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 Marlboro Cigarette types?
How many types of marlboro are there?
different colors, flavors, shorts, long all ...

 What percent of serious smokers end up dying of lung cancer and other smoking related diseases?

 What is a comorbid illness?

 Does anyone know someone (preferably women) who had/has bladder cancer?
I would like to hear stories of your experience with bladder cancer... Survivor stories or not, whatever you have to share. My mother has it and is going the alternative route. I would like to ...

 Can brain tumors cause memory loss?
Can brain tumors cause memory loss? If so, what type of tumor? What area of the brain would it have to be in? How big would it have to be? Just some general information would help.

Thank ...

 What organizations(s) grant wishes for terminal adults with rare cancers and only months to live?
My mom was suddenly diagnosed with terminal Bile Cancer and was at a stage 4 mid January this year. After trying chemo (we shouldn't have) and less than 4 months into the battle... my momma has ...

 What are the chances of me dying or doing something serious after deoderant sniffing?
Well my friend was telling me about the time she tried it
she said it was fun it only lasted like 3 minutes but she probably wouldn'tt again
I thought one day i would try it
I ...

 Is this new push on skin cancer annoying you? So what if I like to sun bake right?
So I love just lying out in the sun. But all these ads are kinda annoying me and I don't care. But I guess I care enough to say that they're annoying and everyone now says "wow why are ...

 What are some foods that prevent cancer?
I'm a little too young to be worried about it, but cancer is SUPER common in my family. I try to stay as heathy as possible, but I'm wondering is there are any specific foods to help ...

 how dangerous is leukemia and why?

 Can anyone give me input on plasma free metinephrine test other then checks for adrenal gland tumor?Please!?
Plasma cells r also in bone marrow...right? So does it show anything other then pheochromocytoma? I'm getting the plasma free metinephrine test done on Monday after some injection, but can it ...

 Describe the pathophysiology of ALL?
P.M., aged 4 years, has returned to the family doctor because of a recurrent sore throat and cough. Her mother mentions unusual listlessness and anorexia. The physician notices several bruises on her ...

 How soon after a sunburn can skin cancer be determined?
I got a really bad sunburn (after all winter long saying how much skin cancer has risen...) i didnt realize how strong the sun really was and i didnt put any cream on. my skin is very fair so i ...

 Is he always going to be like this after cancer?
My husband was diagnosed with cancer in '06. He's doing so well now but sometimes he gets a little down about it. Coming up the second anniversary of finishing chemo he was miserable and ...

 Hodgkins disease?
I found a hard lump above my collar bone yesterday.

I read that it could be hodgkins disease.

Im freaking out.

Do you have any experiences with this cancer ?...

 Do I have a hemorrhoid?
For the past few weeks it's sort of felt like there was a cut inside my rectum, and occasionally there'd be blood on the toilet paper. My stool has also recently been too firm or diarrhea, ...

 do i have colon cancer?
for the last couple weeks ive been having alot of trouble pooping. ive been straining alot to get it out. i just went poop a few minutes ago. had no trouble, came right out. while i was pooping i ...

 What are the treatments for lung cancer?
I know theres many types of lung cancer, but of the more serious types, what are the treatments?

How affective are they?

What are the survival rates for anyone with any type of ...

 With all due respect to people who lost loved ones to cancer but I am a 2 year?
cancer survivor who was operated on succeccfully a year ago.the problem is now I'm off on long term disablitity and according to the Doctors will be off a while more not due to cancer but due to ...

 cervical cancer question--can you get it geneticaly?
Someone has told me that they have cervical cancer and Im a little confused about it. I read that its caused by hpv and other health issues. but my friend says she got it genetically. is that ...

I have a lump on my shin bone!!?
So for the past 2-3 weeks or so I have had a lump on my left shin bone! they are tender to the touch and recently i have grown another lump on my right shin and about 2-4 more lumps on my left shin. I dont remember hitting my legs on anything...im pretty cautious about that! I dont run or anything I'm already in awesome shape soo no need for that. I'm not to sure what the lumps could be?? I did play soccer for 6 years though. What could they be?? what should i do (see a doctor)?? has anyone else had this??

It depends on the lumps as to what it could be. I think the best thing for you to do is get it checked out whether you go to a doctor or the emergency department in a public hospital as you cannot diagnose something without knowledge.

Mrs. Sunshine
Yes you need to see a doctor. It could be fatty tissue, or blood clots. Some people with fibromalgia have knots form under the skin. Not trying to scare u or anything but it is something that needs to be cecked out. My husbands uncle had a knot come up on his calf that was tender to the touch and felt like it had fever in it. He over looked it for to long. The lower half of his leg had to be amputated, it was a blood clot.

Hello :)

I had a bump on my shin once...it turned out it was a "solid" cyst that I had removed.
Cysts can be "fluid filled"
or they can be a "Solid" mass- that is beign-(not cancerous)
You may be a person that gets cysts easily.
It does not necessarily mean that your "lumps" are cancerous.
You will have to go to your Dr. to be sure and have He/She look at it and assess it.

Hope this helps, and good luck :)

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