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 I always thought a tumor was cancer cells?
What's the difference between a tumor and cancer? I thought tumors were made of cancer cells. You can have a non-cancer tumor?...

 i want to know what are the requirements for an oncologist?
can someone tell me?...

 LEEP procedure...help?
I am going to have the LEEP procedure done in a week, and I have been doing some research on it. I'm still unclear on the after effects of it and how much the procedure actually hurts. If anyone ...

 What does the massa intermedia of the thalamus do?
I'm doing this research paper on the brain and I really need help! I can't find anything on the massa intermedia on google. I know that it's more prominent in females (53% more) and ...

 is there really ever going to be a cure for cancer?
what do you think?

there are soooo many fundraisers to raise money to look for a cure, but why is it that its been so long, and still nothing? im not against it or anything, i support it, ...

 how bad are cigars compared to normal filtered Cigarettes?

 what other two body parts besides the bone marrow produce white blood cells?

 which is the dose of essiac in a pt with breast cancer & how i prepare it ?
by the way, i have a 10.5 oz bottle of essiac extract but i don't know if i can mix it with water to drink it as my usual tea?...

 Does anyone know what it means to have occasional ovalocytes noted in a blood smear?
I had a blood smear done and the results were macrocytosis without anemia, and occasional ovalocytes were noted. I had liver, thyroid and vitamin b12 checked all normal. What could cause this?...

 does campfire smoke cause cancer?

 Oral cancer??
I have two ulcers one on the inside tip of my lip which is small and another larger one on the inside of the bottom lip, and is quite painful unless I put Bonjela or Anbesol on it.

Can ...

 Aspartame and brain tumors?
the rise of aspartame use in the US coincides with an increase in the incidence of brain tumors in Americans.
some lab tests on aspartame use indicate brain tumors in rats.
does this alone ...

 What is the cause of both lytic bone lesions and hypercalcemia?

 what is the role of nodal metastasis in cancer?
Pretty much all cancers have a much poorer prognosis for the patient when it involves the lymphnodes, even if it hasn't metastasized to a distant organ, what is it about nodal metastasis that ...

 what is more horrifying, leukemia or pancreatic cancer?

 Is this lingering scrape like lesion on my back something to work about? Skin cancer/carcinoma? ?
I am a 27 year old female. For the past 3 weeks, I have noticed a dime size (round) lesion on my lower back which looks like a scrape. It is red and dry. It does not hurt and I never remember ...

 What is Hashimoto's Thyroid?

My pathology report reads multinoduar goiter assciated with chronic lymphocttie theyoiditis. Suggestive of mild Hashimoto's Throiditis....

 I need to hear from someone who cared for their Mother who had endometrial cancer?
My Mother has already had her surgery and gone through chemotherapy, She is about to go into Hospice as her Dr has said that there is nothing more that he can do. I would like to know what to expect ...

 what can be the panacea for all ?
It can prove panacea for all scientists ..

what it will be ?...

 what are the survival rates for Richter's syndrome after treatment and what is the treatment for this?
Richters Syndrome is basically transformation of CLL, to be more specific CLL to diffuse large B cell Lymphoma....

How does an MRI tell the difference between tumors and other masses?
My husband had another MRI. Now they said he has a mass in his colon. They also called it a tumor. How can they tell this with the MRI? The mass could be something else. According to what I have read, lung cancer does not go to the colon.

MRI is not going to be a be-all end-all examination to decide whether something is simply a mass or a tumor. The doctor can make an intepretation on the images from the fact that there will be a difference in contrast on the images from the normal tissue to the abonormal tissue however blood work and biopsy would be needed to confirm it is cancer.

Lung cancer can metasize to the colong. It's not a primary site but it is possible.

Once it metastasises cancer can spread to any part of the body. The MRI only shows whats there the doctors interpret that information based on their knowledge of the patient. MRI cannot actually tell its actually cancer it shows any mass or growth as a picture only.

The word "tumor" really just means mass. That does not imply that it is "cancer", although most people associate tumor with cancer, which is what I think you are worried about. Although depending on the way it appears on the imaging, a tumor may look more cancerous than, say an infection or a benign growth does. A diagnosis depends on the rest of the clinical information (e.g. if there are other masses or metastatic looking lesions else where in the body) or a biopsy of this mass.

Hope this helps.

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