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 I am 14 and have a brain tumor. My friend died 2 months ago from one. How should i tell my remaining friends?
2 weeks ago i was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

2 months ago a very close friend of mine died from one.

I need a way to tell my friends, who are still very distraught that i am ...

 Right, I've got a painless little lump on the side of my neck near my shoulder, any ideas what it could be?
Everyone I've asked said its nothing to worry about, "Just a little nodule" and my step dad reckons hes had them, but being a hypocondriact i'm still really worried about it.

 if the cancer is gone then why does she need chemo or radiation?
my mother was recently diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer..they did the major surgery (went through her stomach) and removed it all they said (it was 3inches by 4inches)..
anyway if they ...

 A gift for someone with Leukemia?
My best friend was just diagnosed yesterday with Leukemia. & I'm gonna be driving up to the hospital which is 8 hours away from me, next week sometime.

I want to get her a gift. B...

 My wud b is suffering Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML).He gone to many hospitals but his parents is afraid.?
he didnt undergo for chemo.he says he need some natural treatments.he says he cant marry me too.will Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) will be curable?I need to know about natural treatments..can we ...

 How can I build up my immune system after breast cancer treatments?
I have a very low immune system since I had chemotherapy, radiation, and other breast cancer treatments and surgeries. Since I finished chemo and radiation less than a year ago, I have had shingles, ...

 Am told if a man does not marry by the age of 30 years, he is likely to suffer from cancer.How true is this?

 My mom has smoked for like 20 years and is now 50. If she quite now would it even make a difference?

 MY nan has terminal cancer.. doctors won't do anything?
Hello everyone, i am 15 years old and today i just found out that my nan is soon going to be dieing from cancer and tumors in her stomoche, kidneys and boawl. I Went to the hospital today to visit ...

 What exactly is Cancer like?
What was your reaction upon being diagnosed?
After hearing "each human has a 40% chance of getting cancer", I'm a little scared.
Additional Details
Is it as bad as ...

 what is a mammogram??!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!…
please can someone help me! my mom said that she was going get one of these so called mammograms. SUM1 PLZ HELP!!!!!...

 Is makeup going to give us cancer/harm us?
I've been reading a lot of articles lately that say makeup, body lotions, body washes, perfumes, etc. have a lot of bad ingredients in them. Many of them are dangerous and contain harmful ...

 Why did women not get breast cancer 50 years ago?

Additional Details
Untreated breast cancer becomes very obvious, with tumors that grow larger and larger that can be seen and felt with the naket eye, pus that can come out of the ...

 My sister has Lung Cancer she is having trouble with a metallic taste does anyone know how to handle this?
They say its her condition.?...

 im 13, i just startd smoking one a day.?
and i got into it by watching my family do it around me and others. and i said i wanna try so i got one of my cousins and smoked it and its a every day thing. and that was last week when i did that ...

 if i start smoking pot, will my doctor find out?
all my friends ask me to smoke with them and i always wanted to try it out, but im afraid that if i go to the doctors(i still go to a pediatrician) they will find out which means my mom will find out....

 Who do I contact to save my Mum's life?
Please help me. Five weeks ago my mother was admitted to hospital in agony. She spent around three weeks in Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske, and was subjected to many blood tests and scans (...

 what are my chances of SURVIVING CANCER ??????
every woman in my family on my moms side has had cancer..
only 2 have died from it so far
my grand grand mom ( my moms grandma)
and i think my moms grandmas mom .........
i ...

 Testicular Cancer...?
Can kicking someone in the balls increase their chances of getting testicular cancer?
According to my boyfriend it could give them a cyst which could turn into cancer..
i told him it was ...

 Why is the cure for cancer being suppressed?

How long do you have to live if you have stage four cancer?
My friend has stage four cancer, how long do you have live?
Additional Details
My friend has stage four cercoma cancer in her kidney's, in her liver, lungs, and now her brain, how long does she have to live?

chihuahua momma
the easy way to tell is if she is in hospice care, if she is then one to 2 months at the most, i just went through this with my mother in law who had it in her colon, liver and stomach

there is no real answer to that, my brother is in marie curie now, in his bones and brain,they told him 2 ago months it would be days not weeks,the docs don`t know why he is still alive,he keeps coming back from the brink. he was given 6 months to live 1 year ago. they can only give you an educated guess,it depends on the will to live, and other factors.

cold grey Ash
Staging really depends on a lot of things. It depends on metastisis as well as where it started, as well as what kind it is. I have stage 4 cancer because it has metastisised beyond the local area, and it has come back in less than one year after my first treatments. That being said it stayed in my lymph nodes and is thyroid cancer which is highly treatable. The docs say I have a 50/50 chance of living for he next 30 years.

Well, each person is different but it having spread so far, I would say that your friend does not have long to live. It sounds like it has invaded many of her major organs, her brain being especially concerning - I would say 3-6 months, but only a doc can tell you for sure.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend.
My dad recently passed away from liver cancer... He was diagnosed at stage four and lived about 8 months longer. Everyone is different. and when it's their time to go they will go. Please try to enjoy the time you have left with your friend....best wishes

check out this http://share.macmillan.org.uk/share/tags/CancerTypes.aspx and this research group http://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/

The prognosis is probably not good. Probably 6 months at the most.

I have seen prayer help in the past. I had not believed in it until I saw it happen. I am a Nurse and a patient had a bowling ball sized tumor that disappeared. It was family and friends prayer that helped him. It was a true miracle.

Prayer will not stop all cancer, if HE has a plan for you and greater things for you to accomplish.

Barb M
With metastases to the brain, probably not long but anything can happen. Weeks perhaps.

Yagen P
I'm sorry to hear that; frankly it doesn't sound that she has much time. But it's hard to say for sure. There are many factors which affect how much time a cancer patient has.

There's an explanation, and some facts for cancer patients / caregivers at http://www.cancerdoubts.com

No one knows.My wife has stage IV renal cell carcinoma.She was diagnosed in Oct. 2003.It's been a tough road but she is still here.Keep the faith.

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