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 I feel the need to want to visit Cancer Suffering Children. How can I do this?

 How long will a lymphnode normally swell after an infection? How big is a Lymphoma Lymphnode Swelling? HELP...?
How long will a lymphnode normally swell after an infection? How big is a Lymphoma Lymphnode Swelling? HELP...

I have swollen lymphnode in my neck.... it's already been a week.... 1.2...

 cervical cancer vaccination incomplete?
i got my first vaccination in september 09 and had a scary reaction, i was getting tunnel vision, feeling shaky and dizzy, i was also hallucinating that my mother was a giant bird. it was a scary ...

 t i have mono with lymph notes the size of grapefruits, i need to get better FAST, any ideas?
my homecommings saturday illl be crushed if i miss ...

 if you think u have bone cancer is an x ray an accurate test?
because i went ot the doctor and he told me it was a shin splint because i run alot he did an x ray of my foot he told me everything looked normal it was a shin splint is he right? should i stop ...

 Is cancer considered a multifactorial trait? Explain?

Additional Details
Yes, I do my homework but I always make sure I'm on the right path.

I was going to answer yes and my explanation would be effects of carcinogens that ...

 How often does cancer go undetected with no symptoms?
Is it quite common or rare?

Apart from a lump what other symptoms should I be looking out for?...

 tongue tied see a speech pathology?
i have notice my son when he was born that he is tongue tied. we took him to see two different ent and they both wanted him to have the surgery done. he is now 9mos but my insurance disapprove the ...

 What is the most common sign of colon cancer?
Im 33 years old and i am asking this because this morning when i went to the bathroom, i noticed that there was blood in the water. I looked becasue after i went, i felt this pain that i have never ...

 Question on chewing tobacco?
Okay guys, I have a question, Im 18 years old.. In the past 2 week, ive gone through about 7 cans of chewing tobacco, anyways, onto my question.. I am not a dipper, i just started purchasing some to ...

 what is a thyroid nodule?
when the doctor felt my enlarged thyroid she felt no lumps or nodules? so what is it from??...

 How do I set up a fund for my sister with cancer?
I need to act fast and set up a fund and a web site with pay pal to raise alot of money for my sisters cancer treatment, but I can't afford the taxes if I use my personal account. Anyone know ...

 uncle just passed away how do i take it?
i just found out my uncle died of lung cancer, i knew he had it but didnt think he would die so suddenly, im heaps close with his daughter (my cousin) im really devistated and dont know what to do or ...

 are high enzymes a sign of pancreatic cancer?
my grandmother had her gallbladder removed months ago but she is in much worse pain now and lost about 40 pounds...she has been in the hospital and they have found nothing but she hasnt had any tests ...

 what causes pancreatic cancer?

 Relationship of scalp sebaceous cysts and brain tumors?
Is there any correlation between sebaceous cyst formation on the scalp and brain tumors?...

 Anyone had any experience with High Grade Small Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma?
Diagnosis is High Grade Small Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma presenting between colon and pelvis (also in lymphnodes in same area). Doctor's are not sure but believe it originated from cervix or ...

 What is asifidia wprn in a sack around the neck?
Folk ...

 Any breast cancer (or just cancer) walks I can sign up for this spring in maine or new hampshire?
I live in maine, but only about 15 minutes away from portsmouth new hampshire (I'm basically on the boarder) and I'm looking for cancer walks (breast cancer) than I can sign up for in early ...

 Are brain tumors sound sensitive? ?
when i hear a sound like fake raindrops it hurts my ears
and it seams like i always hear ringing in my ears
rarely i get dizzy once a month or 2 months my nose bleeds for no reason at ...

how did you find out that your child had leukemia?

loss of appetite

gangadharan nair
Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) is a fast-growing cancer in which the body produces a large number of immature white blood cells (lymphocytes). These cells are found in the blood, bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, and other organs. ALL makes up 80% of childhood acute leukemias. Most cases occur in children ages 3 - 7. The disease may also occur in adults.
A physical exam may reveal the following:
* Bruising
* Enlarged liver and spleen
* Signs of bleeding (petechiae, purpura)
Blood tests may show the following:
* Abnormal white blood cell (WBC) count
* Low red blood cell count (anemia)
* Low platelet count (thrombocytopenia)
A bone marrow aspiration will show abnormal levels of certain cells.
ALL may also change the results of the following tests:
* B-cell leukemia/lymphoma panel
* T-lymphocyte count
* WBC differential
If you are diagnosed with ALL, genetic tests will be done to determine the specific type of ALL. Doctors can look for chromosome changes in the cells of some leukemias. Leukemias with certain types of chromosome changes have a poor outlook, while those with other types of genes can have a very good outlook. This may determine what kind of therapy is used to treat the ALL.

My son's first symptoms started to show in the last couple days of November last year. He was diagnosed as anemic in early December. Leukemia or some other bleeding disorder was suspected so he was given a blood test in the morning on December 19th and diagnosed by the afternoon with AML leukemia. He started treatment overnight between the 19th and the 20th.

A timetable such as this is pretty common with the acute leukemias but with the chronic leukemias it may be months or even years before any symptoms show. In fact, there may be no symptoms present at all at the time of diagnosis through a routine blood test.

I hope this helped you out some. If you have any more questions feel free to email me (crazycanuckj@yahoo.ca) or IM me (crazycanuckj).

There is no good way for a doctor to tell a mother that her young daughter has an acute leukemia, but there are bad ways to do it. I hope the pediatric oncologist spent a great deal of time with you - answering questions and trying to allay some of your understandable fears and anxiety. Most of my time as a doctor was spent explaining things for patients and their families. These are diseases which frighten people; yet most childhood leukemias are very curable today.

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