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 what are the symptoms for Colin cancer?

 Is there a difference in the way it feels...?
I've been having trouble with my voice and a sore throat for a few months. I went to see my doctor and she's sending me to an ENT. She asked me if I smoked (I don't...my mom died from ...

 A RARE GIST(gastrointestinal stromal tumor) CASE HELP??
My husband was just diagnosed with a gist he has had recurrance, and more tumors have developed, i need help and information if there is anyone out there who can help, we have sent his case everywere ...

 what is the guarantee that you will cure cancer?

 colon cancer??? im really scared, guys.... x_x?
this may seem kinda disgusting to talk about , but:
i just had a bowel movement and the ends of it was "ribbon-like" meaning thin and stringy (ew, i know). but the top part was regular ...

 My friend is having Kemo Theropy and i am worried as i dont know what it is. What is Kemo-Therapy?

 I do not know if my last question got posted or not. I just want to know with anal cancer why do I get?
you get radating pain of and on in my knee? I am not getting treated yet as I will be soon and hopefully before christmas. I also get it of and on near my groin area too. so I need to know why I get ...

 Anyone trying Selenium with their Chemo?
JAMA news today Inexpensive protection for HIV patients.

I have long suggested in my humble opinion trying Selenium for Chemotherapy and Radiation patients.


 whats a lymph node?

 reasons for understanding the topographical anatomy of internal organs for clinical medicine?

 if my lymph nodes on my neck are bigger than they usually are, does this mean my body is fighting a illness?
like diseases, cancer, viruses?...

 two-time child cancer survivor looking for prescription assistance information?
This is a shot in the dark but I don't know where to start. My best friend's daughter, Cora(13) has survived leukemia twice, once as an infant and again when she was 11. She has been ...

 MRI QUESTIOn???????
i had a MRI for my back what i want to know if they looked at me brain ???...

 why do i feel so ugly 5 years after breast cancer?

 is the skin around the stoma prone to infection after colostomy? if so how to prevent?

 what is the prognosis for patients diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 2A with deep vein thrombosis?
my mom is diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 2A with deep vein thrombosis, the left kidney and the left lung is slightly damaged. i need to know her chances of survival....

 Arimidex - please any ideas how to combat hair thinning and achy knees?
Hi there and many thanks for any help, it will be much appreciated.

I started taking Arimidex to prevent recurrence of breast cancer last year, having been finally declared post-...

 How does bladder cancer occur?
i am doing an assighment and need the anwser to do the ...

 About how much money do smoker`s spend a year?
I need this information for a school Science Project on Saying No To Drugs! Thanks!...

 I'm Scared!!?
Ok some of the people in my family have gotten cancer and i'm scared i will get it my sister is 2 but she's older than me and she said she was never scared when she was my age but i think ...

how long a patient after recurrence of glioma 3 (brain cancer) will live?
i want to know if a person had the glioma 3 and after surgery and radiotrapy it recurrence again . how long will she/he live without doing surgery and how long will she/he live with doing surgery?
thank you very much

Grade three glioma is also called Anaplastic Astrocytoma.
For moderately fast growing astrocytomas about half of those diagnosed (50%) live for at least 3 years. A patient lives on average, 2-5 years. Surgery for these is not curative because the cancer almost always comes back, but it helps make the patient more comfortable.


everyone is different.
doctors give a guess but I've known of person... extreme example...told to die in a month go into remission and vice versa.
you should look this up for general info by NIH.
no surgery is there to be chemo or radiation or other?
no care at all is the worst senario, but if it's past a certain stage maybe the best..

Not even your doctor will hazard a guess. Even if he or a Cancer Survivor could relate a case, there is no way to compare! Even if the tumor shrinks!

A glioma is a type of primary central nervous system (CNS) tumor that arises from glial cells. The most common site of involvement of a glioma is the brain, but they can also affect the spinal cord, or any other part of the CNS, such as the optic nerves.

You and me do not have any right to count the days of a patient. We have to try our best to cure the disease. I am unable to understand fully what you are stating. The elaborate treatment for cancer are Surgery for removal of tumor, Chemotherapy and radiation are for killing the left over cancerous cells in the body.
We should do it. Consult the Oncologist for any doubt or medication etc. Do not give any medicine other that that prescribed by Oncologist. This is very important.

Cancer is still an enigma and let us pray for complete recover of the patient from the disease.

M. K
Please don't give up hope.
Without hope no matter what you do the end result is death.

There are many things which can help.
I highly recommend seeing a homeopathic physician.
They can help you.
Homeopathy works well with allopathic medicine (the kind you are talking about). So you can do both.

sOuL dOcToR
Homeopathic Treatment for Brain Tumor: -

ARSENICUM ALBUM 200C 1st night one dose
PHOSPHORUS 200C 2nd night one dose
To be carried on exactly in the same sequence one night one dose of Arsenic Album the next Phosphorus and follow them up every four hourly with these Cell Salts
All of these five salts together 4 tablets each every four hours.This prescription will not interfere with the regular medication nor will they cause any side effects or complications of any sort. In homeopathy the best way to prescribe is by the exact symptoms the patient tells you. How and what the sick person exactly feels is how homeopathy goes about treating and curing him. So it would be lots better if the patient gives his or her details in their own words not the pathological diagnosis of the doctor. Keep me informed about the progress and conditions of the patient on regular basis if you decide to take this prescription. Avoid Chocolates, Coffee, Mints, Red Meat and Carbonated and Alcoholic drinks while taking Homeopathic Medicines and keep the medicines away from heat,sunlight,fragrances and scents and do not store in a fridge and keep the lids tightly on at all the times
Take Care and God Bless you.

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