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 I heard that smoking menthol cigarettes makes you infertile more then normal cigarettes, is this true?

 Skin cancer in tanning salons ?
I knoww it's bad and i shouldn't go but it pisses me off that everyone always says i need a tan..and they're all european, they can tan under a friken light bulb. It's not so easy ...

 what is cervical cancer, and is there a cure for it?
can anyone please tell me the details of cervical cancer, that would REALLY help me, if you give me good information on it and in detail or whatever you'll get 10 points, or whatever points the ...

 Once cancer was diagnosed and is found in lymph nodes, how long have you experienced a person to last?
I am doing a survey of people I can find to find out how long after treatment is started for a person who has had the cancer spread into the lymph nodes....how long did these people last? For many ...

 what do they mean when they say we caught it early?
is cachting cancer early is it





i dont understand what early is?...

 Im scared.?
My best friend has just found out that he has bone cancer. My other friend has just died from It. I am soooo scared for him. I cant imagen how scared he is. How can i help him cope with this?...

 Mom might have breast cancer?
I've noticed that my mom has been rubbing the top of her breast lately. When I saw her rub it she gave a strange look. She hasn't said anything about it. I know that if you have a lump on ...

 why is there cancer now but not in the 50's?
1950.. no kid ever had cancer.. well idk bout ever but im certain that people back then never heard of kids ages 2-21 ever getting cancer

now we see it everywhere on TV..why is this..?...

 Should i get the cancer jab?
We just got given our forms and letters yesterday, after reading it unlike all my other friends, i was kinda freaked out by the whole thing..

what should i do? what would you do?...

 Can you be a patient of Marijuana with a misdemeanor?
I was caught with 1/8 of marijuana and paraphernalia (a pipe) and was curious if that voids the possibility of being a patient of medical marijuana which would help. Btw I live in Michigan where it ...

 My Dad died 2 months ago from cancer?
I have been feeling really really down recently, and it hurts so much. I know I can talk to my friends/family, but I don't want to put a downer on their day. I just need to know how to make ...

 My father just died, what can I do?
Hello, I am using my fathers account to post this; I am his son (17 yr old). He was 44 years old and was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer about 9 months ago. It's interesting really; i ...

 How close are we to finding a cure for cancer?
If we ever do, I have a feeling it is going to be a natural ...

 blood test results no answer over the phone?
I got bloodwork done last week because i have a swollen lymph node and they did a special test for lymphoma ect..So i called in today to see if my results where ready and they were,so they schedule ...

 I have swollen limph nodes on my right breast and constant headaches...Could that be a sign of breast cancer?
I've been also a smoker for several years and I am very concerned about it...I am 30 years old......

 What is a natural way to help lung cancer?
I am 19 years old and I have lung cancer the medications the doctors are giving me are making me sicker then I was before I started. Is there any natural way to ease the pain?...

 Why is cancer research better in canada than any where else?
pros and cons
Additional Details
I know that canada might not be better than any where else but what are some reasons that they are?...

 How do I tell my 6 year old daughter I have brain cancer?
Yes, I know I posted this earlier. I just wanted to see if there was any more advice..

The doctors expect me to live maybe about two more months, because I decided not to fight it anymore. ...

 does smoking kill humans?

 my boyfriends dad is dying from cancer...help me?
My boyfriends dad (47 years old) was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He is starting chemo only one week after this diagnosis. I guess that this cancer is moving fast and it scares me to ...

can you start chemo if you have a cold?

mostly yea unless its really really bad but the chemo will make you sick a lot of the time anyway (MY ADVICE IS EAT LOTS OF BREAD, STUFF YOURSELF FULL RIGHT UP TO THE CHEMO) it will cut down getting sick afterward a lot trust me this worked for a bunch i know and the doc even starting telling his pat. this to help with the chemo sickness best of luck

Depends on your blood count. Generally during a cold your blood count is low, and worse during chemo. So they usually wait until it is at a good enough level.

I started my chemo and radiation on 10/21/08 and I woke up with a cold the saturday before that! I asked my drs and got the go ahead. I'm still fine and my cold is actually clearing up.

It depends on your blood count, I recently just finished chemo and I know sometimes I had to go the week after because my counts were low. They need to be a certain amount, and your counts sometimes get low when you are sick or getting a cold, so most likely not.

depends on the doctor...they always checked my white cell count if I felt sicker than usual...I only had to miss one session.

I just finished up with chemo. and it will depend on rather you're running a temperature or not and what your white blood cell count is.

It depends on the severity of cold the patient has. If it is a mild one the doctor will try to cure it and start chemotherapy. If it is chronic chemo will not be started. The reasons for this are -

1. The first and foremost precaution to be taken for patients having chemo is that they should not get any infection. Even outside food or ordinary water are not allowed to avoid any possible infection, which will be harmful when you have chemo.

2. Colds make people more susceptible to bacterial infections such as strep throat, middle ear infections, and sinus infections.

3. One of the most common side effect of chemotherapy is acute Nausea and vomiting. It will start possibly from the second day and continue for more than 10 days. Colds make the patient to caugh which will in turn increase nausea and vomiting and make untoloreble situation to the patient.

For these reasons chemotherapy is not given when the patient has cold. -

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