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 could this be cancer? please read?
I have a sore on my gums that is white with some small red specks. it bleeds when i push on it. i do not somek and do not use any tabacco products. when i went to the dentist he said he wanted to do ...

 what does metastatic stage 4 cancer cells mean?
all body scans are clear from tumors, the cells a in the plura/lung area. the lungs keep filling with fliud that is where the cells are....

 Has anyone heard of a masectomy bill trying to be passed?
companies are trying to make mastectomies an outpatient procedure through this bill?...

 Did anyone watch the show on Discovery Channel last night? Living With Cancer? A TV exec., Elizabeth Edwards
& Lance Armstrong talked about their battles with cancer. It was very good however interesting that they didn't mention anything about faith & prayer. They are rebroadcasting it again ...

 Purple spots a sign of breast cancer?
I have two strange purple spots on the underside of one of my breasts and a 3rd under my other arm. The one under m arm is about the size of a dime and showed up after th other two. Could this be a ...

 can grey matter in the brain be recovered or grown again?
I know it can be lost due to several reasons? but is it possible for it to be repaired to some extent?...

 i take chemotherapy?

 has anybody survived a colon cancer recurrance?
please share your story with ...

 If you have an elevated PSA in a prostate test, what are the odds that it's cancer?
My dad (age 55) had a prostate test and his PSA levels were high. He was referred to a urologist for a biopsy, were still waiting on the results. I just want to know what the liklihood of it being ...

 what is breast cancer?

 Cervical cancer threat?
I just got diagnosed with high grade cervical lesions. I'm having a LEEP procedure on Thursday to get them removed. Has anyone else had this problem, did it reoccur, and how long did it take to ...

 is deodorant bad for.....?
I have a daughter who complains about BO and is 10.Is it bad for her to use deodorant cause i heard if you are too young and you use it,you can get breast cancer.Will it be ok?...

 i want to donate to the National breast cancer foundation?
how do i donate without the use of the internet?
i live in new york city
Additional Details
it is breast cancer awarness month, right?...

 hi my name is kandi ,my freind has liver and colon cancer i would like to know how long can he live.?
hi my name is kandi smead and my freind has liver and colon cancer hes in stage four and im worried about him. can u tell me how long he could ...

 just a quick question about my health?
i like to eat eggs so what i do is i take 2 eggs i crack em and put em in a plate and i put the plate in the microwave for 1 minute. than i eat it. is this healthy why or why not?...

 Is it true that cancer is caused by a Fungus similar to Candida?
I have been hearing that an acidic environment in the body causes candida/yeast to proliferate eventually causing cell damage leading to cancer. And that an acid/alkaline balance is imperitive to ...

 cancer survival rates?
how many people die of stomach ...

 Where can I find a good job for my mom who stays at home due to having cancer but likes to work?

 What would you like to ask?Have you or anyone you know ever suffered from Salivary Gland Cancer?
What were your symptoms? Did you suffer from any strange symptoms?...

 I had a cat scan done?
I am 25 years old ,back in december and it showed a sub centimeter hypodense focus measuring - 50 hounsfield units which they say is fat. I had 3 radiologist look at the scan and they said it was ...

halls valley
can a spot suspected of being skin cancer have puss in it?
i have a friend who has a place on her chest and she can mash it and puss comes out but it is not healing good

One can have NOTHING REALLY and can BELIEVE it's CANCER !

Human being is such a strong and meanwhile weak, that WE CAN PRODUCE and CURE our OWN diseases, through SPIRIT/SOUL/MIND

What is your friend's choice ?

If...HEALING...she/he will CURED THROUGH OWN FAITH, practical measures as HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, peace, harmony and LOVE !

It is probably just like a pimple or boil. But if it painfully continues, then I would just bring it up at my next physical with a doctor.

Not cancer.

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