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 Can talking to much on the phone cause a cancerous lump behind the ear?
Me and my friends are having a bit of a debate on this subject so we decided to settle it by asking other people about it so can talking to much on the phone cause a cancerous lump on the back of you ...

 what is chemotherapy?
i know what its for, to fight cancer, but i don't understand what it is physically....

 Turmeric , what are the health side affects?
Hit there, does anyone know what are the side affects when taking turmeric for health reasons? i believe that its an inflammatory and it can help prevent bowel cancer,...

 How effective is radiation on bone metastases?
In terms of 1) killing cancer, 2) reducing pain, 3) preventing fractures. I have had it done to my pelvis and remember it made the pain worse for a while. Is this likely to happen if I get it done to ...

 is the fight against cancer really a hopeless cause?
They say that we are making great progress in the fight against cancer, but yet it seems incidents are increasing and death rates are remaining the same. I have begun to lose hope, because 7 people ...

 What is the best medicine for Prostate Cancer in Stage IV?

My teacher has cancer and I want to write him a nice long letter. But, I do not know what to mention! What tips do you guys give me. Thanks!...

 who should i contact with an idea for cancer reasearch?
I've been doing a little reasearch and i think i have a really good idea and a really great easy non chemical non radiation awnser but i dont know who to contact....

 My husband has Polycythemia. Is this a cancer of the blood? How long can he live on chemo?

 The Taj Mahal has been "diagnosed" with marble cancer. what are they doing to stop this?

 what are symptoms to having cancer on your knee?
My knee hurts once in awhile. It feels like shocks. Sometimes i get in different spots not only my knee. my aunts leg would hurt and she found she had a tumor which turned out to be cancer. You think ...

 I Just Saw an Ad for "Cancer Treatment Centers of America", Do you Know the Percentage of Diagnosed Pancreatic?
- Cancer that is Actually Pancreatic Cancer?

Is the "Treatment" Mostly Palliative?
Additional Details
Thanks Panda. Sorry, but Statistics In General, Not Only their S...

 Kemo Therapy and its side effects.?
My mother is going to start the therapy very soon as she got operated on her breast last week. I need to know how i can help her over come this situation. I'm aware that this treatment is going ...

 what are her chances?
my best friends dad died of leukemia when she was 8. her oldest brother got leukemia 2 years ago and he went into remission. and now her sister has it and she has a blast percentage of 60%. what are ...

 What kind of cancer of the buttocks is treated with chemotherapy that doesn't cause hair to fall out?
I'm an actor and I'm playing the role of a young man with cancer of the "***". He says that the chemotherapy he is taking to treat the cancer doesn't cause his hair to fall ...

 Are IBS sufferers more susceptible to cancer of the digestive tract?

 how long do people with leukemia have to stay in the hospital?

 When they diagnose you with lung cancer can they tell right away if it is caused by aspestos?

 i have been made redundant from MORGAN=Est Because i have CANCER ...can they legally do this?
they say its because i have a attitude,and always off,all hospital appointments,and not allowed to answer phone when driving a 32 tonne wagon ?so how is it a attitude problem ....

 If a bladder tumor has started disintegrating what are the chance it has spread outside of the bladder?
My mom is 69, Dr. wants to take her bladder out, has already removed "larger than I anticipated" tumor. The MD states the bladder had started disintegrating and had involved the ureter as ...

Can you still get skin cancer if you dont burn but you tan?
like my legs never burn but they tan, can i still get skin cancer on them?

The Freak Show

As tan is simply your body's attempt to repair damage from sun in the first place.

A healthy tan isn't really healty.

I put up with the risk though. Who wants to look like a ghost?


Drill Sergeant CMA
Yes, tanning does not prevent skin cancer very much. It is, however, your body's natural defence to the damage.

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