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 Do you feel sorry for Jade Goody now that she has cancer?

 i'm always tired.......?
all the time, sleep enough, enough vitamins.....i always have indegestion,....could this be cancer??...if yes what kind would cause indegestion?
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 why do cigarette smokers always look for excuses for why they can't quit?
nicotine is addictive right? thats the be-all end-all answer right? i disagree. I DONT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT NICOTINE IN THIS POST...ANYTHING can be addictive if you let it. i think quitting smoking is ...

 Why does cancer stop hair growth?
usually cancer patients are bald.. so i was wondering?...

 not sure whether i'm intitled to a bus pass for travelling to and from hospital.?
i spend a lot of time at several hospitals due to breast cancer and back problems, it's costs me a fortune, just wondered how to go about this.
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yes i'm on ...

 Does school cause death?
I think yes, because school causes stress, stress causes cancer, and cancer is the most killing disease out there. it also causes suicide and drug problems to young kids. did i prove my point?...

 when i say the word cancer.......?
how does it make you feel inside

 cervical cancer injections for teenage girls?
recently, vaccines for cervical cancer have been introduced in my school. Is it really as safe as they say? Can you get side effects?...

 why is so many people getting cancer?
almost everyone i know who as died lately as died of cancer why is so many people getting this awfull thing and dont say with smoking as i now loads who never smoked died with ...

 Which one Are you :?
A smoker: http://www.lungcancer.org/images/patients/lungs/diseased_lung.jpg


A nonsmoker:

 Do smokers deserve to get sick?
What do you think? I've always been a very compassionate person. Whenever someone I know gets sick I've always been there for them, in any way I can. But there is one type of person for ...

 Terminal cancer - Will I know when I'm in my last few mins, or just go to sleep unaware then stop breathing?
I know nobody can answer this from personal experience, since if they have the experience, they couldn't be sitting in fron of their computer.

I just want to know if I'll be able ...

 I am a cancer survivior - What should I do now?
I just survived Overian Cancer and want to start my life new, and I am not sure what to do?
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I am 34 years old and had Overian Cancer Stage IIIC - Full Hystrectomy - L...

 what cigarette do people start out with?
to be honest, i have NO intention on starting. i feel cigarette smoke smells horrible and dont wanna pick up the habit. so again,what cigarette do most people start with. marlboro menthols, newport ...

 I have cancer, anything to do before I die?
i'm due in 1 and a half years
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I have a tumor in my brain and they are unable to get it out....

 Can I get paid to take care of my mom?
We live in Michigan and my mom has stage 4 breast cancer with mets to her brain, liver, adrenal glands, and bones. She has been getting worse and worse and she can't really do much anymore. She ...

 I last smoked pot over 30 days ago and just took a few hits. Can this be detected in a hair follicle test?

 How do you deal with the news that you have cancer?
I am 57 years old and I already have bad health, COPD, Diabetes and now I have been diagnosed with lung cancer and even though they say it is not in an advanced stage, surgery is not an option ...

 Do Clowns suffer from Jesticular cancer?

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Charlie: Yes I am and the Goverment aggree!...

 question about jades cancer?
i know this is gona sound a little bit stupid but ***** doctors given her a liver transplant and removed the other infected cancer parts instead of just saying its terminal? surely there was ...

what do people with cancer do to pass the time while they are having chemotherapy?

Ian's Mommy is A Fighter!
Live. I do my chemotherapy by pill. Some people I know that do IV chemo read, do a craft, listen to music, sleep, so on and so on

Skittles are M & M wannabees
When my father first started receiving chemotherapy, I was quite surprised that it was just a big room with lots of people in recliners hooked up to IVs. Somehow, that's not what I imagined. Anyway, people would read, sleep, watch TV, visit with others receiving treatment, they'd bring him lunch, etc.

i used to watch t.v or read a book or magazine.

Proud Mommy
Crafts. Watch TV and movies, Sleep.

Louise M
I generally sleep, watch tv, or go on the internet, because my hospital has internet, but i know some don't.

listen to music, read, talk to the other patients, chat on the phone.

David C
Mine only used to take about 10 minutes so I chatted with the nurse giving it.

most read, watch TV or sleep, but we had a rousing game of trivial pursuit at one session - we had teams and it was really a lot of fun.

I read or played on my DS.
Talk to the other patients having chemo also.
Sometimes if I felt rough I would sleep.

When I was getting chemo, I actually worked. I brought my laptop into the treatment room, brought my cell phone and started calling my clients, and doing proposals.
On times when I wasn't feeling as well, I would somtimes watch a movie ( on my laptop, DVD ) or read a book, watch television in the treatment room, sleep.
The laptop was nice, cause when I wasn't working, I was surfing the web.
I also listened to alot of music on my Ipod.
I also thought about how the chemo was going into my body that I was kicking cancer in the A$$. Which I did!!! F U Cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You didn't get me!!!!

So much of what people say here is true for just about any IV chemo patient. The ones who are first time chemo patients sleep very deeply. But patients at the clinic I go to have favorite chairs,and bring blankets cause it's ALWAYS freezing there. Some read, but most talk to their caregivers or other patients. I tend to watch DVD's on my portable player. It's pink, and has Susan K. Komens name and a brest cancer ribbon on its lid. Most of the proceeds from its purchase went toward her breast cancer foundation. I have a lot of DVD's so it's never boring for me. The treatments are boring, but the movies are pretty good.

Goddess of Grammar
Nintendo DS and DVDs
quiz games

read watch tv and sleep

I slept, most of the time I felt pretty run down and it was a great time to rest. With all the drugs they give you to keep you from getting sick you usually feel pretty drowsy anyway.

I read, did puzzles, chatted to friend if one went with me, chatted to other people having their chemo treatments, watched the birsds in the garden through the window, joked with the nurses, napped.

It only took about an hour each treatment, so it was easy to fill in the time.

I played portable games consoles, drew pictures, colouring books, played with toys

Do you have any interest in craft projects? I dont think I have ever in my life gotten so many projects done as when I was trying to pass the time with chemo. Hand held games are great for that too. Magazines or books.

As for me, I read books, listen to music, watch some classic films on my ipod and caught up with the little things I postponed for years. I also journaled my journey fighting cancer on my blog. I took this time to reevaluate my life and took the time to better take care of myself. It was a "wake up" time for me.

My son had several different types of protocols. For the first nine months he was in and out of the hospital every 21 days for 3 to five days at a time. I stayed with him during the entire time mostly to keep him company. The childrens hospital had single rooms for ped oncs and parents were allowed to stay. Usually the first day he was fine and we would watch movies, nintendo, DS, tv, visit with nursing staff, have company, or he would go online on his laptop. Hospital food wasn't exactly all that great so sometimes we would order out or I would go to the grocery store for our meals. The ward had a microwave, refrigerator, and beverages for patients to use. After he had chemo there came a point when he would not feel all that great and he would take ativan or other anti-nausea meds . . he got quite good at knowing what it would take to make him feel okay. The best way to get through the chemo was for him to sleep.

His next chemo protocol was given at home. We had a nurse come in for a few hours and she gave him chemo through his central line . . the other chemo he had oral medication. Again he usually watched tv, went on computer, or visited with the nurse.

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