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 How many people are dying from cancer each year?
I need a link to a site that provides statistics about cancer. (especiall how many people die from it each year.)...

 What is the latest thing you have heard about that actually cured cancer?
If you had your last shot at doing something to cure cancer in you, what would you try? What have you heard about? Would it be a special substance into an IV? What is out there?...

 My fiance's cousins cancer came back for the 2nd time, she is only twenty one years old,?
I want to get her a gift that says we are always here for you and thinking of you. I say this to her many times but would be a good gift to get her....

 what are the the symptons of skin cancer and how is it created?

 symptoms of galactophore hyperplasia?
My parten has had the condition before and is in constant pain now, is masectomy ineventful ??...

 my mom has pancreatic cancer?
she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about 2 months ago.luckily they found it early but they couldn't do surgery.today they told us the results of her CAT scan and it is barely visible.my ...

 Is it possible for someone say a guy who has cancer to get a girl pregnant?
Ok my friend has leukemia and has had it since he was 7 years old well they got rid of it with radiation but now the problem is they think it is coming back, but that isn't the problem. Problem ...

 Does using a cell phone give you brain cancer?
I have used my cell phone at least 140 HOURS! last month and i just hear that there are some cell phone that give you brain cancer. I'm to young to die! so please help me!!!...

 Sunstroke in childern?
How long does the effects of sunstroke usually last? And are there any long term effects from it?...

 if a chemical in a plant kills cancer cells and?
we try to make an extract out of this plant but cannot get the pure form of the chemical, how likely is it that the extract will kill cancer ...

 My older brother is affecting by TB in small bowel as per barium report. He is also consuming medicine as Doc
Please let me know above question answer immediately as my older brother is affecting by above ...

 breast tenderness?
Had a mammogram, then a few weeks later another one plus a ultra sound. they had found a mass or area as they said? the problem is in both breasts. I had gained weight after quitting the cigarette ...

 Is it safe to live in Las Vegas with nodules on my lungs? Help?
One doctor told me both lungs were full of cancer and inoperable about 5 mos. ago. Another pulmonologist said they were not cancer after having done a PET Scan and CT scan and my oncologist agreed ...

 Now that they have found a cheap, safe drug that kills most cancers, isn’t it a shame?
that pharmaceutical companies are unlikely to pay for the drug testing required because they can’t make money on unpatented medicines. The drug, dichloroacetate (DCA), has already been used for ...

 How does one find out where the source of agent orange cancer started in a body?
The VA is telling everyone that people need to proove that it started in certain parts of the body to qualify for benefits. How is this done? Autopsy is my last resort....

 I am diagnosed with schizophrenia. I just had a test for heavy metals. I have 10 mcg per liter arsenic level.?
Is my 10 microgram/ liter arsenic level a problem ? Could it be affecting my brain? Am I at risk for cancer and should I consider chelation therapy ?...

 Bowel problems- young mum and sooo worried?
Hi, im 25 and have 2 children 6 and 1 yrs old. I have had piles for ages and then i got another pile in the last few months. I have had blood in the toilet bowl and more recent blood in my stools. A...

 My Mother has Pancreatic Cancer...what now?
My Mother has stage III Pancreatic Cancer. She had surgery 2 weeks ago and the Surgeon stated that the tumor could NOT be removed and that it was inoperable. We are trying to get her into The City of ...

 What do you think of Texas requiring cervical cancer vaccine for all girls?
Check out this link...


Can we consider this to be Rebublicans helping Republicans??????...

 does deodrant cause cancer from new researches.?
People say that deodrant does cause any type of cancer some say no it doesn't which is it. And please use easy undersatnding knowledge. Your own words for instance so i can understand ...

Low Neutrophils, High Lymphocytes (What does it mean.I have this problem in my blood)?

Additional Details
My Neutrophils is 40.7 and Lymphocytes is 52.9

Talk to a qualified doctor.

you have a viral infection

Buzz s
What it says to me is that you have an infection or you have a lymphoma. If you have this information, a doctor is better able to interpret the actual numbers and the significance of this better than us.

Lymphocytes usually increase due to infection. Have you recently been sick or currently sick? If there is a problem your doctor will hopefully talk with you about it. Neutrophils are the white blood cells responsible for removal of bacteria from the blood.

Without knowing the total WBC and the % of each it is impossible to explain whether this is a problem or not. Neutrophils are your arsenal against bacteria and lymphocytes produce antibodies and also fight viruses. If you have a normal WBC and a relatively high lymphocyte count you could have the common cold. It also depends on what the lymphocytes look like - are they normal or atypical (reactive). Your doctor should be able to put together the whole picture and explain it to you: what your symptoms are what your lab work says any other signs or symptoms or history you have. One lab test is only a clue and cannot be diagnostic by itself. It is like going to a crime scene and only getting one clue - usually not enough information.

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