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 I just wanted to post a thank you to all of you who helped me with my moms battle with cancer?
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 I think I might have cancer?
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mattouis b
Does The Government Have The Cure For Cancer?
In my opinion I believe that the government actually does have the cure. If you think about it look at how much money they are making from treatments, if we didn't have cancer there would be an economical crash. We have been fighting the war on cancer for over 30 years, and look how far have we gotten with the billions of dollars given to cancer research; Not even one cure for any type of cancer. In my opinion this is somewhat suspicious. Many people think of these theories as conspiracies, but you must think outside of the box.
I am just wondering what other people are thinking regarding this subject.

And, which government do you think is hiding the 'cure' for profit . . cancer crosses all borders, affects all races . . there isn't a country or government out there not affected. Just exactly what type of conspiracy would be needed to keep the 'cure' a secret . . what you suggest makes no sense whatsoever.

Instead look at it this way .. cancer is an ancient disease . . always been around . . if you look at cancer as being thousands and thousands of years old than 30 years of research does not seem like such a long time.
The problem with cancer research is that we are talking about an individuals DNA . . which is unique to that person . . than we are talking about over 200 differerent types of cancer . . all treated differently and treatment tailored for that one person. It than will become clear to you why there is 'no one cure' for all cancers . . because like the common cold . . every cancer is unique to that one person. The best we can do so far is 'early detection' becomes the best prevention.

We also do have treatments for different types of cancers in the early stages that can lead to 'cure' for that individual . .we just don't have overall consistency for all patients . . because treatment success is based on patient age, overall health, type of tumor, location of disease, grade, stages, and the skills of the doctor.

Not sure why people keep thinking that there is some 'conspiracy' . . doctors, researchers, and government officials all die from cancer too.

So there is 'cure' . . but cure is based on strict criteria . . and type of cancer . . .. it is 'stage of cancer' that is critical to 'cure'. Cancer is a progressive disease which means it starts out tiny and keeps on growing indefinitely. If the disease can be found in this early stage before it has grown, invaded, and replicated . . there is a good chance for 'cure'. It is only when the disease has grown significantly and begun to 'seed' into the blood stream or lymphatic system in a process called metastasis does cancer become deadly and more diffiuclt to 'cure'. So it is really stage IV cancer that continues to give the most problems in terms of treatment that will lead to cure. Think of it this way . . the earlier a cancer is found, the more likely for treatment to be effective .. the later a cancer is found . . is when treatment may not work. And metastasis is a focus of researchers . . who now have turned to the idea of treating cancer as a 'chronic condition' rather than a 'curable' disease . . there is no 'cure' for diabetes or a host of other diseases either . .but there is treatment to control the disease.

The other things and details you know about cancer determines validity of your opinion
-You can write e mails to me through this section by clicking in profile section

No, there is no hidden cancer cure, no conspiracy to hide a cancer cure from us. The conspiracy theory is an urban myth, a sort of game played by those who have not had cancer or close experience of it.

If there were such a conspiracy drug companies would either be keeping quiet about the cure even though it would bring them fame and fortune. Any drug company discovering a cure would make far more money than they can have dreamed of making up till now.

And doctors, scientists, researchers etc would be watching their relatives die and dying themselves (they and their families develop cancer at the same rate as the rest of the population) rather than revealing the existing secret cure

And in order to prove that any secret, hidden cure worked, thousands of people would have to have been cured by it. They’d all be keeping quiet too – not a word to the media from any of them either.

Most unlikely of all, every medical professional in the whole world would have agreed to keep existence of a cure secret. Every single one. One blabbermouth, one disgruntled researcher or sacked nurse and the whole conspiracy’s blown. Newspapers and other media wouldn't have got a sniff of it.

Which government do you mean? Do you suppose every government in the world is colluding to hide 'the cure'?

I live in the UK; we don't pay for our medical treatment, including cancer treatment. Cancer treatment costs our government many, many billions. If there were a cure for cancer that would save them this money, believe me that's what we'd be getting.

We have the same treatments as in the US. Why? Because although existing treatments aren't perfect - very far from it - they are all we have at the moment, and we know, because they have been tested and proven in double-blind clinical trials, that they save many lives and prolong many, many more.

No, there's no guaranteed cure for any cancer. Why? Because the trouble with finding 'a cure for cancer' is that cancer is hundreds of diseases, not just one. The difficulty is that different cancers are caused by different things, so no one strategy can prevent them, and different cancers respond to different treatments so no one treatment can cure them all. There will never be a magic bullet that cures all cancer.

And some cancers CAN be cured these days:. 7 out of 10 children are cured of cancer. Testicular cancer, Hodgkin's disease, and many cases of leukaemia can all be cured in adults with chemotherapy, most skin cancers are cured with surgery, and many cases of thyroid cancer and cancer of the larynx are cured with radiotherapy.

Many other types of cancer are also cured if they are found early enough. There is still a long way to go, especially with some of the commonest types of cancer such as lung, breast, bowel and prostate cancer. But there is dedicated (and underfunded) work going on; there'll never be a Eureka! moment when a single substance or procedure is found that will reverse all types of cancer. But there will continue to be steady progress.

Just because you think something is true doesn't make it so.You need to find do some research before you make claims like this.

There is and can be no single cure for all cancers. People that are alive pay taxes. Sick and dead people don't.

april T
No, and the government does not make money on treatment. They lose money.

And , yes, some people have been cured. Early detection is the key.

maybe so.. look at all the famous / rich folks out there who have been diagnosed and then are magically fine a few years later! I mean COME on.. there has to be something out there with all the advancements in medicine in the last century..I think also it has alot to do with insurance and lifestyle.. the more money you have the better off you will be in all aspects of life including health, they get cancer more likely than not they can go earlier to the doctor and get diagnosed earlier and in turn for the most part get "cured" sad really I think. Though my dads doctor back in 1992 put it this way there has to be something to "wipe" the slate clean because of "over populations" or whatever..kinda odd to think of it that way, but I guess thats just how the world works.. the rich get it all and the poor suffer nothing new!

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