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smile on:)
how does Chemo make you feel? how sick?
hi. im 13, and my name is Jessie. my 12 year-old friend has bone cancer and started Chemo last Monday. so this is her second week on Chemo. she said that she feels fine during it, until the 3rd day, and that hits her hard. it makes her feel really sick. but, like, how sick? what hurts? what do you feel?

also, please pray for her. 12 year old girl, fighting Bone Cancer.
thanks for the prayers, and the answers.

Louise M
Well, everyone reacts differently, I feel fine during it, but about 3-4 hours afterwards i start feeling really sick, like achey, tired, weak, and lots of vomitting.

The effects of chemo change depending on the person. A side effect that a lot of people have with chemo is vomiting. Chemo is really tough on the body, because basically your just putting all of these chemicals into the body to try and stop the growth of cells. In the end, if it stops the cancer, its worth it.

I hope your friend gets better soon, stay with her and be a good friend. She's going through a lot.

I did a report on this for chemistry. It does make you feel sick, like vomiting sick. And her white blood cells are also down so its going to be really easy for her to get sick.

You will never know ☮
Wow weird coincidence. My name is Jessie, I'm 13, and I have Bone Cancer. It started when I was 12.
Well for one your sense of smell and taste change and sometimes for the worst. So some smells like certain soaps, perfumes, etc. will smell bad to you which can make you nauseous. Also the chemo can make you have diarrhea and make you throw up everything including your medicine which is gross and if you throw it up you'll have to retake it, which always stinks! And you can throw up any food you were able to get down that day which will make her very skinny. I'm trying to gain 15 pounds at the moment. You can email me if you have any questions! runningmachine01@yahoo.com

I will for sure pray for her!

Blue Haired Old Lady
It just depends. Everyone reacts differently - even to the same chemo, because people's bodies are all different. Some people sail through without any trouble - for others the chemo is debilitating.

My brother in law had colon cancer, the doctors gave him radiation and chemo. The chemo damaged the nerves in his fingers and toes, made him lose all the skin on his hands and feet so they were raw, made him lose the skin in his mouth and esophagus so he couldn;t eat or drink anything comfortably and caused him lots of other problems. He was constantly nauseated while on chemo and it made him feel weak. He still can't feel in his fingers and it has been 5 years. But - he is still alive. A lot of the bad effects go away when they stop giving you the chemo. It is poison - it is meant to kill the bad cells, but it does kill some good ones also in the process.

I hope everything works out okay for your friend.

everyone is different. it depends on the amount you have and how often. i get through an iv once a month and orally at home 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. for me on the day of the iv, i am fine, they day after i just feel so sick. it is really hard to explain, allot of the time though it is nausea, dizziness and the fact that you feel so tired, and just need to sit hang in there, and just be there when she needs you

I'm sorry for your friend darlin...bone cancer is a tough one to fight...my husbands boss's nephew is going through the same thing and he feels sick as soon as he leaves treatment and is throwing up...honey everyone reacts different...you need to ask her where is hurts and how it feels....I am in chemo for a tumor on my lung....I feel sick to my stomach...kinda like when you have the stomach flu...but I take a Zofran pill and that makes it go away....the only other side effects I have is the bottom of my feet tingle all the time and my legs ache bad.....I am lucky...just be there for your friend how ever she needs you...god bless you and your friend

Daddys_girl 67
Hi Jessie; I would be honored to pray for your friend. You are so sweet and she is so lucky to have such a loving and caring friend,My daughter had chemo also. The first day was fine but the third say she would become very ill. She couldn't keep any food down ,and had no appetite the smells that made her ill. She was very weak. She had the aggressive chemo so it took the cancer away the first time, but she got it again and they had to give her another but she just went down hill. I am not saying this happens to everyone. Each body is different. I will Pray for her. Dear Heavenly Father I ask you on Bended knee to take the cancer from Jessie's body. Please help her through all the trials she is going through. Please give her comfort and give her piece of mind, as well as her friend. Father I ask these things according to your will. In Jesus Name I Pray.Amen
† Concerned Prayer Warrior †

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