary variant of follicullar carcinoma. Very easy treatable. There are acouple of aggressive types of thyroid cancer too that are not easy to treat.

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