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 recovering from surgery after cancer how long dose it take?
what treatment do you have
Additional Details
my mum has a tumour in her neck and one on the brain she finds out how bad this is in a few ...

Do I have cancer I'm 16 years old and the past week i've been swinting my left eye like every 30 mins or so what it is? I like swint my left eye for like 2-3 ...

 What kind of doctor would you be if you studied cancer and experiment with chemicals? ?
I want to be a doctor that is like a chemist but also study chemicals because my sister died of Rhabdoid....a brain cancer. T...

 how can you tell how to check urself 4 testicular cancer.?
Every once in a while the right testical feels a little sore or a little above it by the bladder area. I don't understand how to tell if it is cancer or not. How can u tell if a bump is ...

 how many people die a year from brain tumor cancer?

 Breast Cancer?
Maybe im just over-reacting but i dont know i just wonder. Im only 15 but there are lumps in my breast when u touch them u can feel them. But theyre not sore and you can see anything on the outside. I...

 i am 22 with gallstones can i have gallbladder cancer?
i have had gallstones ever since i was pregnant with my son, he is five now. i am getting it removed soon due to really bad recent attack and now i have constant dull aces and pains in the ...

 do i have cancer?
I have been feeling sick for a long time. I ask my dad to go to the Doc all the time, and nothing is ever wrong with me. I think I'm just sick. What do you ...

 I need information about melanoma in the bloodstream. How quickly does it spread, how long can u live with it?

 Skin cancer question????
Is all skin cancer a dark shade? I have a new spot on my leg. It's just alittle darker than my natural color (but not much.)It's not raised or anything. I have an appointment in June. But ...

 What's a good gift to receive if you just had a baby and are starting chemotherapy?
My friend found out she has cancer while she was pregnant. She is about to deliever at 34 weeks and I wanted to get her something that she might find useful and enjoy as she begins to go through ...

 nonmelanoma skin cancer?
when i was young i got a second degree burn all over my neck and back. now i am almost 17 and 2 days ago i received a painful burn on the area by my neck and left shoulder. earlier today i noticed a ...

 Do you get cancer if you shave your arms?
or increase the risk?

thanks xxx
Additional Details
i mean your actual ...

 Surgery for prolapsed uterus w/only one kidney?
My mother-in-law has had kidney cancer, they removed one kidney. She has a very bad prolapse uterus and now she is having blood in her urine and w/only one kidney I would think that is bad. The ...

 Is fried chicken in (sunflower oil) causing any cancer?

 what is a multiple myeloma?

 How would you know if you have leukemia?
im 17 and im tired all the time,bruise easily, lost of appetie,weight loss,red spots on skin, loss of breath,night sweats and bone ...

 Could someone please tell me is 0.3cc in volume normal for a ovary??????????????
does that mean its life threatning or cancer as i do not know? I am worried T...

 What are all the adverse side effects of chemo and radiation?

 i am to purchase a microwave oven.shall i know if there is any health hazard in using it.especially radiations

Judy M
can a benign lymphoma tumor turn cancerous?
i have a fatty lymphoma tumor on shoulder blade which is benign. can it turn into cancer?


Do you mean lipoma? That is considered a benign tumor. There is currently no evidence that a lipoma turns cancerous . . however . . you need to be sure that the fatty tumor is a lipoma and not liposarcoma which can be malignant. Hopefully you have had a biopsy done in this area so that you know exactly what you are dealing with. Lipoma are benign . .the malignant condition is called Liposarcoma . . without a biopsy no one can tell the difference. Incidentally, a common location for liposarcoma is the shoulder area, you may want to have a second opinion from a sarcoma specialist oncologist just to be sure.

Lipoma Excision

I suspect you mean "lipoma" which is a fatty tumor which is often benign.
There is no benign type of "lymphoma" though there are low grade lymphomas.

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