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I fugured out how to forward a page using edit/select all, then using a 2nd site to send it- now I've forgotten. Please tell in simple terms. NOT the cut/copy/paste method, please.

 Can beta glucans really fight cancer?

looks ...

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I am facing the ...

what is actually done by patients who undergo chemotherapy?...

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 What are the best types of food to eat if you have cancer?
Its breast cancer, don't know if that matters..
Links would be great too....

 Do straight guys smoke basic cigarettes?
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Chemotherapy is usually given to "strong" cancer patients, is this not a contradiction in terms ?
That is, people with cancer will as a rule have compromised immune systems, yet treatments inherently toxic are prescribed. You think this is a contradiction ?


They have anti sickness drugs now, they are very effective and no one need to throw up anymore. My bf had cancer and he throw up once when they forgot to give him some anti sickness drugs but as soon as he took them he was ok.

My BF eat like a horse and he was still hungry the hospital food was not enough for him. I had to bring in extra food every day and he ate all this. I blame the weight lose of small portions of food they give at hospitals. He was used to eating large portions and much milk. He didn't get that.

He was also very fit. He did press ups everyday even on chemo to keep his strength up. Also keeping a positive attitude helps.

Immune system does go down but they can give you injections to boast your white blood cells if you are feeling weak.

The treatment of cancer is really following homeopathic medicine(law of similar). Where something that would cause cancer in a healthy person is given to a person with cancer to cure them but it is diluted down with water not to the massive dilution amounts used in homeopathy but to an adaquate level to kill off the cancer.

Also it is vital to drink a lot of water when on chemo to flush the toxins out.

No patients with cancer have a normal immune system

No, I do not see it that way. A strong cancer patient has enough strength to go through challenging treatments- treatments which are intended to help him/her get well. If a person is too week to undergo such a treatment, they may not be able to handle the therapy.

mad elaine
Your premise that "people with cancer will as a rule have compromised immune systems" is flawed. This is not the case. Many chemo drugs cause the white blood cells to drop in number (neutropenia). Then they are immuno-compromised. The problem with cancers is that they are proliferating and non-discrimminating, so tumours get bigger. The immune system doesn't recognise them as an invader, because they are made up of the same DNA as the rest of your body.

AKA Inverse Mushroom Cloud
Not all people with cancer have compromised immune systems. Some patients on chemo do. Some whose cancers are very advanced and particularly those that affect bone marrow may be compromised.

Plenty of cancer patients have normal immune systems and plenty are strong enough to kick your a$$.

If you believe that getting cancer is a failure of the immune system, then you don't understand either cancer or the immune system.

The fact that most of them undergo chemo and recover from it is testimony to their strength.

Not Satified
About 40% of cancer patients die of malnutrition before they would have died of their cancer. Two of the causes of this malnutrition, which are related to chemotherapy: First, chemotherapy makes a person very nauseous and causes them to throw-up.

Second, chemotherapy destroys the lining of the digestive tract of many cancer patients, making it impossible for the body to absorb the nutrients of the foods they eat, leading to malnutrition. As one person put it, even if a cancer patient eats like a king, they can literally die of malnutrition.

Because chemotherapy and radiation destroy a person's immunity system, many cancer patients die of opportunistic infections, such as sepsis or pneumonia.

Because chemotherapy and radiation kill white blood cells (white blood cells are the body's natural defense against cancer), chemotherapy and radiation destroy not only a body's natural defense against the cancer they currently have, it also destroys the body's defense against new cancers.

Because chemotherapy and radiation kill red blood cells (red blood cells carry oxygen to the cancer cells and oxygen helps keep cancer from spreading), cancer cells do not get a normal supply of oxygen. Since cancer cells are anaerobic, this allows them to thrive and divide faster.

Chemotherapy and radiation frequently kill a vital organ of a patient, such as the liver or heart. Once this happens, without a transplant, nothing, not even alternative cancer treatments, can save the patient.

Surgical biopsies can release cancer cells into the blood stream, causing the possibility that the biopsy will cause the cancer to spread, meaning metastasize. Some cancer surgeries can also cause cancer cells to get into the blood stream, especially if the surgery does not "get" all of the cancer cells.

Chemotherapy and radiation can dramatically increase the probability that a person will get certain types of cancer. For example, many women treated by chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer later develop uterine cancer. Chemotherapy drugs are not only toxic, they are carcinogenic.
Many cancer patients are so devastated by the sickness and nausea orthodox treatments give them, that they lose the will to live, meaning they lose the will to keep fighting their cancer.

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