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 Do you think there will ever be a cure for cancer?

 Can ayurveda can cure cancer?

 Have cancer doctors ever considered possibly freezing tumors then removing them?
Would that keep them from spreading?
Additional Details
am not sure however, it just seems when cancer patients have things surgically done, that is the reason for tumors spreading. when ...

 why do chemotheraphy and radiation treatments kill cancer cells more effectively than they kill normal cells?
in the body?...

 treatment for 3rd stage cancer?
is it curable by ...

 Is there any possible way to predict how much time someone has to live before they die of cancer?

 Chances of having Cancer? I'm 18, male and eat very unhealthy.?
i'm 18 yr old male here in southern cali. i weigh 123lbs but all my life have been eating very unhealthy. ranging from fast food about 4-5 times a week, soda everyday when i was young, and ...

 Does it hurt to have a smear test for cervical cancer?

 where is your liver in your body?

 my 27 year old son committed suicide 3/16/09. My 23 old son was diagnosed with cancer 9/2/09.?
and my beautiful 21 year old daughter is dating a drug attack. I just do not want to continue with my life. I do not want to see the after math. I have tried for almost a year to hold things ...

 Can a person get cancer in their arm?
I don't know if I pulled a muscle or what but I can not lift my one arm. I am a diabetic but didn't have trouble in this arm before. I do have a lump on my breast on this side. I do not ...

 how do cancer cells spread??
i always here of someone that has cancer of some body part or other and then it spreads to another part, but how does it spread?...

 I'm a 17 year old girl and i think i might have colon cancer....please help.?
omg. once i read all the sypmtoms my eyes bursted with tears. i couldnt stop crying. cancer/surgery are my biggest fears. someone telling me i have cancer is a death sentence to me. :(((

i ...

 Should i have the cervical cancer jab?
i've heard loads of bad things and wat it can do to you....i'm 14...........should i have it???? thankyouu ...

 Cancer Remisson How long?
Well I got gtood news today . I'm in remission and I give all the thanks to God. Thank God for the Cancer center and Thank God for the American Cancer Soceity... I have stage 4 follicular ...

 My mother had a mammogram yeterday, they called back this morning?
When you have a mammogram, and you receive a phone call back the next day, does it indicate that something's wrong, or is it routine? Why would they call back so early?

This morning, I...

 Can breast cancer be cured with diet/ I know of a person suffering with it?

 Could a dying old man's advice help prevent breast cancer?
15 years ago I worked in the physical therapy dept. of our city hospital.
Unfortunately, we couldn't rehab everyone.
In this case, I visited a dying man 2x a day just to move his ...

 Did jade goody die from cervical cancer because she didn't have regular smear tests?
l thought if you had regular smear tests and they found abnormal cells the survival rate was good because it is a slow growing cancer. lm wondering why it was only found when it was too late.

 if a person is in last stage of cancer what do u think he should do and how shall he live?
how can i give him courage? how can i refer to other doctors around the world?...

How long can a person live if thier kidneys have shut down and they will not have dialysys?

DR. Raed
well it really depends on many factors like the metabolism rate of the body sort of food the patient eats the temperature of the body and the temperature of the surrounding also if there are any sort of other liver disease or any sort of infections but in general patient doesnt survive for a long period and even befor dieing they get into a coma due to the accumolation of toxic materials in the brain and liver in general you can say from 3 days to a week

fed up
Not very long at all.

Kelly V

i'm sorry, but not very long.

wow not long. I hope you or whoever gets better.

Im sry to say but not for very long without the kidneys functioning properly the body is unable to get rid of excess fluids and waste products that are removed thru the kidneys. They will literally drown in their own body fluids.

about 17 hours

Weighty Questions
I'm a nurse on a general medical unit with a nephrology subspecialty. The longest I have seen someone live after STOPPING dialysis (they were on it but decided to stop the treatments) is about six weeks. It depends on whether they have any remaining kidney function and if so how much, what their comorbidities (other diseases) are, how long they were on dialysis, etc. I've never seen someone who stops dialysis die within 3 days. It's usually at least a week. There are other ways to bring down potassium levels besides dialysis, but eventually a high potassium causes muscle problems and the heart is a muscle... plus toxins build up in their system from not being able to filter waste through the kidneys. Outside the hospital, life without dialysis would be shorter because generally you don't have an IV site or access to other "advanced" treatments in a home setting or even in a nursing home.

Depends on the person and their condition, Imy grandmother lasted less than a week. She had a strong heart and lungs or she would not have lasted that long. Once her kidneys shut down, she went with the Angels very fast. I hope this is a school question and you aren't expierencing this with a loved one.

maybe a week depends on their other organs

Once your kidneys shut down and the body is not supported by artifical means such as dialysis the body can only survive about a week.

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