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 what are the treatments for pancreas cancer?
a friend just got diag with it and they are going to remove it with surgey , she did not say it was life threating surgey but i want to know what surgey prod do they have for this .i know all ...

 Does PCA really exist?

 If a malignant tumor metastasizes from the lung to the brain using the bloodstream which type of cells....?
If a malignant tumor metastasizes from the lung to the brain using the bloodstream which type of cells will the cells of the metastatic tumor resemble?

a. Cancerous lung cells
b. N...

 why in head it is called tumor where as in other parts of the body it is called cancer pl explain?
what is the main difference between cancer and tumor full definition i want. what is metastatic ...

 what is hugkins(i cant spell it) cancer?
i found out i am likley a direct carier what isit?...

 Has anyone used the drug Xeloda?? Please respond with side effects & effective Thanks?

 there was this women she was from scotland she has blonde hair and its short and she had cancer she sings.....
she didn't die but she sings love songs and shes very pretty and the guy's name is very ...

 Answer these two short questions about Colon Cancer?? Easy POints!!?
I have been looking everywhere to find the answer to these two questions..

Is Colon Cancer a mutation of the gene of chromosome?
I think its the Chromosome , could someone make sure?<...

 I need a itunes giftcard number for my friend shes in the hospital St. Judes and shes has cancer? please help?
I found out this place in St. Judes where i can download files and popular websites arent blocked! please help ...

 How do I stop feeling emotionally distant to some people after cancer?
Alot of our friends and family bailed on us after my husband had cancer. You would think they would rally by our side, but instead, still avoid us like the plague.I read alot of other peoples answers ...

 Can anyone give me facts about cigarettes?
I'm doing a project in health class and we have to write a paragraph about cigarettes and what we feel about them. I think that they are a HUGE waste of money and time and they can end up ...

 I have just read on here that getting the cervical cancer vaccination is up to the teenager?
surely girls aged 13-14 cant make an informed decision themselves?!
Additional Details

 doctors in Ontario reputation and complaints lodged against them?
I know there is a web site that you can find a Doctors degrees and complaints that were lodged against them. Can anyone help me in finding that ...

 Has anyone ever survived brain cancer?

 Can a certain kind of cancer pass through four (4) generations before some one could get the same cancer.?

 I have a rare thymic carcinoma. I need a treatment advice and help.?
I was under chemotherapy during 2003 and during 2005. the mass is complicate. In 20065 I was subjectd to surgery but without use....

 has anyone else had a liver resection surgery recently....?
and experienced pain in the area, but the doctors couldn't figure out what was causing it? Mine was in May, and I still have pain problems, but cat scans and blood tests come back normal... J...

 what could white cell count 13.9 mean and 9.7 neutro blood count?

 can u get cancer from standing in front of a microwave?

 lumps on my forearm above my wrist what is it!!!!!?
I have these lumps at least 4-5 of them on my left forearm (under part) 1 day they can be hard and next they are fleshy. my arm will get stiff and swollen next day nothing. it is to say the least ...

Miranda L
Gallbladder removal and pathologist report?
recently I had my gallbladder removed the surgeon said it was very diseased, there was a large stone (inch or more) that the surgeon could feel in the gallbladder as well as several smaller stones. The surgeon refused to open it and sent it straight to the pathologist to be examined. Should I be worried or is this common practice?

When the surgeon suspects gallbladder disease, they often request a pathology report. The gallbladder is disected in a lab and a report is written on what is found. It's pretty much just FYI.

Now that your gallbladder is out, you should be fine. The problem would be if you still had it in you. Ask for a copy of the report when it comes back if you want to know the results.

It is normal for them to get a pathology report on anything they remove from the body. They will want to know what kind of stones were formed (Ca, protein, etc.)

Stones are stones. Better leave it to the Pathologist, otherwise the stones might fall out??!!?. Usual practice is you can ask for the stones to be given to you for keep's sake

common practice dont worry just follow post procedure instructions and warnings

Amuse Bouche
If you had your gall bladder removed laparoscopically, then the surgeon had good reason to leave the gall bladder intact. Once the gall bladder has been separated from its ducts and blood vessels, it needs to be removed through a very small incision in your abdomen. Extreme care needs to be taken to avoid spillage of bile or infected material into the inside of the abdominal cavity. Otherwise the patient may experience a greater degree of discomfort after surgery, and spilled bile, pus and blood can lead to adhesions (scar tissue that can cause the intestines to stick to itself and the inside of the abdominal lining).

Once outside the body, the removed gallbladder is usually sent intact for pathology. Cutting it open and looking inside in the operating room really serves very little purpose other than perhaps a wow factor for the medical student who was assisting.

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