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 help me with this smokers question please?
hi my name is roo im a smoker, and i would like people to email me, and let me know if in the last 20 years they have known a friend or family who has given up smoking, and died of cancer,why because ...

 If hospitals cured cancer they would go out of business?

 how do you know if you have swollen lymph nodes fro bad tonsils or lymphoma?

 Do i have toe cancer?
Well in the middle of my big toe there's a red spot its been there my whole life well i think. Do i have toe cancer please answer thank you !...

 please answerrr!! im worried about cancer IN my nose?? is there such a thing??
ok well for a while now, at least two monthes, maybe more, ive had a small bump on the inside of my nostril. it first felt like there was something stuck to my nose, but when i tried to take it off, ...

 Why Does It Take So Long????
My daughter who was recently diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer a week ago, won't actually begin her chemo until the 19th of March (today is the 10th). She had her "port" put in on the 8...

 is it necessary to finish 30 sessions of radiation therapy ater 6 chemo therapy for Breast cancer Stage 2b ?

 can a hystrectomy cure hpv and cervical cancer?

 Any cancer?
What is the medical term for some of the cancer? like lung cancer or brain cancer plz at least 2 of them.
Additional Details
its like for example brain cancer is metastatic cancer in the ...

 Does B17 cure cancer?
I've heard that it does. I mean its prolly worth a shot. It's weirdly enough one of the only thing actually illegal in thats not a drug in the USA. I mean it cant even be prescribed by a ...

 will we ever be able to cure cancer and aids??
are we or is it gona go on haunting the human race like this forever?...

 I've smoked from age 19-23, but I've quit now, what are my chances of getting lung cancer?

 If one eats healthy, is not overweight, exercises, is non-smoker, then there is no risk of having cancer?

Additional Details
Denisedd - You said "no, that ( diet, weight, etc ) has little if any affect on risk" If thats the case, how do you account for the higher incidence of ...

 Is it physically possible for someone to have brain surgery and be able to text the next day?
The brain surgery had a lot of complications which led to a coma and permanent brain damage but the patient was eventually saved by doctors. The next day the patient was able to text normally and ...

 Is it possible to have lung Cancer at 16/17?

 If this question is too hard to answer for you...please don't.?
How is it like dying with cancer. This is how I imagine it, am I right?

The patient is in a hospice, they are having trouble because some organs are shutting down, but it is not bad ...

 My female friend, 37 years old is having cancer stage 2.?
What is causing cancer and what does stage 2 means? What is her survival chanceat this stage? And how fast will it be until it reaches stage 3 and stage 4?...

 If you could how would you cure cancer?
Please be specific. Saying that chemotherapy and radiation are ways to prevent it will be tolerated. Your responses are purely opinions so just think about it for a bit. I just wanted to see everyone&...

 I've been smoking weed for a good year now, do I have lung cancer?
Ever since the middle of Summer 08, I've been smoking weed. Usually only once or twice a week. The most I've smoked in a week was 5 or so times, but that was only on two occasions.
I ...

 i got a lump on the breast that itches and burns?

Additional Details
i got a lump in the breast that itches and burns, and it looks bruised?...

does everyone have to take thier appendix out?

Mischele, RN‚ô•
No. The only people who need their appendix out are people who's appendixes get infected which can threaten their life if it bursts.

i wonder why this is in Cancer topic. appendix cancer is really rare.

and no, not everyone has to take out the appendix if its not infected (appendicitis). when the surgeons are doing abdominal surgery, they wont bother the normal appendix eventhough they had a chance to remove it.

Nope. Only if it's infected. It has no purpose, oddly enough. I had mine out less than a year ago.

Mrs Shady
sometimes i take them out.usually every month or so just to see how they are doing then pop them back in!

It's best to have a surgeon remove it.

only when one has appendicitis.

Sophie B
no.. most people keep it their entire life.....

Your Holiness
I take mine out every now and then...just to look at it

Andrea C
No. I have been told the appendix is one of those organs that doesn't really have a function. Most people go their whole lives without have a problem with them while some have to get them taken out.

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