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 What exactly causes Colin Cancer?
My father-in-law just had a colinoscopy and they found something that they will need to do a biopsy on, his doctor is afraid it may be cancer. Although this may sound bad, if it is cancerous, I am ...

 My friend has Hodgkin's...?
i am extremely afraid cuz hes like a brother to me and i dont want him to pass away from it. i know its really common they get through it but there is a chance they dont. can you inform me more about ...

 Husband has a large cell sacral tumor and needs a specialist but this type is rare.?
Few patients live past early 20's, and my husband is 22 (diagnosed at 20), so not much is known about his type. He has a had surgery to remove it, then radiation. i grew back, ate away his ...

 Stages of Cancer?
I know there are four stages. I just want to know a summary of each step of the stage....

 Has anyone here had or had a children born with a sacrococcygeal teratoma?
I know this is a longshot, but, I would like to know more. I was born with a benign one and at 18 y/o just realized that I have no tailbone after doing some research and well, my anatomy. If anyone ...

 Celebrating the end of cancer treatments!?
My friend just finished her last treatement and I want to do something special for her to celebrate the end of it. Any ideas of gifts or other special things that I can do for her? Thank you

 squamous cell carcinoma?
I'm a 27 yr old African American Female that has just been diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma. I found the problem on my left hand back in November of 2006, now I have to have surgury to ...

 is there a definite cause of cancer?

 Can I have a basal cell carcinoma on my foot?
Has this happened to anyone, what I thought was a wart is infact a basal cell carcinoma. How was it treated if this happened to you. Thanks....

 Can talking to much on the phone cause a cancerous lump behind the ear?
Me and my friends are having a bit of a debate on this subject so we decided to settle it by asking other people about it so can talking to much on the phone cause a cancerous lump on the back of you ...

 what is chemotherapy?
i know what its for, to fight cancer, but i don't understand what it is physically....

 Turmeric , what are the health side affects?
Hit there, does anyone know what are the side affects when taking turmeric for health reasons? i believe that its an inflammatory and it can help prevent bowel cancer,...

 How effective is radiation on bone metastases?
In terms of 1) killing cancer, 2) reducing pain, 3) preventing fractures. I have had it done to my pelvis and remember it made the pain worse for a while. Is this likely to happen if I get it done to ...

 is the fight against cancer really a hopeless cause?
They say that we are making great progress in the fight against cancer, but yet it seems incidents are increasing and death rates are remaining the same. I have begun to lose hope, because 7 people ...

 What is the best medicine for Prostate Cancer in Stage IV?

My teacher has cancer and I want to write him a nice long letter. But, I do not know what to mention! What tips do you guys give me. Thanks!...

 who should i contact with an idea for cancer reasearch?
I've been doing a little reasearch and i think i have a really good idea and a really great easy non chemical non radiation awnser but i dont know who to contact....

 My husband has Polycythemia. Is this a cancer of the blood? How long can he live on chemo?

 The Taj Mahal has been "diagnosed" with marble cancer. what are they doing to stop this?

 what are symptoms to having cancer on your knee?
My knee hurts once in awhile. It feels like shocks. Sometimes i get in different spots not only my knee. my aunts leg would hurt and she found she had a tumor which turned out to be cancer. You think ...

On an MRI,what does a tumor look like?
I've been plagued with headaches for some time.I always attributed it to several major injuries.I just learned to deal with it.I recently developed an extreme salty taste in my mouth.Doc sent me for brain mri.After I was done,I know the tech isn't allowed to say anything,but I assured him I wouldn't say anything,just tell me IF they found ANYTHING.I really didn't expect a response.He told me "I can't TELL you anything,but I can SHOW you"I'm thinking "Great,Like I know what the hell I'm looking at"Anyway,he showed me.IMMEDIATELY,A large white kind of circular object,about 1/8 size of whole brain,caught my attention.I asked "what am I looking at?"The tech said"look at he left and right"Well,the large white(as CLEARLY opposed to the overall grey,was distinctly on the left.I asked "Is this top?bottom?What?"He replied "That is behind left side of your sinus.When I stated "Well,at least they finally FOUND something,now they can fix it"The tech wouldn't meet my eyes at that point.Told me MY Doc would have the report in a few days.OK,it's 130 in the freaking morning.I KNOW nobody can actually diagnose anything based on what I've said,my question is about the MRI.I don't know anything about reading them.But even to me,this large white thing was obvious without even searching,it is only one side.Is white indicative of a tumor on a brain mri?thank you

Lissacol is right. That technologist should not be working anymore. When I had an ultrasound done, the tech said something to me about the results and my doctor blew a gasket. That tech should have done their job and left the rest to the doctor. I would be giving the doctor this information, because before you know it, this tech will think they can give more information and start diagnosing. They need to be called on their actions.

My Zoo
It sounds like he was trying to prepare you in some way so that when you see the Dr. it isn't such a bad blow. But It isn't necessarily always bad there are many things that are curable and benign and a positive outlook is very important in your recovery, How you accept your situation is a choice and being up beat and optimistic are your best tool for a good outlook.God Bless Take Care Many smiles Keep Positive

White means solid. So it's a solid mass behind your forehead/eye sockets.
I don't know for sure, and it could of course be some kind of error, but it doesn't sound so good.
I would call your doctor first thing in the morning and tell him you're very concerned about your MRI and to get it as fast as he can and call you first thing. Sometimes they can get you moved up to the top of the radiologist's list.

It sounds to me like you have a sinus infection or sinus retention cyst. If you were looking at a T2 weighted image (and how would you know if it was a T1, T2, FLAIR, etc?), white is fluid. On a T1 weighted image, fluid is darker. We find issues with the sinuses fairly often when we do brain MRIs, and they can be just on one side of the sinuses.

Compare what you saw with this:


I also want to say that I think your MRI technologist was an idiot. You should never show a patient their images, because we are not allowed to tell you what we think we are seeing. If this turns out to be a sinus infection/cyst, you will have spent all of this energy on worrying yourself like crazy over a benign, easily treatable/curable condition. It is like showing you your chest x-ray, then not being able to tell you that the large tumor looking area in the left side of your lungs is merely your heart! Best wishes to you, and I hope you get to talk with your referring doctor soon.....

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