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 Reacting to finding out a family member had cancer?
How did you feel when you found out someone close to you had cancer?
I recently found out my pop pop has cancer again, his fourth time. Because it keeps returning, they aren't doing ...

 Can regular blood work detect leukemia?
When you go to the hospital and they run basic blood work test if you have leukemia would it show up in the blood work or do you need specific test?...

 I just wanted to post a thank you to all of you who helped me with my moms battle with cancer?
You cannot believe what took place. I posted some questions here concerning my mom's battle with breast cancer and the many problems she encountered along the way. Mom was a fighter,she gave ...

 Question for cancer survivors?
For people who have battled cancer and survived or people that have battled any deadly disease and survived.
I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2007 and i am now in remission and while i went ...

 Which men are at risk of prostate cancer?

 I think I might have cancer?
Well, I'm 13. I've been doing a self breast examination daily, and I've noticed since I was like in 6th grade that I have a big lump, which I'm sure is just like a disc or ...

 lump in in my neck don't know what it sis but its worrying me?
i can move it a little bit but it goes back to the same spot ive had it for a long time dont know what it ...

 what if a couple gets mariied if mother of both have cancer?

 Whats does the cervical cancer jab feel like? is quick or quite slow?
Having it tomorrow so want to know what it will be like what should i expect?...

 Jade Goody revealed that many doctors missed her cancerous tumour 4 years ago.I have lost 4 friends to cancer-?
Recently.Two of whom only received diagnosis weeks before they died,the other two only on post mortem although all had been very ill for a long time.WHY when millions and millions of pounds is given ...

 How can i cure cancer?

 Is it possible for there to be a tumor anywhere in your body?
I was just curious.
And are they only inside or only outside or both?...

 If Farrah Facet has cancer to the liver, how long can she live?
i meant say Fawcett .. OK I can't spell her name.
Additional Details
Nothing is funny about the question.. If her cancer started in the rectal area.. And is now in the liver.. How ...

 Help malpractice death other family members do not want to sue should I do?
yes I am way over 18 when i bring it up they do not want to talk about it ignore or make fun then kind of brag were not going to sue! say if I want to get medical records or sue will block me from ...

 Friend, 40 years old, is dying of colon, liver and lung cancer?
It has been about a month since they told him, they could not do anything more for him. He looks so good, but he is now getting pain and not sleeping well. We are being strong around him and he is ...

 I need to send a get well card to someone who is dying of cancer. What do I say?

Additional Details
This person is not a close relative of mine but my nephew's grandmother. She lives across the U.S., so visiting is not an option. She's sometimes coherent, ...

 What percentage of smokers actually get lung cancer?

Additional Details
Based on these BS answers I say that smoking causes cancer is propaganda. So how many non smokers get lung cancer? Is tobacco smoke the only cancer causing agent in ...

 Can't make a bowel movement without a laxative.could that be signs of colon cancer?

 Do I have cancer?
I have had a pretty eventful day, I broke up with my boyfriend. Ditched a party, then decided to watch some tv. I cried, after i broke up with him, then watched two tv shows, cried over those too. W...

 what is so special about surviving cancer. you still will die one day?

Additional Details
I apologize if i offended any one with this question.
but i find life torture. I won't commit suicide but i wish i could die....

When a person with cancer dies, does the cancer continue to grow even while buried?
It has a life of its own, doesn't it?

Actually a very good Question , i dont know the exact answer but i think so , i just logged to this question to c the answer, but really a nice one

â™  Joanna
no, the cancer cells die just like all of the other body cells.
... a person doesn't keep on growing when dead = l

Cancer is a stupid disease in that it kills its host and then dies as a result. It does not continue to grow when the person dies.

No when the body dies everything dies. Including the tisses.

it dies when it stops getting blood/energy from the body (when the body dies). think of it more as living off the person but reproducing at an accelerated rate.


No, cancer cells need nutrients and blood flow in order to survive. They are not able to support their own growth and metabolism and cannot live on their own.

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