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Can my husbands cancer be cured?
My husband has been diagnosed with stage 4 renal cell carcinoma in his lungs.
He is currently taking Sutent.
I would like to know what to expect. Is he going to be cured? Is he going to die? How long does he have? How likely is this to spread to the brain? The liver? His bones?
His oncologist has been very evasive and my husband does not want to know.
Thank you

Get a new oncologist. NOW. Your husband needs to start treatment immediately. Every cancer treatment currently available works better the earlier you can start it. The odds get worse by the day, literally.

In conjunction with active treatments (chemo, radiation, etc.), your husband can start what called a "macrobiotic" diet. This is largely what helped Lance Armstrong, whose cancer had metastasized throughout his body.

So yes, cancer can be overcome. But sitting back and waiting for things to happen will end in certain failure.

You don't want answers to this question from random people out on the internet. Not at all. Demand answers from the oncologist. This is your husband's life at stake. If he doesn't have all of the answers, press for likely scenarios and options. Don't give up and don't give in until you are satisfied. Doctors are not God, and they are working for your husband. Even if your husband doesn't want to know, he needs an advocate to get through this, and it is you. Best of luck.

the doctor...after his cancer has gone try not to stress him out cause that increases his chances of getting it agian.My step mom had breast cancer and she drinks soy,pomegranate juice,natural (homemade) juice, and she mixes a lot of things together but i only no 1 she told me that she crushes garlic and ginger roots together and drinks it, she says it kills the cancer cells...she's also is a vegetarian but if he doesnt want to be 1 then only give him white meat and not a lot....i hope ive helped somewhat...best of luck:)

My wife is also stage IV renal cell carcinoma and is taking Nexavar which is similar to sutent.I do not know the answer to your question,but my wife was told that she would never be cancer free,but with treatment she could stay stable for a long time,so far it has been five years and she is doing very well.This may or may not be the case for your husband,you really need to talk with his Doctor.I wish you and your husband well.

Rachel R
Hi Sonia,
Its very diffucult to answer any of those questions, and you'll just drive yourself crazy thinking bout it - sometimes the inevitable is just that - inevitable. My husband was diagnosed with 4 stage tongue cancer 3 yrs ago - Its been a really rough and long journey for the both of us but by the Grace of God he is still alive - I mean he's quality of life is not the same as it once was - He is permentley on a Feeding tube because of all the radiation and Chemo he recvd - It burnt his esophagus and he is not able to swallow a thing - but the Cancer has been gone for 2 yrs now ...It took awhole lot of Adjusting and sometimes it saddens us but all and all we try to keep living life and i never take a moment for granted ! Hang in there and my prayers are with your husband!

Hi. As a Disability Specialist for 11 years, I have seen many patients with lung cancer and renal cancer. Stage usually means the cancer has spread. Based on your question, I believe you are saying he has renal cancer that has spread to his lungs. I do not want to get your hopes up, now do I want to mislead you. However, I have seen patients with cancer with a diagnosis of only 25% chance of surviving. There is always hope that he will survive no matter how difficult his diagnosis my be. If his doctor won't answer your question, then ask the nurse in private. There are more cancer survivors today than there was even 10 yrs ago. Cancer medications have drastically improved within the last 5 yrs. so your husband has a fighting chance. Attitude does play a role in surviving cancer. You may also find answers in books and literature on cancer. Since I do not have your husband's medical records to review, I am unable to give you a definite answer. Please understand that I have read about and actually witnessed patients with cancer that should be impossible to go in remission, but they survived in spite of the odds. If the cancer started in his lungs and metastasized to his kidney/kidneys, then the most important question I would ask you is this; is the lung cancer small cell or large cell? The book I read that helped me the most concerning cancer is "FIGHTING CANCER" by Annette and Richard Block. I received this book through the American Cancer Foundation. The website is http://foundation.cancer.org/foundation/index.asp

Susan J
I feel terrible for your current situation. I am concerned as to why the doctor is being evasive. Is there an opportunity you can schedule to meet with the Doctor to talk specifics? Sometimes it is helpful to write down questions- like you did in your post and take them with you. I will pray for you.

One type of cancer cannot be compared to another so someone else’s experience with lung cancer, colon cancer, etc. is not relevant to your situation. I am sorry to say your husband’s cancer is not curable. Usually stage 4 cancers are not curable, but some can be managed better than others. The doctor is doing what he can to give your husband the best quality of life for the longest time possible. He appears evasive because he does not have the answers you are looking for. There are a lot of variables and every patient is different. Treating cancer patients is part science and part art. The best we can do is give answers based on experience, research and statistics.

Cancer does not always behave the way we expect it to and it can spread anywhere. The most common sites RCC will spread are the lungs, liver, bones and brain. This kind of cancer is more unpredictable than most solid tumor cancers. They have variable growth patterns and mets can remain very small for long periods and sometimes are detected many years after the primary tumor was removed.

The 5-year survival rate for stage 4 RCC is about 16%. RCC is generally resistant to chemotherapy or radiation. How long your husband actually has God only knows, but from a medical standpoint it depends on his performance status, basically how well he can carry on normal activity without symptoms of disease, and how well his cancer responds to treatment. Best wishes to you both.

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