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 why at 27 do we get cancer? never smoked, don't drink only water, and am a veggie.?
found lump on neck, took doctor and hospital 1year to decide I need treatment, told one day,in the next for operation. what do I do next?...

 i am about to die i have cancer in the hospital what should i do right now?
things to ...

 my boyfriend just found out he has 3 to 6 months to live his cancer has spread. did not know he had cancer?
I don't know what to do. or what to say. My boyfriend just found out he has cancer in the hospital and now they tell him that it spread and they cant do anything. he is 63 years old. I have ...

 My son's 4 yr. old daughter has Leukemia....is she to be isolated from others?
any other tips to help?...

 why do so many young children get cancer?
i'm just curious, b/c every time i turn on the t.v., i see a commercial where there are tons of young children w/ cancer that are in the hospital. how and why does this happen?...

 i need information on pancreas cancer?
so my friend told me last night that he has pancreas cancer and hes only seventeen.
But hes been smoking since hes been in fifth grade(yes stupid iknow)
And he jokes around alot, but this ...

 What good is CHEMOTHERAPY if kills the good cells as well as the bad cells?
That leaves the person wide open for opportunistic diseases. My cousin died after several rounds of chemo. I know they tried to save him but he was only 21. I cried forever about that. Then I finally ...

 what is the name of the growth in one's body that can grow teeth and have hair?
One of my old friend's mother had hers removed. It is not a kidney stone but I remember that she said it had grown hair and teeth. Anybody know what it is called?...

 Has anyone ever hoped to get told they have cancer?
I have had one biopsy and am going for my 2nd this time a punch biospy and am hoping i get told that I do have cancer is that bad?
Additional Details
just to let you know i have had ...

 I'm getting my 3rd cervical cancer injection tomorrow....?
I just want to know if it hurts more than the other two. I asked a girl I know who had hers before me, and she said her 3rd one hurt considerably more than the other 2, but I was told by another girl ...

 what are the chances that it is breast cancer ?? ( she is going to read your answers)?
a close friend she is freaking out
she is 22,no family history
4 months ago she found a lump in her right breast
went to a doctor who said it looked like nothing and ordered a ...

 Can chemo cause cancer or can my cancer come back?
Im a 16 year old girl and im a cancer surviver(bone cancer) on my right back shoulder so its tooken out when i was 4, and hopefully getting a plastic bone when i stop growing maybe 20. I took chemo, ...

 i think i have a brain tumor!!!! HELP!?
im 16 years old, male, & i went to the emergency room 3 days ago because ive been having headaches/head pains for over a week. i feel a pain in the left side of my head. She made me do physical ...

 can anyone think of any high calorie foods for someone suffering with cancer?
my mom has cancer.. she drinks high calorie drinks she gets perscribed but can anyone think of anymore high cal food..

shes very picky ... wont eat nuts or anything very sweet .. maybe ...

 what are some early symthems of breast canser.?

 If both your parents have had cancer in their 50's what are the chances of you getting it?
if you are 32?...

 What options when surgery and chemo have done all they can?
A precious friend of mine has been in the fight against ovarian cancer since 2000. She's had multiple abdominal surgeries and tons of chemo/radiation. After her last recent surgery, the ...

 What happens if you don't treat cancer?
My friend thinks he has cancer but refuses to go to a doctor. I told him he has to go but he wont listen to me. He has had a lump for a year and it's slowly growing. What changes can he ...

 I have a project to do about cancer?
And i was wondering which type of cancer do you think i should do my research paper on?...

 Is there any sure way to get cancer?
Every site i look up are sarcastic.
Do we know how exactly people get cancer yet and how to get it?...

Why don't we use people on Death Row to test new drugs? How much faster would we cure aids or cancer?

Oh, because even though they murdered 19 people, apparently they still have rights too!

It might be considered "inhumane" to make them guinea pigs.

You are aware that the Constitution of the United States prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, aren't you?

For some reason the Constitution says that criminals have rights. In my opinon we give criminals way too many right. I agree with you. We should have human drug trials on criminals on death row.

Well for one thing they would be likely to be put to death before the tests were finished, thus making them useless as experimental subjects and delaying the results.

For another, there aren't enough people on death row to provide a large enough sample of people with cancer, aids, etc. to provide a meaningful test.

For a third, there isn't enough physical diversity in the population of death row inmates to provide a meaningful result. For one thing, there are almost no women on death row. And you couldn't have the same inmate as a subject for more than one experimental drug. And they are hardly in typical conditions in any way, including psychologically, and very often are drug users or have suffered damage from drug use, which also would make them useless as test subjects.

So -- we would not cure cancer or AIDS any faster.

john e russo md facm faafp
We have used prisoners as subjects of medical study in the past but not since World War 2. It is not ethical and it is illegal.

Cliff Schaffer
See C_Bar's explanation for starters. The basic answer is that it just wouldn't be good or even useful science, even if you assumed it was ethical. Science is not done that way.

There are laws of Humanity even when a person is sentenced to death.

Ethical implications aside.

Death Row immates would not be ideal canidates to test new drugs for the same reason why they are poor organ donors. Most prisoners have abused their bodies with drugs and alcohol. Many have hepatitis, cirhosis and, other conditions.

As for testing AIDS or cancer drugs, they have to have AIDS or cancer first to test a drug on them (unless you are just testing for maximum tolerable dosage).

I love your question and have been asking it myself for years! Apparently, regardless of what sort of heinous crimes one has committed, they are still considered human, and thus need to be treated as such. Personally, I feel that using such criminals who are going to be executed anyway, is more humane than using 1000's of innocent animals for research, not to mention that using humans for the testing of drugs, etc. for human diseases, may yield more accurate findings than testing them on animals with different types of immune systems, etc, than ours. Also, it would give these 'humans' an opportunity to do something good, useful, and meaningful for humanity and society before they die.

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