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 How to avoid all possible causes of cancer?
If you are saying that bad food can cause cancer please specify exactly what food/type/method of preparation/ingredients etc. What are the steps to eliminate the risk of developing it?


1.What is cancer? What do ALL cancers have in common? What does cancer have to do with cell division?
2.List 5 types of cancer and give a brief explanation of each.
3.What is a tumor? Do ...

 Does anyone have any personal experiences of Multiple Myeloma?
I dont want websites, I can use Google, but I would like to hear from anyone who has this or knows anyone with it.
How were they diagnosed, symptoms, treatment etc.
Ta. x


 Can you tell me more about the field of oncology?
I am interested in becoming an oncologist. Please tell me anything you can: How much school?, What is it like?, anything else....

 Has cancer become epidemic?
I am not sure if it is my age or if Cancer seems to be on the increase. I know so many people and animals that have it. Are the cancer statistics becoming worse or do I just notice it more because I ...

 Has anyone had any experiences with Holistic Treatments with regards to Children's Cancer?
Has anyone had any experiences with Holistic Treatments with regards to Children's Cancer (Rhabdomyosarcoma) or any kind of Cancer?...

 How do I deal with a dad who has been diagnosed with a form of leukemia?
Forgive me if I spell things incorrectly or repeat stuff, but im crying so much right now. My dad just told me that he went to the doctor earlier this week because he had a fever. He just called me ...

 How effective is Radiation against cancer?
My dad has a one inch tumor on one of his lungs, and he will most likely be getting radiation. How effective is radiation?...

 What are some curable forms of cancer?
I'm writing a story for school, and I need to know some curable forms of cancer. Thanks to every answer!...

 Malignant Melanoma - Stage 4a?
Just looking for anyone with information on this diagnosis. They are keeping an eye on the lungs, but the spots are too small to identify but metastisis hasn't been ruled out. Regular CT scans ...

 If a skin cancerous mole is removed early, does that mean the threat has entirely gone too?
I had a small small mole cut out of my forehead by a plastic surgeon. It was for cosmetic reasons, then after it was removed he casually said "it was lucky I removed it because that was canerous&...

 Survival rate of this case of Leukemia?
20 year old male, in good health other than this.

Any ideas?...

 Friend's father is dying, and friend doesn't know...?
I have a friend, I'll call him "Tony". Tony's father is in his mid 50s, and, according to Tony, "just beat cancer".
I have known Tony for three years, but in the ...

 Do people Really Think before asking Stupid questions re CANCER??
What i mean - do they really think about what they are asking..
I am not talking about people who question lumps, biospies or like..
I am talking about those who Ask WHAT it is Like to have ...

 define colin cancer?

 Can someone explain the various stages of cancer to me?

 Cervical Cancer curiosity?
Hey folks after seeing that Jade Goody, i'm worried about the cancer. I am 16 and i haven't had my vaccine yet but im getting it done about september time, what worries me is What happens ...

 How long does it take for moderate cervical dysplasia to turn into cancer?
I have moderate cervical dysplasia and need a LEEP procedure done. I am a single mother of 4 and can't come up with the $500 that our local clinic is charging for the procedure. How long can I ...

 I want to know something more about cervical cancer. Please help!?
I am actually participating in an essay competition. I need it completed within Wednesday night. So.... please help me. I need genuine answers....

 How often do TEENS get breast cancer?

Does the earth have cancer? Are human beings the cancer cells?
Are cities tumors? Is the earth fighting back? Is global warming a kind of fever, designed to ward off the disease?

Old Scout
No, that is not true at all. We humans are like organs of the body of the planet. We are more like nerve, eye and ear cells. We are the part of the earth that perceives the rest of the universe. We are like the trees and rocks, a part of the earth.
As far as global warming is concerned, the earth has been very much hotter than now and will likely get hotter in the future whether we are here or not.
Last February, National Geographic ran a story about how the other planets and moons of planets are showing an increase in temperature similar or greater than we are here on earth. Our atmosphere doesn't extend around Mars so, there is more to global warming than just greenhouse gasses.
There are some folks with an agenda that want to control us and this Global Warming/Climate Change/Man Made Greenhouse Gasses crap is the vehicle they use to establish this control. They have you and a lot of people feeling negative about themselves and humanity. This is so wrong. We are just as much a part of the earth as any tree or bird. Each one of us is important in that respect. So stop the negativity, you and we are absolutely fabulous and not a cancer at all.

An interesting idea. Do you like to read? Read "The Bridge" by John Skipp and Craig Spector. It's one of my favorites and it carries this idea to a frightening conclusion.

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