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 im 33w pregnant and my dad has been getting radiation treatment for brain cancer..?
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 I receive chemotherapy once a week and I was wondering over the weekend...once the drug is put into my vein ?
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Jiane I was gonna email you ...

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 can this possibly be a sign of cancer?
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 If someone gets chemo and their cancer is cured, does their hair eventually grow back?
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Oh okay, I get it. I'm just wondering because as far as I know I'm cancer-free....

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 Ok I need serious hlep please.I'm 17 and I think I might have breast cancer.?
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I just moved to a ...

 Please help me! I am scared of having my cervical cancer jab!?
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 say you've just been diagnosed with a terminal illnes, what would you do?
ok, say one day you don't feel so good, you black out, and when you wake up you're in a hospital and everyone is looking really serious. then a doctor tells you that xou have a teminal ...

old grumpy
Terminally Ill? Should we have the right to die?
Should it be the individuals right to decide, without the interference of others, when all hope of any quality of life has gone.

If you mean assisted suicide then i am against it. If you mean to refuse medication and be taken off life support or have a DNR in affect then yes that is their right.

You already HAVE that right, I suspect that what you are really asking (if you think about it) is "Should we have the right to request a doctor/nurse end our life for us."

Most (not all) very ill (even terminally ill) folks actually still have enough physical ability they could end their lives themselves if they had the will to do so... It is the fact that most of these patients do not fling themselves out of the nearest window that gives many medical professionals "pause" when considering requests for an "out"...

That's where a Living Will comes in handy. It's the wishes of the patient not the family or doctor. Make sure it is filled out and filed with the hospital.

Everyone should have their own right to decide whether or not they want to fight or not.

Pink-Sunshine Sakura
Definitely. There are numerous arguments for and against it, yet I believe it is their right to die, and no one else’s.
Yet there are arguments that people may kill hated family members, and then say they went to an euthanasia clinic, since you don't need a doctors note to say you can die (in accordance with current rules). You will also find that most doctors believe it morally wrong to allow a person to die, and will not be held solely responsible for their death, so if euthanasia was brought in, with a rule that you must have a doctors note to be killed (the same sort of thing as abortion. A doctor has to verify it), you would find it very hard to find doctors willing to sign the note.
And then religion comes into it. There is the whole thing that all life is sacred.
And there is also a risk that if the drugs used to kill people are accessed by the wrong type of people, it could result in murder which could be disguised as euthanasia.

I definitely think you have the right to die if you are terminally ill, but the risk to others is important too. In Sweden (where euthanasia is legal) there are loads of deserted hills in secluded places miles form any civilisation where euthinasia clinics can be put and people can die in the peaceful countryside. We don't have that sort of area in England that is away from civilisation. And i don't think many people would paticularly like a euthinasia clinic on thier doorstep
There are very mixed views. I think there is a general feeling that people have the right to die, and many support the veiws of terminally ill people, but are woried about what could happen if euthinasia was introduced into our community.

I don,t see why not old boy,i would.

Yes i believe it should be everyones right to choose...As long as they are of sound enough mind to make that decision.

I can see why they would want to make that choice and dont feel they should have to live with a poor quality of life if they dont wish too.

Actually, it's not entirely illegal. Here in Oregon and just recently, Washingto, we have the Death with Dignity Act.

(1) To comply with ORS 127.865(2), within seven calendar days of writing a prescription for medication to end the life of a qualified patient the attending physician shall send the following completed, signed and dated documentation by mail to the State Registrar.

(a) The patient's completed written request for medication to end life, either using the "Written Request for Medication to End My Life in a Humane and Dignified Manner" form prescribed by the Department or in substantially the form described in ORS 127.897;

(b) One of the following reports prescribed by the Department:

(A) "Attending Physician's Compliance Form"; or

(B) "Attending Physician's Compliance Short Form" accompanied by a copy of the relevant portions of the patient's medical record documenting all actions required by the Act;

(c) "Consulting Physician's Compliance Form" prescribed by the Department; and

(d) "Psychiatic/Psychological Consultant's Compliance Form" prescribed by the Department, if an evaluation was performend.

(2) Within 10 calendar days of a patient's ingestion of lethal medication obtained pursuant to the Act, or death from any other cause, whichever comes first, the attending physician shall complete the "Oregon Death with Dignity Act Attending Physician Interview" form prescribed by the Department.

(3) To comply with ORS 127.865 (1)(b), within 10 calendar days of dispensing medication pursuant to the Death with Dignity Act, the dispensing health care provider shall file a copy of the "Pharmacy Dispensing Record Form" prescribed by the Department with the State Registrar, Center for Health Statistics, 800 NE Oregon St., Suite 205, Portland, OR 97232; or by facsimile to (971) 673-1201. Information to be reported to the Department shall include:

(a) Patient's name and date of birth;

(b) Prescribing physician's name and phone number;

(c) Dispensing health care provider's name, address and phone number;

(d) Medication dispensed and quantity;

(e) Date the prescription was written; and

(f) Date the medication was dispensed.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 127.865
Stat. Implemented: ORS 127.800-127.995

Forms referenced are available from the agency at http://egov.oregon.gov/DHS/ph/pas/pasforms.shtml

I, personally am for it. I don't want to spend the rest of my terminal life in pain and suffering and I'm sure there are others that feel that way. Please, no Jesus did this for you bullcrap. I don't care. It's my life and my choice, not anyone or their god.

Absolutely. My mom wished that she could have had that option when she was given 2-3 months to live, after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Instead she got to waste away to a skeleton.

Sally Anne
I think so. If the pain will never go away or they have lost quality of life. Dogs get better treated and put out of their misery. Humans suffer when there is no need. When all hope has gone Yes I would want that.

I have talked about this before. If you talk to people who don't know what it is like to suffer from an illness that has no cure they will think that its not right. However, if you talk to the people who suffer than you will get a different answer. I can tell you that i do suffer from an illness and i don't respond to medicine. If i get to the point to where i am suffering and all hope is gone i want to have the right to make that choice. People talk about Dr. Death but if they really know what all he did then people would see that he didn't kill people out of sick twisted mind. These people were going to die and wanted his help. In Oregon you have the right of choice and i think that another state made it okay as well.

I FULLY support the patients right to choose a planned peaceful death as well as the right to refuse further treatment without family interference.

This is a pet peeve of mine and most people on this board probably know this. My aunt was diagnosed as terminal, but went through treatment even though she didnt want to because her daughter asked her to do so. My mom was unable to pull the plug when I was on life support. Yes, I am thankful to still be alive, but I wish she had just been able to do it. I have ptsd from it and it makes my life miserable most of the time.

If I relapse again, I will not pursue treatment, and I will choose a peaceful planned death before I am in pain, dying, and so drugged on morphine that I cant even speak. I do NOT think that is dignity.

I cant remember who it was, but I argued up and down with someone a few weeks ago on here about refusing treatment. Someone had posted that their terminal friend was not pursuing treatment and they were trying to figure out how to force the patient to take more treatment. The person I was argueing with said that the patient is selfish to just give up like that because the family has to deal with the death. Sorry, but I think the FAMILY is the selfish one. It is selfish to force people into treatment they dont want (expecially when they are terminal either way) because you cant handle that they are sick. The fmaily is the one that gets to keep living. They can join a support group or see a counselor that will help them deal with it, and they move on with their lives. The dying person has no more life. If they want to refuse treatment, or have a planned peaceful death, then, imo, that is their right and their choice.

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