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 how come you don't hear much about doctors or a lot of rich people getting cancer?
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 Why are people who are diagnosed with cancer told to avoid acids in their food?
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 this sounds horrible but im jeoulous of my sister with cancer?
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 My father was recently diagnosed with cancer, and has been pretty upset. I was looking for some good christia?
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 Why do doctors stare a lot at the patents?
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 what to do when you have brain cancer?

 Do i have throat cancer?! sumone please help?
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 Do i have cancer and i want to know If anyone can give me some decent advice please!!!?
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 My mum has pancreatic cancer what are the possible outcomes?
i have just been told by my mum that the doctors suspect she has pancreatic cancer and i looked it up and it said only a lucky 3-4% will survive 6-12 months

just want to know what are the ...

 Would you sooner ride in a horse carriage than drive in a car that throws out cancer fumes and kills children?
and the elderly?
Me? I have two cars and I don't care about it....

 My dad has cancer, please can someone explain? (14 year old girl)?
OK this might be quite long but please bare with me as I really need some answers.

When I was about 8 my dad got bladder cancer, he had chemo and an operation to remove the tumor.

 Is it true that there is a link to cancer being caused by plastics...?
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 if they find the cure of cancer do you think it should be free?
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 If u only smoke once in a while,can you still damage you lungs and throat and still have a high risk 4 cancer?

Momma C
I have ovarian cancer. How long will I live?

Blue Haired Old Lady
I am sorry this happened to you. How long you live depends on how early they caught it, how effective the chemo is in your body, many factors. Ask your doctor. Best wishes. I hope they caught it early.

The doctor will take out your ovaries. If that doesnt work theyll put you on chemo and take it from there.

You might not die if they can get it out.

idk how long you will live but i really hope ul have a long and happy life,praying for ur happy long life!

Depends what stage if it is stage 1 then it is very treetable as it is small and has not spread if it is stage 2 it is harder to treat as the cancer is larger but you should make a full recovery. Stage 3 is much harder to treat and is one that can lead to death depending on how succecful the treatment is and stage 4 is ussually teminal as it has spread to other parts of the body.

It depends on a lot. What stage is it? Has it spread? If you remove the cancerous areas and go into chemo, you have a great chance of beating it and surviving. This is a question you need to ask a doctor or provide more information with

Good luck

FOREVER. please dont let this bring you down. live life 2 the fullest. have hope, belive, youll be okay! goodluck (: i will pray 4 u

i have no idea. it depends on what stage your cancer is in and how well you can fight it.

Candy A
There are too many things to be asked before you can get a proper answer. What stage are you ? 1-2-3-4 ?
Has it metastasized ? What treatments are you and your doctor deciding on ?
To have clear cut answers you must speak openly and candid with your doctor.
Do not look at this as a death sentence, be positive and do everything in your power to stay optimistic. There are groups meeting online or in your community , this is something we are all going through and we are all here to support and help you. HOPE and stay happy, no one can take your joy away but you. Fight, with everything you have.

I don't know anything about this cancer but I just want to say I wish you the very, very best.
Live your life to the full, do everything you want to do whether you will live a long time or not.
And stay strong, believe in yourself.
It'll work wonders.

Forever. You can fight this, girl!

Bl♥ndy: Dark Ash Recipe
there are many factors and variables. only your doctor can answer that, even then he/she may be wrong.

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