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how do you know if you have cancer without going to doctor?
how do i tell..??

ki toy
Cmon now dont be a fool. Do you have symptoms? If you go to the doctors for check ups frequently and you are feeling like shyt, you would know something is wrong. You have to at least know how you feel, no?


you can't tell - sympotoms could be anything, doc's go to school for 8+ years to learn to "tell".

if you are worried, go to the doctor.


i can tell you about 2 types of cancer 1st breast cancer let go to long which my mom has her breast was rotting and the nipple was done eat off done had chemo breast removal and now on chemo again doing ok now mouth cancer which my husband has started eating away at the gum line in his mouth by the time we got him to an oral surgen it had done eat his jaw bone into done had surgery to remove tongue,floor of mouth,jaw bone .went through radiation 6 weeks having surgery again on 04/02/07 to remove titanium plate in mouth

You cant know with out going in....look at Countrys answer(great story by the way)...Cancer is a growth,not a symptom,you get symptoms sometimes,if that growth,interfers with certain organs/functions etc,what can be deadly is,no symptons and your walking around and its growing and spreading to other areas etc...early detection is ALWAYS key!!! not to cure,to remove and stop it from spreading...go to the doc...if there is truly a suspecion.

well it matters where you suspect trouble, many cancers have little or no signals, go to a doctor and talk about it.

I say go to DR. make sure......
or go to B&N and look in a medical book or online MD website for signs and symptoms.

i think its impossible to know you have cancer without consulting a doctor cuz even specialists need you to undergo some diagnostic exams to confirm the disease.

but if you detect a tumour for example in your breast, you palpate it, how large and location. if the tumour is movable then the impression is benign tumor means non-cancerous and will not metastasize. but if it is not movable you should consult a doctor immediately!give a strong attention to that! because it is the other kind of tumour called malignant tumour. it is cancerous and may metastasize to other parts of your body.

but you must never disregard the function of a doctor anyway your health is in jeopardy to this.

Susan M
You won't know and you'll worry about it. Doctors can't tell for sure without a biopsy.

Go on to the Internet search sites. Like yahoo, it is one of those with excellent service. You can look up on information on causes of cancer. But be reminded, if you have a problem on one of the causes listed in cancer, do not be frantic. Unless you fufil some of the options, stay calm. What really helps is to go consult a doctor. There is a guarantee of 100% that they make the best biopsy.

Country Boy
Following a scheduled colonoscopy my Doc had removed 3 non-cancerous polops from my large intestine.

I absolutely did not have any idea I had kidney cancer as my gastroenterologist saw it because he happened to take a CAT scan of my chest prior of having the above colonoscopy. I'd lost 42 lbs. in one year following retirement.

I was feeling 100% with out a care in the world. The Doc. placed a call to my Urologist that very day. I walked into his office 3 days later and handed the CAT scan to him. The next words out of his mouth was: This CAT scan just saved your life. Wholly Sh*t. My dad had colon Cancer in 1969 and that's why they were following me closely.

Parrot Eyes
There's no way to tell without an exam of some kind. Go see a doctor. If it's scary for you, bring a friend for support. Good luck!

Dorothy and Toto
The following was copied from an Internet news group.

Why would I rely on your backward methods for diagnosing cancer, that is, with invasive procedures such as biopsies and radiation from CT scans?? Are you aware that when a person has cancer they have elevated levels of hCGH in their urine? This can sometime be detected with a pregnancy test if the hCGH levels are high enough.

Because I had a dozen visible lesions or more and testicular pain, I screened myself with a simple pregnancy test. In my case the levels were high enough to register positive. Since I'm a man, and I had lesions and pain, it was quite obvious that I had cancer.

So once again, the macabre ways you are familiar with for diagnosing and treating cancer patients are unnecessary.

Let me add a caveat, pregnancy tests don't always show positive when a person has cancer because the hCGH levels aren't always high enough. But if they are high enough...bingo! It's a great way to to uncover cancer cheaply and painlessly.

There is a more sophisticated pregnancy test that is about 98% accurate and picks up malignancies six months to two years prior to other methods of screening. The downside to that test right now is that you have to send away for the results and there is a six week turn around on the results.

One more thing. The hCGH conection is yet another piece of evidence that cancer cells are trophoblast cells that have been turned on. It's the unitarian theory of cancer which was first discovered by a Dr. Beard about 100 years ago.

Trophoblast cells release hCGH as a byproduct of its activity. In pregnancy it plays a role in producing life by invasively eating a niche in the uterine wall. In cancer, the same invasiveness causes destruction. But the trophoblast cells can be turned off easily as my own case helps to demonstrate.

In conclusion, in this thread we're discussing the merits of a variety of deadly chemo agents in a case that is so far advanced that the only outcome from the chemo is going to be negative. It's a case of 'pretending' to be doing something. The doctors want to help. Unfortunately their tools aren't suited to the task. But psychologically they must believe, especially when it can be difficult to tell the patient you have nothing to offer them.

Meanwhile, the only methods that work are the ones that turn off the trophoblast cells while supporting the healthy cells....which happen to be the vast majority of the cells. Chemo fails in the latter. And instead of turning off the trophoblast cells, they kill them. It's a recipe for disaster.

A doctor can do a biopsy and tell you for certain if you have cancer.
You yourself unless you are able to do a biopsy on yourself will not be able to tell on your own. You may notice symptoms that make you think you have it but you will not know for sure unless you get a biopsy.
The only other ways I've heard of to figure if you have it are psychics and a dog in Colorado that sniffed out the cancer in her owners breast. The idea with the dog is that the cancer causes the body tissue affected to die and dogs can smell the dead tissue. Check out the link in my sources for the story.

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