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 Can breast cancer be cured with diet/ I know of a person suffering with it?

 Could a dying old man's advice help prevent breast cancer?
15 years ago I worked in the physical therapy dept. of our city hospital.
Unfortunately, we couldn't rehab everyone.
In this case, I visited a dying man 2x a day just to move his ...

 Did jade goody die from cervical cancer because she didn't have regular smear tests?
l thought if you had regular smear tests and they found abnormal cells the survival rate was good because it is a slow growing cancer. lm wondering why it was only found when it was too late.

 if a person is in last stage of cancer what do u think he should do and how shall he live?
how can i give him courage? how can i refer to other doctors around the world?...

 help, im deeply scared i have brain tumor or brain cancer, read details plz, and tell me ur honest opinion.?
ok. a while now, id say like 2 months, ive been having headaches, just mostly on the top left of my head, but sometimes alot of places. its not all the time just on and off a few time through out ...

 10 Points to Best Answer?
So if they believe you have a brain tumor how would they go about testing their theory? (I don't have one, I'm just curious. It's what my grandfather died of.)...

 My best friends mom just died of cancer. I havent lost anyone before. no clue what to do?
I really want to be there to comfort her but I have no idea what to say/ not say do/ not do . She is an only child and doesn't have a lot of relatives and she was extremely close with her mom<...

 I Have A Very Important Health Question, And I Need A Response ASAP!!!!?
I'm sorry, but I need to describe my situation in detail, so when my "thing" is firm, I can feel a noticeably tiny bump on it, and it's only when it's firm. Is this a symptom ...

 Does the American Cancer Society really want to find a cure for cancer? Cancer is a money maker.?
Cancer is and always has been big business. It´s a money maker for the primary doctor, the testing labs, the hospitals, the X-rays, medications. Next comes the undertaker with his coffins, and then ...

 if i inhale weed from a bong will it be as bad as smoking weed?
im just curios cuz i know if you inhale weed from a bong it is different from smoking weed. and since smoke causes cancer, then it should be better for me to inhale from a bong. or is it just as bad ...

 I'm 29 years old and I notice the increase size of my breast. Is this a sign of breast cancer?
I hope this increase was from my recent weigh gain.My breast should of stop growing in my teen years. Please give me some advice....

 Desperate for Help, Cancer patient who will not eat!!?
My husband has NSCLC Stage IV with mets to the brainm he is 52 yrs old. His chemo treatment is now Alimta. He has had 3 treatments of this chemo. With his first chemo (2 diff. drugs) he would eat, ...

 Do people lose their hair due to cancer or chemotherapy?

 My grandmother is dying but I'm on the other side of the world?
What should I do?

My grandmother is dying very suddenly. It's thought that she will die within one week or possibly two. She lives in England but I'm living and working abroad in ...

 What are all the cancer doctors called?
Im in high school and i already know i want to be a cancer doctor. But the thing is i dont know what kind i want to be. Can you name them all and tell me what classes and things i need to do to get ...

 Do you think there is a cure for Cancer this very moment?

 Can teenager get lung cancer from smoking?
I know that everybody get get lung cancer from smoking but from what I heard people mostly get it at the age of 40+.

My question is can a 16-21 year old person get lung cancer(basically ...

 Cold water after a meal might cause collon cancer! Fact or myth?

 What is the reason for the CONSTANT discussions in the media about "Cancer"?
is this just my perception that it has become the newest "Craze" to talk about this..like similar the AIDS scare in the 80's and 90's?

when, did this become this way?<...

 Just found out that i have lung cancer?
I'm in limbo, i'm 18? Family/friends/college? What am i going to do?
i feel so sickkkkkk

My Nanna knows that they found a lump in my lung a few months back, stupidly, i'...

The Magic Answer
Is there any possible way to predict how much time someone has to live before they die of cancer?

Actually this is to spreedog. I wish you were right. Doctors where I am out give you a life span. In some ways is it good, but really it is offensive. How dare they, really is my personal opinion. The good part is that you have choices to make, the bad part is I know people who accept those things and just seem to give up hope and die. We weren't one of those, but it did help to know so we could make choices in determining treatment. Seems one of the reasons why they tell is insurance and help in financing care. Would you believe. Some programs will only pay if the prognosis is over a certain amount of months. You get nailed with terminal, most programs won't help you.


But if they need support...have them check this out



Doctors can never tell exactly how long someone has to live or how well their treatment will extend their life. However, they use certain standards to make educated estimations.

Somethings they use to calculate are: the type of cancer (breast, colon, liver, etc.), the size of the tumors, if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, and if so, to what parts.

Patients who participate in clinical trials often have a chance of extending their lives longer because they have access to the most cutting edge drugs.
I was diagnosed with cancer nine years ago and am still living an active life even though I am not cured.


No. The phrase 'You have x months to live' is heard in bad soap operas, not in oncologists' consulting rooms.

Doctors know how unpredictable cancer is, and they avoid giving precise predictions of life expectancy; they can probably make an educated guess and will very likely be right, but there will always be those who defy the odds.

Many, many people who have cancer don't die of it at all, of course

Accurately? No. Every person is different. Doctors use 5 and 10 year survival rates. That is the percentage of people, diagnosed with a particular cancer that live 5 or ten years after completion of their treatments. But there will always be the ones that are fighters and trash the odds.

No as everyone is different. I just saw my terminally ill brother in law today, who is dying from cancer and for the first time I saw death in him this morning and it upset me. Just seeing his swollen face and eyes was horrible and you just know he hasn't much time left.

You have a number of very good answers above.
Of course the answer is NO.
We are often pushed for predictions, and we counter with averages based on data from similar but not identical cases. The result is that the estimations are usually quite wrong. You will hear many stories such as "My doctor GAVE me six months to live, and I'm alive five years later."
Doctors never GIVE people survival times. Patients and family members take averages for predictions when they are not that at all.

I've explained this to patients and family members for lengthy periods of time and some will still come to me and say - "C'mon doc, how long do you really GIVE my mother."

In the last 24 - 48 hours we can usually make a good guess.
There are signs of impending death that cancer specialists and nurses realize from experience indicate that death is near, but that is only the last day or two - usually when a patient is unconscious. Most cancer patients are not awake and coherent at the very end.

For "Alysse" - I'm sorry there are doctors out there making these predictions. They should not in my opinion.

We do get in a bind for hospice referrals. The criteria for admission to hospice is a prognosis of six months or less. So we have to guess. I was involved as an unpaid volunteer with our local hospice in the 1980's. We would have some patients alive two years after referral. A few hospice people would grumble that these patients should not have been referred to hospice.
But referring doctors really do not know. It's a rough guess.
No two people are exactly alike. No two breast cancers or colon cancers are exactly alike.

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