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 Please .. I need all the prayers I can get..?
My sister's boyfriend has cancer and he was rushed to the hospital a couple hours ago. He does not have enough blood, and is now in the emergency room for oxygen and to add blood in his body. <...

 How many times can you answer the question, "I am 15 and I have breast cancer...HELP!"?
It seems like it is on at least a hundred times a week, and frankly I am tired of that, in fact I am finding the entire cancer category going down hill. There are very rare quality questions asked, ...

 CAN ANY1 MAKE me feel better im sooo sad i m a worrier?
about cancer...... i dont have it....... but its sooo scary, thanks if u try 2 make me laugh


 low white blood cell count?
A friend of mine got a call from the Dr saying she has a low white blood cell count and needs to come in to get more blood work . Should she be scared...What could this be?...

 regis philbin - status after surgury?
what is status after heart surgury?...

 I need Some Fun Facts about Breast Cancer?

 Question for those who have undergone chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy?
We know a young woman who received a grim diagnosis a few weeks ago. She had cancer in her gall bladder, but they did not catch it until the cancer had already spread to her lungs and bone.


 My dad lost one lung to lung cancer?
He found out he had a huge tumor in one lung. The docs said they would remove it and he would be cancer free. It did not spread and they removed it with no problem. Now they want him to go through ...

 Survey: Do you know anyone who has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma?
If so, how long did / have they lived with this type of cancer? And at what stage were they when diagnosed?
Additional Details
Cam---I am so sorry Darlin'...did not know that was ...

 my mummy died of cancer?
my mummy died of cancer december 4th 2007, im only 13.. and i miss her so much, her and my dad argued all the time but i actually watched my mummy die in front of me and.. its the hardest thing ive ...

Has anyone ever been diagnosed with esthesioneuroblastoma? I was 15 when i was diagnosed and I was just wanting to hear about others experiences....

 What are the purpose of moles and what causes them?
Last time I scraped my mole off my leg and it seemed to be okay because my skin just healed. Any ideas?...

 does miracle happen?like a danger illnesss remove by itself & person well again?

 what are the first signs of throat cancer??
Has anyone had it and what were your first symtoms....

 What is your opinion or/and comments about the Chemotherapy using it as an method to control/cure cancer?
Any comments, opinions and/or personal experiences will be highly appreciated.

I don't have cancer but I am writing an essay about it and really need to get some ideas from different ...

 What is the best part of being an oncologist?
I am still in high school, but I am certain that I want to become a medical oncologist. I just want to know if being an oncologist is as great as I presume it to be....

 Can you get cancer from talking on your cell phone while it is hooked onto its charger?
My friend told me this and now I am very curious.
Thanks! :)...

 When parents have a child that is dying from cancer...and they keep going?
to church and praying for some type of remission.....BUT THEN THE CHILD DIES..Why did God NOT answer their prayers???...I mean they have suffered a lot...one of the worst painful experience as a ...

 How effective are alternate medicine in the cancer prevention?
hydrogen paraoxide therapy, Hemp oil, MMS, wheatgrass juice, Food grade, Sodium bicarbonate, DCA,
vitamin B17?
Additional Details
How effective would be these medicine in ...

 my mum in her eighties has primary liver cancer. what is the prognosis, how much time does she have to live?
the diagnosis is cholangiocarcinoma and doctors says it has spread all over liver and blocked her bile duct. they put in a stent to drain bile but said no other treatment is possible. she has lost ...

My neighbor has a stomach tumor & he is getting chemo, does this mean he has cancer?
I know nothing about medical things so this might be obvious. So please understand I don't know what a tumor is except a growth of some kind.....I am wondering if this is serious or something that can be taken care of with no problem....he also has to have open heart surgery. The family is acting like it is not a big deal cause the open heart surgury is just one not a quadruple or some other worst type...I want to know realistically what these means to prepare rather than be more shocked if this means he is most likely not going to make it....I know that cancer in the stomach or alteast over 20 years ago meant the person was going to die. So I want honestly what can you tell me about this?
Additional Details
It is in his stomach & he has diabetes & he is going to have bypass surgery. I know I was always told that when cancer gets to the stomach is can't be cured but that was years ago. thanks to you all for your answers.

A tumor IS cancer. Chemotherapy is cancer treatment. He does have cancer, but fortunately most cancer is non-fatal these days. But chemotherapy is an awful treament.

Yes it is cancer

Dr.John L
If he's getting chemo most likely he has cancer, He may not survive too long with other other illnesses that he had. Stomach cancer is serious but if caught early and treated with chemo and surgery there may be a chance, So Sorry.

Yes. And unfortunately the post above is wrong. Most cancer is fatal.

If it is just his stomach and not more than one organ it might be OK.

If you hear that it has spread to more than one organ then it is probably just a matter of time.

vote no for the party of no
tumor = cancer plain and simple

Yes, he has cancer.With proper treatment, medicine and diet we can control the growth of cancer.There are stories of overcoming cancer with a strong will Power and faith in god.It is true that in medical science there is no cure but can last our days.Any way one day we have to die. So why worrying about the death.

Yes, he has cancer.

Dustin R.
If he is getting chemo, I would say the odds are pretty good that he has cancer. I don't think someone would arbitrarily expose himself/herself to gamma radiation. Not only is it expensive, it can be dangerous after awhile. Based on what you described, I wouldn't dismiss that he has something. The tumor, diabetes, and open heart surgery make it seem to sketchy. The family may be right that it's no big deal. Or they may be saying that for good measure so nobody else will flip out. All I can say is that I wish your neighbor a speedy recovery.

You are very right in what you have said.

In earlier days stomach cancer was diagnosed usually in its late stages, diabetes was difficult to manage before Best and Taylor discovered insulin and there were a few medications and surgery was full of risks. However advances in Medicine have made things possible which were not possible before.

Usually the tumors are diagnosed early and if cancerous, measures like resection/surgery followed by chemo therapy and radiation therapy depending on the nature of cancer are given and depending on the nature of cancer the survival rates are good. There are always risks for any kind of surgery including heart surgery but it has become relatively safer then before.

Yes - if he's getting chemotherapy - then it's cancer. If it was a benign tumor they woudln't treat it that way. But cancers aren't the death sentence they once were. And apparently they can do these heart surgeries in their sleep now...

My question would be... how the heck is he going to pay for all this?? I guess for those of us without insurance, these would be a death sentence.

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