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 my dad is 66 has cirrhosis of the liver and just got 40%of his liver removed due to cancer,will he die young?

 have i got a form of cancer?
Hi ive been having problems with my bowels such as..

bleeding when going for a number 2
somtimes pencil like thin stools
dark brown/black stool once
stomach growls aches ...

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Is she going to die?...

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 question about melanoma staging.....?
My oncologist is telling me that my melanoma is stage 0 and the surgeon that did my second surgery and lymph node bio is saying it is stage 1? why would there be differing opinions?...

im scared, please help...
last night i found a lump on my neck
its sore and abit red
i dont know what it is
is it cancer?
i dont want to tell my parents they might be upset ...

 what is the cancer?
i want to know about illness which is called cancer. and where it appears?and any medicine for it?or the injured will die from it.
i want to know all about cancer but the information should be ...

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 Can 16 yr olds get breast cancer??
Recently my right breast is hurting near to the left hand side.. Could this be cancer? what should I do?

Serious answers please
Additional Details
i also just had glandulla ...

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 Is it normal to be able to feel lymph noids in your body?
I can feel lumps in my neck, axilla (armpit/breast region) and groin. They are painless and some have been present for at least 8 months.
I DO NOT have night sweats, nor do I experience ...

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 I have stomach cancer and I feel like I need to?
Die. I'm not doing verywell, my welbeing is shot, I have litle will to go onn,
I'm thinking about death now butsome force tells m/e to go on to try to beat it, does anyon know if ...

 worse? cigars or cigs?
I smoke 10 cigars a week. (pack of 10 hamlets) how much worse than smoking 10 cigaretees a day is that if at all?...

 i have a sore in the palm of my hand its been there for about 6 months now could this be cancer?
the sore gets hard like dead skin where i peals it off because its ugly on my hand but it wont go away it hurts, and i notice i'm getting one on my other hand,been to the doctor,she said it ...

 i have 3kids my little girl has cancer i need some food like away?

I found a lump in my neck, should i be worried?
there's a lump just behind my left earlobe
its quite painful.

im kind of scared, should i be?
could it be cancerous?

Nestor Diaz-Green



Hi there,if scaring you will get you to the doctor that's what im going to do,my dad has had lumps on his neck for about ten months now and has just had them checked out,typical bloke,he has had one removed and its secondary cancer and is now in his lungs bones bladder so things don't look good probably wont be here for Christmas,im not saying that's what you have but please please get it checked asap,the doctor is where you should be seeking info from not the internet,good luck i hope its nothing bad.

probably a lymth node

jackie m
You wont know till you see a doctor. - 2 years ago I had one on my neck and after tests for cancer it can back clear, they done scans and fine needle biopsy and said it was an inflamed lymph node, deeper scans found an under active thyroid gland and now after blood tests it came back type 2 diabetic and under active thyroid gland and now need to take thyroxine medication for ever and control diabetes with diet. - doctor thought at the time it was just a cyst. I had a year of hell getting it checked out. Check out the endoctrine system it tells you all about swollen lymph nodes and it could be any one of a hundred things from something serious to a bad tooth?

If it's painful, then it probably isn't cancerous. You should, however, make a doctor's appointment as soon as possible.

It could be nothing or it could be an enlarged lymph node. If it doesn't go away in a couple days, I would have it checked out, make sure it isn't lymphoma or an infection draining to that node.

lou b
Don't sit on here worrying...get to a doc. You will get no answers on here that are worth reading.

I DO wish people wouldn't come on here for medical advice. You won't get any answers worth considering. You may be told it's nothing but it is or you may be told you've got 2 months to live, and you haven't.

Consider this. There will not be any properly medically qualified people on here. They are too busy being doctors.

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