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My friend has to have a 'Port' put in and 'Chemo'?
I understand she'll be in Out-Patient for abt. 6 hrs. when she has the port put in. Does this sound right? And when she goes for chemo how long is that visit? And is it one or four visits a week? Thank you in advance.
Additional Details
Is it still a 'drip' if a needle is inserted? I know this may sound like a dumb q., but I'm in the dark.

It is a "drip" when they put a needle in. They put the port in so they don't keep having to find an artery every time, which is painful and time consuming.
Be sure she cleans the port out as recommended.
I knew a guy (very well) who beat his cancer (Hodkins dz) and then died from an infection he got by being lazy about cleaning his port (he never did ever!).
Best luck.

There are several types of access 'ports' and some may require a longer 'time' to insert than others. Six hours is too long. This is usually a 'simple' operation and the surgeon knows exactly how and where to place it. My son had a central line with two lines inserted directly into his chest vein. It was used for chemotherapy, fluids, blood tests, hydration, medication (anti-nausea, pain). This is done in order to always have access to the vein so that a patient does not need to be continually stuck with a needle to get blood or to have chemo or any of the other medical issues encountered. He was also at times able to have them access his central line for CT scans so that he did not need to undergo a needle at that time either.

Placement of a central line or port can be done as an out patient, but because my son was in pediatrics he was always taken to the OR, had it placed by a surgeon and was in and out under that four hour mark. The time actually was more associated with anesthesia than the actual operation. Although one time when my son had a new central line place the surgeon accidently knicked and deflated half his left lung . . . not a common thing to happen though and my son was fine.

My son was often an inpatient at the hospital. He had high dose chemotherapy using five drugs in combination every 21 days for nine months. After two surgeries and no evidence of disease he was able to have chemotherapy at home under nursing care. He never went to a clinic other than the Clinical Trials . . and that was only a couple times. Since your friend is not an inpatient and is being treated in a clinic . . that sounds pretty decent. We spent so much time in the hospital (I stayed with him in the room) . . . we were so glad when it was arranged for him to have chemotherapy at home . . made a huge difference.

Good luck to your friend. Our situation was totally different as I've come to realize . . my sons cancer was advanced, rare, and difficult to treat . . there is such a wide range of types of cancer, responses, and outcomes that it is nearly impossible
to clearly answer some of these questions. You really cannot get too much worse than the type of sarcoma that my son had to deal with . . so anything else to me sounds like it is a whole lot easier than anything he had to do. I don't wish to trivialize anything your friend will be doing for her cancer either . . all cancer is potentially life threatening .. so I encourage her to be strong . .get her treatment . .and hopefully get on with the rest of her life.

I think the time in for the portacath was short, like 3 or 4 hours, but perhaps theirs is longer. My chemo was one day every 3 weeks and went from like noon to 5 pm, or there abouts. So the times could vary. I ended up having 6 separate sessions.

somtimes its long sometimes short she nos how long they should have told her

Cancer Sucks!
Actually 6 hours sounds a bit long. It is an out patient procedure, they don't even have to put her under if she doesn't want to, it can be done with just local. I was out in less than 4 hours both times I had a port put in and that's from walking into the lobby to walking out with a whole lot of waiting around in between. The actual procedure usually only lasts 30 -45 minutes.

As far as her chemo it depends entirely on what she's being treated for and what regimen her Oncologist has selected. Some chemo's drip in 30 minutes, some take 6 hours. They can be done daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. again all depending on what she's being treated for and what regimen is being used. For instance I received chemo for 4 hours once every 2 weeks for several months. Many other people I saw would only come in for 30 minutes once a month. There are many possbilities.

Don't worry it's not a stupid question. Most chemo's are given as a "drip" which is a bag of saline solution mixed with the chemo which hangs from a pole and drips into the patients arm (via IV) or chest or arm (via port). However depending on what type of chemo she's receiving it could also be what's called a "push". In this case they would put in the IV or access her port and literally push the chemo from a large syringe into the small tube connected to the IV or Port. Here is link which is intended for medical staff but it gives pretty detailed information on how the port will be accessed etc. http://emsstaff.buncombecounty.org/inhousetraining/broviac/brovac.asp It probably looks a little bad to someone who has never done it, but trust me it's actually less painful than having an IV put in especially after you've received a decent amount of chemo and your veins are no good. This port will likely save your friend from a lot of unnecessary side effects down the line. I love my port!

As for the "tube being removed" I'm not sure what the Dr is referring to except maybe he's talking about the port and catheter that is attached to it which is usually removed after all chemo sessions have been completed.

"BassDoc" is actually referring to what is called a Picc line which is outside of your body. Your friend does not need to worry about any special cleaning because a port is inserted under the skin, you just need to bathe like normal. The only thing that needs to be done with a port is if it has not been accessed in a month it needs to be flushed with saline and heparin at least once a month which her treatment center will do.

Also please encourage your friend to discuss in detail with her Oncologist any supplements or special diets she wants to use BEFORE starting them.

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