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Is there any correlation between anti perspirant deodorants and breast cancer?
From what I have learned there is a strong connection between anti perspirant deodorants and breast cancer.
There are a lot of scary details I have read at lovlis.com
I will be very glad to hear comments and more information

possibly, because antiperspirants block toxins from going out of your body. shop at whole foods or elsewhere and buy regular deodorant.

None at all. You can research ALL the available data, confirm the reliable sources, and see what they say, or you can do the following "thought experiment": almost 100% of women (and men) in the USA use antiperspirants & deodorants today that did not exist 100 years ago. Is the actual breast cancer rate higher today? No, it isn't.

If you wanted to abandon ALL "common sense", you might accurately observe that the death rate from breast cancer is far lower today than it was 100 years ago, and conclude that perhaps deodorants were responsible for that!

i always wondered that, I always use deoderant with no anti perspirant just for the fact of not having metal in my pores

Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

No link between cancer and deodorants/anti-perspirants has been proven, and all the evidence strongly suggests there isn't one.

The currently widely-held belief that they are linked to breast cancer is mainly down to a hoax email

A large study in 2002 looked for links between antiperspirant use and breast cancer in 1,500 women. The researchers found that neither antiperspirants nor deodorants increased breast cancer risk.

These links give some facts:




Those who claim that deodorants/antiperspirants cause breast cancer state one of these three things as the reason:

1) they contain aluminium; many do but there is no strong evidence that aluminium could increase the risk of cancer

2) 'anti-perspirants prevent the release of toxins, which cause cancer'; this is nonsense - the purpose of sweat is to cool you down, not release 'toxins', and even if sweat did release toxins, there are plenty of other areas you sweat profusely from.

3) they contain parabens, a preservative many believe is linked to breast cancer. - There is in fact no evidence that parabens cause cancer; the concern arises from a small study in 2004 by British researchers which found traces of parabens in tissue taken from women with breast cancer. The tumours of 20 women were tested, and for obvious reasons there was no control group.

The researchers claimed the study demonstrated that if people are exposed to parabens , the chemicals will accumulate in their bodies

However, this extremely small study doesn't demonstrate a direct causal link between deodorant or antiperspirant use and developing breast cancer. A study that small cannot be regarded as proof.

There are many deodorants available without parabens and aluminium, and many people choose to use them to be on the safe side - I do myself, and did long before my breast cancer diagnosis - but there is no proof of a link with breast cancer or with any other cancer

no, it's not true -- but it's a good way to scare someone. Just think about it logically. We'd all have cancer or be dying from it ever since antiperspirant was invented. This rumor was started ages ago, and quite frankly, you can't believe every website you see.

This has been going around for a long time. There is no correlation. Check it out at Snopes.com

No scientific evidence showing a causative link.

Yes, most breast cancer patients have used antiperspirant, but no more so than non-cancer patients. They have also eaten bread, slept in a bed and gone to school, but none of those things caused their breast cancer either.

No there isn’t.
Before you start learning things on the internet you have to consider your source.

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