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Tiny Dancer
what happens when you have cancer how do you feel?

Fine. I feel fine. I've had a right hemicolectomy and a double mastectomy but that's all in the past and today is a brand new sunny day. It all depends on what type of cancer you have and what sort of treatment you are undertaking.

I have Stage 1-2 breast cancer. I found the lump. It was close to the surface and caused me pain. It was not an aggressive cancer. I lost all on lymph nodes on that side where I had to have my mastecomy. My diagnoises was 03/16/10. My surgery was 04/12/10.

I am on my 3rd of 6 chemo treatments. The 4th is on 08/19/10. I am surprised how controllable the new drugs help with keeping the symptoms of chemo under control (vomiting and nausea). I have a few strands of hair. I mostly feel good. Although I am taking Neuprogene to keep white blood cell count up and that causes bone pain...but then just the chemo causes bone pain many days.

But, I have to say, most days, I am good. I get up everyday and do something. Where it just is going to the store, bank, etc. I went on a big job interview and business presentation Thursday which I was gone for 8 hours and then when I came home, I slept for 15 hours. However, the next day when I work up, I was scheduled for a blood test and found I had no white blood cells (my doctor tried to see if I could go without the Neuprogene this chemo session). So, I was probably partly fatigued from the long day AND no white blood cells (well, actually, my count was one - but that's close enough to none for me!).

Emotionally - I know many people that have many, many years of survival with my diagnoise of breast cancer - so I'm just going to keep my life as normal as possible and not dwell on anything. I'm going to get my new job and just go on living --

Good luck. Hope this helped.

i don't, but two people i care about have it,. my other half didn't cope all that well, but it was an aggressive type, but the other person has had it for long time, and copes, but its still an uphill battle.

Pearl N
Each person is different I have a friend that didn't no she had cancer and she was going out west to visit family the police had to stop her and ask her to go to the hospital it was really serious.
I was very ill, and lost a lot of weight, I also had a huge lump on my upper breast. I was tired, dead tired all the time. If you have found a lump or see a mole that doesn't look right get checked asap. The most important thing is early detection. Good luck.

It depends how far advanced the symptoms are and what type of cancer it is.
Some people feel no pain, some feel a lot, most feel run down and tired. People who have led active lives find they're unable to do things they previously could.
Chemo/radiotherapy can really sap the strength of those who feel otherwise (relatively) normal.

Donot K
There is a Oncology Registrar on here that maybe able to give you professional advice. However l really don't think there is a real definite answer. My mum died of cancer in November but she had different symptoms to my mother and father in law who both had/have cancer.

I think it probably really depends where the cancer is, what stage it is at, if you are having treatment, what type of treatment you are having and how aggressive the cancer is?

It feels like you have been given a death sentence.
Then you start having treatment, and it give you hope.
When the treatment has finished you feel very vunerable.
You worry about your family, and how you will miss seeing them grow up
You start to appreciate everthing around you, family, nature, and you feel glad to be there to see it
After a couple of years you start to have hope.
You are always conscious that you have had cancer, and it is always at the back of your mind.
After a few years of survival you feel very fortunate and appreciate every day.
The worry that it will return is always with you, and you live for the present, but have lots of hope for the future.

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