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 If you had Cancer....which method would you choose to cure and control it? Radiation, Chemo or Surgery?
Please explain why you would one one of these methods?

I am writing an essay about cancer and need to get some opinions about those methods used to control cancer,.

Thanks ...

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 I've just found out from my doctor that my cancer has spread and I don't have long left. What do I do?
I'm a boy aged 17. I'm scared of my prognosis but there's that part of me that feels really calm. I'd just like to see what people think I should do with my last few days?

 Do you know anyone with Breast Cancer? Have you had it yourself?
What was your age of diagnosis? Did it run in your family?
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How long can someone live with stage 4 lung cancer without treatment?

I believe in that your over all out look on life is manger factor on how long you live. There are many alternative way to treat cancer with out chemo check out the page below.

As you have seen, it will certainly vary on the person. My mom had stage iv, and with treatment she lived for 2 more years.

it depends on how aggressive the cancer is and our good lord above. faith goes a long way when cancer strikes us.i have had breast cancer now 3 years that has mestastise to my bones. my x-husband also has cancer but his orginated in his bone over 6 years ago and he is still going. dealing with lots of pain but no one knows but god,

Cinthia Round house kicking VT
Too many variables. Why type of cancer -- small cell or large cell would make a big difference. Also age and health of the patient - will determine how the immune system can fight off certain things.

I have seen people die rapidly with and without treatment. The treatment can be as debilitating as the disease.

Best thing you can do is ask your doctor. Even he won't be able to give you exact, only a range.

Bryan&#39;s Princess
I believe a great portion of it is up to the person with the cancer. If you have the will to live and want to beat cancer, the fight will come natural. A positive attitude and way of living is a big part as well....

Like I have been telling my husband who has stage IV brain cancer......IV is nothing but a number.

We have been battling his cancer since 01/06/07.

Beautiful girl
Doctor's start worrying when cancer has reached Stage 3. The only one who can adequately diagnose this is a medical doctor. Don't rely on any lay people to do this for you. I had stage 1 endometrial cancer and that means it hasn't spread yet. They were able to catch it in it's early stages and I had surgery. Stage 4 means basically the patient will be a goner no matter what the treatment. But then again my sister had Stage 4 Breast Cancer and she had her breast removed and still here. Good luck.

This is so hard to answer because you don't mention any medical details like the age of the patient, and other medical problems (diabetes, congestive heart disease, kidney failure,etc.) the extent of the cancer in the lung, any metastasis to other areas, and if it is an aggressive type or not.In general lung cancers can go for more than a year but some types if aggressive will only last 3 months at most. If he has stage 4 now with mets to the brain or bone already, and has increased difficulty of breathing & is relying on O2 and morphine, it could only be a few weeks. Like I said, it all depends. Sorry.

jackie m
it depends on the age and the current health of the patient but when I googled it, it said 50% of people with stage 4 don't usually last more than 8 months - my dad had lung cancer 6 years ago and luckily they caught it before stage 4 and removed half of his lung and he recovered age 73 but developed bowel cancer 3 years later and we were told possibly 6 months to 1 year but he was dead within 6 weeks of diagnoses.

Cancer is unpredictable.

They could live years.

In all likelihood, they would only live months, depending on where the cancer has spread. Stage 4 means it has spread.


Depends on the person and the extent of the stage iv. I was told I had 2-4 months without treatment, perhaps a year with chemo.. I've so far survived 3 years with stage iv, with the help of two cycles of chemo.

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